Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index: Which Will Be More Powerful?

Apple VR Headset vs Valve Index

Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index: Which Will Be More Powerful?

Featuring products like the Macbook and the iPhone, Apple is renowned for shaking up the technology industry. And with the rumors going around about their newest virtual reality headset, it looks like they’re poised to do it again. However, we’re waiting impatiently as the tech company continues to push back the release date. 

As we wait, other headsets have established themselves as industry leaders. The Valve Index, with the best framerate and the most advanced controllers of any system, sits atop the rest as the best VR headset for gaming. Continue reading to see which device, the Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index, will be more powerful.

Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index: Side-by-Side Comparison

These two virtual reality headsets have vastly different specs. Check out the chart below to see how they compare.

Apple Vision ProValve Index
Release DateJune 2023June 2019
PlatformAppleSteamVR (PC)
Resolution4000 x 4000 per eye1440 x 1600 per eye
ProcessorApple M2Dual-core (PC)
Wi-Fi ConnectivityWi-Fi 6EVia PC
Infographic Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index

Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index: What’s the Difference?

Release Date

One of the more closely observed aspects when comparing the new Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index is their release date. Although they sit in different timeframes, both seem about as distant for the consumer.

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The Apple VR headset is the tech company’s first peripheral that is still in development. While some Apple analysts suggest it could be released in the coming months, others are not as hopeful.

Mark Gurman, the technology insider for Bloomberg, suggests that it could take until the end of 2023 to see the headset. This precedes the company’s second-generation model, which could come the following year.

On the other hand, the Valve Index has already been on the market for the last three years. However, just because it’s not new doesn’t mean you can pick it up at any Walmart. The headset and its accessories are low in stock, making them strangely expensive for their age. However, the company plans on releasing an updated model in the coming years to help with accessibility.


Regarding picture quality, the designers at Apple tout some incredible specs. The most anticipated VR headset could include three screens for the most vibrant and accurate display on the market.

An OLED backdrop would enhance the device’s two, 4K ocular screens. This would help sharpen central vision using eye-tracking technology. While the Valve Index doesn’t feature such clear resolution (its 1440 x 1600 ocular screens fall short of most VR headsets on the market), it makes up for that in framerate.

Marketed as the leading headset for virtual gaming, the Index can cycle through frames at 144Hz. When you have dedicated screens for each eye, every millisecond of accuracy helps reduce fatigue, dizziness, and nausea.


The Apple Vision Pro is slated to rival the Meta Quest 2 as a wireless headset. The device is rumored to feature the company’s most powerful CPU, the Apple M2 processor.

The headset is also expected to come with 16GB of memory, making it ideal for running massive applications. With all that power, the device could include a huge, 96W charger.

In conjunction with the headset, Apple might have plans for controllers with finger sensors. Projections look like motion rings that users wear on the thumb and index finger to track gestures. This would allow for more accuracy in delicate movements, such as writing with a pen or using precision tools.

apple vr headset vs valve index
Apple’s headset will likely support both AR and VR, otherwise known as mixed reality.

The Valve Index isn’t a wireless headset, requiring a connection to a high-performance computer for processing. This suggests that the performance of the headset is parallel to the computer it’s running on, which could take away from overall usability. However, this does mean that some aspects such as weight and battery life are less of a concern. 

The Index also features intuitive controllers. Instead of wands or grip triggers, the controls wrap around the palm, freeing the fingers. This allows for their own method of finger tracking, giving similar capabilities to the speculative Apple set. 


The price of Apple’s new Vision Pro headset is $3,499. VR headsets that reach numbers of this price range typically aren’t geared toward gaming. This aligns with Apple’s intentions for the device, which tend to lean more toward the professional developer.

For designers or the business-minded, that price might be worth it. However, for those that are just looking for the best device for virtual gaming, there’s no better headset on the market than the Valve Index. Users receive the device and all accessories for less than $1,000 on Steam. However, there’s limited availability, and those numbers can reach 1,500 or more.

Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index: 5 Must-Know Facts

  1. Apple might call its first VR headset Reality Pro, which would align with the operating system called realityOS.
  2. The Apple Vision Pro headset could feature three screens: two 4K optical lenses and one OLED backdrop screen.
  3. The Valve Index has a 144Hz refresh rate, which is the fastest on the market.
  4. The Apple Vision Pro will cost $3,499 and is due for release in 2023.
  5. You can buy the Valve Index for under $1,000 on Steam, but it has limited availability.

Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index: Which One Is More Powerful? Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes down to choosing between the new Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index, there’s a lot to consider; Apple is suggesting a device that blows away the competition, but the Index comes with its own advantages. So, how do you know which one to choose?

Apple’s premier VR device is slated to come with an advanced display powered by the company’s hardest-working CPU. With wireless capabilities and intuitive handsets, this device could be the ideal headset for those that only work with the best equipment. However, its $3,000+ cost and a release date that seems mystical could have people looking for alternatives.

The Valve Index might not have the strongest resolution, but its lightweight design and comfortable controllers make it perfect for those that might want to wear it for hours at a time. And its massive 144Hz framerate and 130-degree field of vision dominate the market when it comes to gaming.

At the end of the day, this is the only headset of the two that you can buy. And while it might reach four digits in price, it’s considered the best consumer VR device for a reason.

Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index: Further Reading

Having compared the Apple Vision Pro vs Valve Index, we start to see how these devices level up the playing field. However, if the price of these headsets is enough to deter you, it might be worth considering some of the other models on the market. For more information on virtual reality, check out the articles below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Apple Vision Pro or Valve Index?

With incredible refresh rates, the largest field of view, and affordable availability, the Valve Index makes for a better virtual reality headset. However, this could change when Apple finally releases its device.

Is Apple making a VR headset?

Apple is currently developing a VR headset, which will be called Vision Pro. The device is speculated to be released in June 2023.

How much would the Apple Vision Pro cost?

With the best displays available and the company’s most powerful CPU, Apple’s Vision Pro will cost $3,499.

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