10 Apps That Drain Your Battery Faster Than You Think

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10 Apps That Drain Your Battery Faster Than You Think

What do you think of when it comes to apps that drain your battery quickly? Something like a game or music app might come to mind at first thought. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it gets down to brass tacks. Today’s guide goes over some of the most demanding apps for a modern smartphone, and the results might just surprise you.

#10: Telegram

This popular messaging app can be a battery fiend.

Telegram is just one of those apps that drain your battery in a hurry. The popular messaging platform has seen a surge of new users since the start of the 2020 pandemic began. Despite this, there is one common thread seen among users: high battery consumption. You can usually take a glance at the messaging permissions to see what is what when it comes to your phone’s battery health.

Telegram is unfortunately one of the more battery-hungry apps you’ll find on your respective app store. It might keep messages secure and encrypted, but there is no denying that this is one hungry app when it comes to daily use.

#9: Amazon

Yes, the popular shopping app is not good for your battery.

Amazon is one of the most popular storefronts in the entire world. When you start taking a look at its massive shipping infrastructure, it is truly a marvel of modern thought. One thing that isn’t looking to the future is the app’s overall operation. Sadly, Amazon’s main apps for Android and iOS alike are one of those apps that drain your battery quickly.

Amazon’s main shopping app is the culprit here, with corresponding Music and Prime Video apps not being nearly as strenuous despite first thoughts. This comes as a real surprise if you’re a streaming buff, at least in my honest opinion. The results don’t lie, however, I’ve seen a marked change in my battery life since closing this app after adding things to the cart.

#8: YouTube

Google’s video platform is as draining as it is engrossing.

YouTube is one of those cultural touchstones that the entire world knows. Whether it’s game reviews, comedy skits, or polished documentaries, there is a little something for everyone. The same can be said for battery consumption as well. Out of the main media platforms for viewers, YouTube’s app is one of the most power-hungry.

This leads to YouTube being one of those apps that drain your battery quite quickly. This won’t come as any surprise to mobile users. The phone app has been plagued with navigation issues and a clunky interface for years now. It being a battery hog is just one more nail in the coffin.

#7: Zoom

Any video chat app is going to use a ton of power, but this beats native solutions like Facetime.

Zoom is one of those apps that is just ingrained in the public zeitgeist these days. You can’t really avoid it, and if you’ve done a job interview in the last 4 years you’ve used it at least once. that is certain. Zoom is like a starved pig when it comes to overall battery consumption sadly.

I can use this app on my phone for half an hour and see nearly 15% of my battery plummet away freely. As such, this is another of those apps that drain battery quickly. If you’re going to use Zoom, I wouldn’t make it a regular occurrence. Keep it to periodic meetings or use your laptop if you can help it.

#6: WhatsApp

Whatsapp may be made for chatting but it doesn’t mind consuming your battery.

WhatsApp is all the rage when it comes to reliable text communication. There simply isn’t any getting around its reigning popularity around the world. While its reception is on the cooler side in the United States, it is absolutely dominant overseas. It also completely dominates your phone’s battery life.

So, you might find yourself wondering where exactly your battery’s charge went when using WhatsApp. This power-hungry app consumes more power than something like Amazon or YouTube with regular use, which is quite surprising.

#5: Snapchat

Snapchat’s secrecy features are only meant for messages, they don’t help rampant battery consumption.

You wouldn’t think a simple messaging platform like Snapchat could be so demanding on your phone’s resources. However, that line of thinking will only do you harm when it comes to keeping your phone running for hours on end. Snapchat is a resource-intensive app, despite first appearances.

#4: Tinder

Online dating is draining for both your heart and your phone’s battery.

Dating in the modern world is something completely different than the way it used to be. If you’re used to running apps like Tinder to find companionship or just to have that +1 for a fancy dinner, then keep usage to a minimum. Tinder is rather hungry when it comes to using your resources, thanks to a number of its resources running in the background when it’s open.

#3: Airbnb

Finding vacation accommodations can be exhausting in more ways than one.

Airbnb offers an enticing alternative to storied institutions like the hotel industry. You get access to premium locations in exciting areas with ease. However, it loves to take up prime real estate with your phone’s charge. Make sure you exit out of this one after booking that cute little villa in your next vacation spot.

#2: Facebook

Meta’s legacy social media platform is filled with bloat that’ll eat your phone’s battery up.

I struggle to think of anyone my age who is still using Facebook. Most users have migrated to greener pastures with social media platforms like X, Instagram, and TikTok being popular locations. Facebook is still great for arranging meetings with groups that share similar interests. You’ll all have something in common when it comes to the drain the app puts on your battery.

#1: Fitbit

You and your phone are going to get a workout with Fitbit’s demanding app.

You’ll have to use the Fitbit to sync your device, that’s a simple fact of life. However, I don’t know how Fitbit has done it, but it is the most demanding app on my phone. We aren’t talking like daily use either, it’s just constantly whirring in the background after syncing it. I’ve gone to bed with a full charge and woken up with it at 70% because the app is just doing stuff while I sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exit out of these apps?

Sure, and I recommend doing so when you can.

Can you check what is using your phone's battery the most?

Most phones come with a display in the settings menu to let you see what is using your battery.

Do you need these apps?

Not permanently, you can delete this as needed.

Do these apps ever get updated?

Yes, they get updated frequently.

Does the Fitbit app need to be open all the time?

Unless you’re syncing it your phone hourly, no, you can close it.

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