Alienware Aurora R13 vs. Area 51: Which is for You?


Alienware Aurora R13 vs. Area 51: Which is for You?

Gamers worldwide are stuck in the middle between the Aurora R13 and Area 51. These two gaming computers are both attractive, reliable, and excellent tools to take your gaming experience to a new level.

If you’re in the market in search of the best option between these two gaming machines, join us to analyze these two products and decipher how they stack up. Let’s dive in!

Alienware Aurora R13 vs. Alienware Area 51: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Alienware Area 51Alienware Aurora R13
Product TypeGaming desktop          Gaming desktop
Primary UseGamingGaming
CPUIntel Gen 7/9/10Intel Gen 12/13/15/17/19
RAMDIMM DDR4-2666/2933DIMM DDR4-4400

5 Must-Know Facts: Alienware Aurora R13 vs. Alienware Area 51 

  • The Alienware Area 51 remains one of the most used gaming desktops, and many users still prefer it to the new Alienware Aurora R13. 
  • The Alienware Aurora R13 is applauded for its flexibility, as users can easily swap out the system’s graphics card, memory, and storage without using complex tools. 
  • The Alienware Area 51 has a more robust supply unit rated at 1,500 watts compared to the Alienware Aurora R13, which has a 750-watt power supply unit.

Alienware Aurora R13 vs. Alienware Area 51: Key Differences

The Alienware Area 51 seems to have gained notoriety amongst pro gamers. It is still one of the most reliable and used gaming desktops despite the release of newer gaming desktops with better and improved features and futuristic aesthetics.

Let’s break these computers down in further detail to give you a better picture.


The Alienware Aurora R13 has newer and improved CPU options that aid high performance and efficiency. It possesses the latest 12th-generation Intel core processors to ensure everything you do with your gaming desktop runs smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. However, the 7th-generation Intel core processors are still good and reliable to use.

But, generally, the newer the model, the more improved the product. The Alienware Aurora R13 possesses faster and higher-performing processors that work better than the Alienware Area 51. 

Dell Alienware m15 R7

Alienware is an American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell.


The Alienware Area 51 and the Alienware Aurora R13 both possess the same amount of RAM slots. However, the Alienware Area 51 runs on a decent maximum of 64GB of RAM, which should be enough for users.

But, if you require a lot of RAM for what you intend to do with your gaming PC, then the Alienware Aurora R13 has you covered. It runs on an incredible 128GB of RAM, which is double the maximum of the Alienware Area 51.

The Alienware Aurora R13 also operates faster than the Alienware Area 51 with a faster RAM speed of 4400 MT/s compared to the 2933 MT/s RAM speed of the Alienware Area 51. 

It is also necessary to state that the Alienware Aurora R13 possesses the fastest memory class for gaming PCs. That said, the Alienware Area 51 has sufficient memory for many users. But, as more recent games are launched, the need for more RAM would increase, making the Alienware Aurora R13 a better overall option. 

Power Supply

Regarding power, the older trumps the newer, as the Alienware Area 51 possesses a powerful 1,500 watts power supply unit compared to the 750 watts power supply unit the Alienware Aurora R13 has. This means the most power-hungry upgrades, components, and scenarios are better dealt with by Alienware Area 51.

But, it is essential to note that the Alienware Aurora R13 does not require a ridiculous amount of power for upgrades. The Alienware Aurora 13 is set up to enhance flexibility and upgradability with ease. This means the 750-watt platinum opted power supply unit that the Alienware Aurora R13 possesses is enough to deliver and maintain power supply to your PC efficiently. At the same time, you enjoy an optimum gaming experience. 

Alienware Area 51 gaming computer laptop
The Alienware Area 51 gaming computer has a more powerful supply unit at 1,500 watts than the Aurora R13.


Regarding connectivity and expandability, the Alienware Aurora R13 delivers and provides easy access to external drives such as keyboards, headsets, microphones, webcams, and more. It also possesses three display ports and a single HDMI port that gives you the license to connect multiple monitors to enhance your gaming experience.

