Apple One Family Plan Pricing & Details: Is it Worth it for You?

Apple One Family

Apple One Family Plan Pricing & Details: Is it Worth it for You?

Key Points

  • The Apple One Family plan bundles together several of Apple’s services with one low monthly rate, making it a convenient option for avid users of Apple products and services.
  • The Apple One Premier plan offers the most value for the money, including all the services in the Family plan plus News+ and Fitness+.
  • The Family plan allows up to five users to share the services, while the Premier plan is a great fit for households with kids who love gaming and want access to news.
  • Apple One services are compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, but older devices may have limited compatibility.
  • You can try Apple One free for a month to see if the included services are worth it for you.

Apple has a lot of great services with separate subscriptions, which you can now get in the Apple One subscription plan. The Apple One Family plan takes many of those services and bundles them together with one low monthly rate, depending on which of the two you choose.

Still, is an Apple One family plan worth it for you and your household? If you’re an avid user of Apple’s products and services, it very well may be. That said, you might be better suited to other subscription services.

If you’ve been curious as to what Apple One actually is, then you’re in the right place. If you’re after a subscription with music, games, movies, and more included, then it might be worth exploring your options with an Apple One family plan.

Apple One Family Plan Pricing & Details: Side-by-Side Comparison

Apple One IndividualApple One FamilyApple One Premier
iCloud Storage50GB200GB2TB
Apple ArcadeYesYesYes
Apple TV+YesYesYes
Apple MusicYesYesYes
Apple Fitness+NoNoYes
Apple News+NoNoYes
Monthly Rate$16.95 a month$22.95 a month$32.95 a month
Shareable?NoYes, with up to five peopleYes, up to five people can use the services

Both the individual plan and Apple One family plan come with a fair bit of overlap in terms of available services. The Apple One Premier plan offers up the most bang for your buck, however.

Apple One Family Plan Pricing & Details: What’s the Difference?

The three plans available for Apple One don’t have a lot of range between the monthly rates. That said, only two of them are readily usable with households.

Included Services

Apple One Family
Apple One is available for all modern Apple devices.

There isn’t much difference between the Apple One Family plan and the individual plan. You’ll be getting access to expanded storage with iCloud+. Both plans also feature Apple Arcade, Apple tv+, and Apple Music.

These have proven to be relatively popular services, especially Apple Music and tv+.

Apple One Premier bundles all of Apple’s services in one location. You’ll get the services included in the Apple One Family plan, in addition to News+ and Fitness+.

If you’re a health nut, Fitness+ is a great choice for keeping track of all your metrics and readily pairs with popular trackers like the Fitbit and Apple Watch.

Apple Arcade isn’t a premium gaming service like Xbox Game Pass, but does provide hours and hours of fun if you’re after some exclusive games. These are mostly mobile offerings, so temper your expectations accordingly.

Apple Music is comparable to Spotify. The available catalog isn’t nearly as exhaustive, but you do get better sound quality across the board with Apple Music.

Apple tv+ is home to hit shows like Ted Lasso, but you’ll find plenty of original content. Movies and shows are readily available, and there are different choices than you might find on Netflix or Hulu.

Storage Options

The individual plan has the least available additional storage. You’ll be looking at 50GB of iCloud+ storage available to you.

The Apple One Family plan greatly expands on the available storage, providing up to 200GB for use among the users on the plan. If you’re taking a lot of selfies or videos, this is a great option that should go quite far.

Apple One Premier has the most storage available, with up to 2TB available. This is a great choice if you’re using iCloud storage for work, storing edited videos, or just general backup purposes.

All that said, the individual and family plans are good choices if you’re a primarily mobile-based household. If you use a lot of Macs, the Premier option might be a better choice. You’ll of course want to invest in local backup solutions for using Time Machine, but iCloud storage is a great backup for your backups.

If you have a higher amount of iCloud storage than the provided limits, that will still be a separate charge. That said, you can always cancel your current iCloud storage and opt for what is provided through Apple One.

How Many People You Can Share With?

The Apple One individual plan is only applicable to a single user ID. You’re effectively just combining the included services in a handy package.

Apple One Family and Premier allow for up to five users to share the services. You’ll need to link everyone’s Apple user IDs to take full advantage of it.

Apple One Family is closest in terms of capabilities to the individual plan, you’re just getting some additional storage per user.

Apple One Premier might be a great fit for your household if you have kids that love to game but you want to keep up with the news.

If you have more than five people in your household, you might have to look at doubling up the plans you end up choosing.

You can also upgrade the plan readily. The process is relatively simple, and you can do it on your own from the comfort of your own device.

Device Compatibility

Apple One Family
The iPad is a great choice for Apple One. It combines portability with a large screen.

All Apple One plans can be used by the whole breadth of the Apple product line. Overall compatibility may vary if you have older devices. That said, it won’t matter if you prefer an iPad to iPhone, you can still use the available services.

Apple One services are available for Mac, Apple Watch, Homepod, iPhone, iPad, and other contemporary Apple devices.

If you’re running older Apple hardware, like devices outside of current update coverage, Apple One might not be the best choice for you.

If you’re primarily an Apple household, then it can be a great fit. That said, you will need current devices, around five years old or newer, to take advantage of all the services available.

Apple One Family Plan Pricing & Details: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. The Apple One Individual plan doesn’t allow for sharing between users in your home.
  2. The Apple One Family plan only offers up the most basic services from Apple.
  3. The Apple One Premier plan is a great value for the storage alone.
  4. You can add additional iCloud storage, but that is a separate charge.
  5. If you’re on the Apple One Family Plan, you can add News+, but it is a separate charge.
  6. Upgrading your Apple One plan is relatively simple, and can be handled in your subscriptions.

Apple One Family Plan Pricing & Details: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

With all this in mind, is Apple One worth it for you? If you’re a connected household and you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, then it certainly is.

Both the Apple One Family and Premier plans offer up a ton of value for the money. You’ll be getting countless hours of entertainment from the music, video streaming, and gaming options available.

If you have a slew of other subscription services, it might not be the best fit. There is bound to be some overlap in what is on offer, and it might be worth just keeping whatever subscriptions you already have.

That said, the Apple One Premier plan is a great choice for households. If you don’t have a preferred video streaming service, you get Apple tv+ and a lot of great extras.

You can try Apple One free for a month, so it might be worth taking the plunge to see if the included services are worth it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Apple device to use Apple One?

Yes, you’ll need an Apple device to use Apple One. If you’re wanting to stream on a big screen, you should be able to access the Apple TV client through Roku and other streaming devices, however.

Is iCloud storage reliable?

It is very reliable, and is natively accessible through your Apple device.

Can I use Fitness+ with my Apple Watch?

Yes, you’ll get access to your heart rate data, steps, and other data points when using Fitness+ with your Apple Watch. It also supports popular devices like the Fitbit line.

Are there console quality games on Apple Arcade?

They are primarily mobile games without ads. That said, there are some very content rich games available on the service.

Can I use Apple tv+ with my Macbook?

Yes, newer Macbooks get access to the client. You’ll even find the client is usually anchored in your dock by default.

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