There is also a full array of audio jacks for connecting speakers that would improve your sound. The Alienware Area 51 possesses the same USB ports as the Aurora R13 but does not have the 3.2 USB ports to ensure faster data exchange with your peripherals and external drives.

If you require SATA slots — which enable you to have more external drives running simultaneously — to connect your HDD, SSD, and optical disk drives, the Alienware Area 51 is a better option because it possesses four SATA slots compared to the Alienware Aurora R13, which has just three.


In his review of the Alienware Aurora R13 for CNN, Mike Andronico describes the design for the Alienware Aurora R13 as “futuristic and understated.” The Alienware Aurora R13 looks like something from an alien spacecraft — sleek, Attractive, and colorful.

The Alienware Aurora R13 fits perfectly into any environment, office, and workspace. You can also set up your color profile in a matter of minutes using the Alienware Command Center app to customize it to your taste. The Alienware Aurora R13 is designed to please the eye from every angle and give your workspace a better and more attractive look than the Alienware Area 51. 

Thermal Architecture

Suppose you require a gaming PC that enables you to play for as long as you like; the Alienware Aurora R13 suits this well. It is equipped for marathon gaming sessions, thanks to its fantastic thermal architecture that enables up to four fans and multiple cooling options. It enables users to upgrade from the air cooling model to the standard cooling model with ease.

The Alienware Aurora R13 also possesses an exclusive Alienware liquid cooling system. The Alienware Area 51 contains a fluid cooling system and active vents controlled by the Alienware command center to help eliminate distractions and overheating when gaming.

This system is also efficient as it is programmed to allow more excellent airflow in high-performance demanding situations. The liquid cooling system is quiet and will enable you to focus more on your gaming experience. 

Where to Buy

Alienware Aurora R13 Gaming Desktop
  • Excellent gaming PC with a massive performance boost
  • Powerful 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti with 8GB DDR6
  • Stream, play games, and perform multiple tasks fast
  • 16GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB SSD + 1TB HDD storage
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/25/2024 02:12 am GMT
Immersive Gaming
Alienware Area 51M Gaming Laptop
  • 17.3" screen with FHD Display
  • 1TB state-drive disk storage and 16GB RAM
  • 2.5Gbps ethernet connection for fast file transfers
  • Alienware keyboard with rapid keystroke response
  • Exceptional processing power, and upgradable CPU
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/25/2024 10:48 am GMT

Alienware Aurora R13 vs. Alienware Area 51: Which is Right for You?

Now that we have compared both the Alienware Aurora R13 and Alienware Area 51 and analyzed their differences, it is easier to decide which Alienware product is better to purchase.

Both products have unrivaled quality and are suitable for different purposes. For gamers who rely heavily on power supply, the Alienware area 51 is a better option. For other gamers who rely on speed and performance, the Alienware Aurora R13 is a much better option.

That said, The Alienware Aurora R13 trumps the Alienware Area 51 in almost every comparison category. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Alienware Aurora R13 is a better option for modern gamers.

The new and improved features it possesses brutally trump the Alienware Area 51 and give it the edge. The Alienware Area 51 is a quality product; since its release, it has remained one of the most reliable gaming PCs and has truly stood the test of time.

But, the Alienware Aurora R13 is new and advanced modern technology with way better looks and far more efficiency. So, when comparing the Alienware Aurora R13 to the Alienware Area 51, the Alienware Aurora R13 is the better option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much RAM can the Alienware Aurora R13 hold?

It can hold a maximum 124GB of RAM.

How much does Alienware Aurora R13 cost?

It starts from $1,300 on Dell.com USA.

When was the Aurora R13 released?

It was released in 2013.

Will Alienware Area 51 get an updated chassis design much like the Aurora laptops, and peripherals?

The Area-51 has been updated with the newer Area-51m.  Built with power and performance in mind, it is now housed in a new mobile form factor for on-the-go needs.

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