Akaso vs GoPro: How Do They Stack Up?

akaso vs gopro

Akaso vs GoPro: How Do They Stack Up?

Akaso vs GoPro: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • Akaso sells both action cameras and active clothing. That means you can be decked out in an Akaso outfit while using your Akaso camera.
  • There are three different types of Akaso cameras. The EK7000 is good for beginners, the V50 Series is good for mid-range camera users, and the Brave Series is for camera pros.
  • GoPro cameras have recently been used to aid in the motion-capture filmmaking process.
  • A skydiver’s GoPro survived a 12,500-foot drop when it fell from his head mid-jump.
  • In 2020, GoPro boasted a market share of 38% — hence making it the industry leader.

When researching action cameras, you’re likely to come across two major brands. Those brands are Akaso and GoPro. Both are durable, functional, and — most importantly — deliver the kind of camerawork you’d expect from a professional action camera.

And yet, one prominent question arises from these two; which brand is best? Akaso vs GoPro.

Which action camera is the superior product?

Akaso vs GoPro: Side-by-Side Comparison

Founded ByUnknownNick Woodman
HeadquartersFrederick, MarylandSan Mateo, California
Key ProductsAction cameras, clothingAction cameras
Annual RevenueUnknown$1.16 billion (2021)
Latest ProductAkaso Brave 8GoPro HERO11 Black
Peak Quality4K605.3K60
Size63mm x 45mm x 36.5mm71.8mm x 50.8mm x 33.6mm
Waterproof33 ft.33 ft.
Battery Life90 mins.45 mins.

Akaso vs GoPro: What’s the Difference?

With the key specs squared away, let’s take a look at some of the finer details that differentiate Akaso from GoPro.

GoPro Max

The GoPro Max is great for dusty or windy conditions.

Battery Life

While GoPro claims the battery life on their cameras can last well over two hours, this would require shooting at the lowest resolution and the lowest frame rate. In reality, you’re going to get about 45 minutes of high-quality, high-frame-rate footage with a GoPro. Akaso cameras, on the other hand, will give you about twice that.

AKASO Brave 8 4K60FPS Action Camera
  • Shoot professional 4K60fps video, 48MP photo
  • IPX8 waterproof protection from rain, snow, water splashes
  • Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing
  • Switch framing and monitoring views (back and front)
  • Smooth stabilization for an enhanced shooting experience
  • Multi-view switching options from wide, portrait, narrow
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This is because Akaso cameras — namely the Akaso Brave 8 — are equipped with two batteries instead of one. This gives them twice the power and twice the length of their competitors’ cameras. This definitely makes all the difference on long days spent adventuring.

Please Note: As of July 16, 2023, the AKASO Brave 8 4K60FPS Action Camera is currently unavailable on Amazon. If you cannot find the product elsewhere, please check back later.


Akaso cameras tend to be far cheaper than GoPros. This is true regardless if you buy them on Amazon or through Akaso’s site directly. The GoPro is considered the top-of-the-line when it comes to action cameras, and its higher price reflects this. Still, the lower price of the Akaso camera does make it seem more appealing to some; even if you’ll be missing out on some of those key GoPro features that come with the cost.

Camera Quality

Best for Action Shots
GoPro HERO11
  • 5.3K video that gives you 91% more resolution than 4K
  • Water-repelling lens cover
  • 27MP photo and 5.3K60 video
  • HyperSmooth 5.0, AutoBoost for maximum stabilization
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Lastly, there’s the actual quality of the cameras to consider. After all, don’t you want your action shots to look as good as possible? In this regard, the Akaso falls short of the GoPro. The Akaso Brave 8 tops out at 4K60, while the GoPro HERO11 Black tops out at 5.3K60. That makes the latter significantly better than the former. Obviously, many are willing to shell out more and sacrifice more battery life in order to get higher camera quality.

The History of Akaso

Akaso — sometimes seen stylized in promotional material as AKASO — is more than just an action camera company. They also serve as an outdoor clothing brand. The company is primarily rooted in Shenzhen, China with an American HQ found in Frederick, Maryland. Remarkably, Akaso is just as significant in the world of heated winter gear as it is in the action camera sphere. Interestingly, despite its global headquarters in Shenzhen, the company was actually founded in Seattle, Washington in 2010.

AKASO EK7000 Action Camera
  • Up to 90 minutes of a battery running time
  • Wifi and HDMI built-in for instant sharing
  • Waterproof up to 98 feet
  •  Wireless 2.4 remote control
  • 4K Ultra HD action camera for professional videos 
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One of their earliest releases, the EK7000, helped cement their status as a globally renowned camera brand. Starting with sales in the United States and subsequently spreading to India, China, and abroad, the EK7000 remains a staple of the Akaso brand. In addition to the EK7000, Akaso has two other primary camera lines.

AKASO V50 Elite Action Camera
  • Capture sharp images and full HD footage
  • Hands-free voice control when shooting
  • Built-in image stabilization delivers flawless footage
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Shoot underwater up to 131ft
  • Perfect for surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling
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The Brave collection consists of an impressively maxed-out weatherproof camera. The V50 collection, on the other hand, consists of a series of action cameras with a corresponding mount. Combine this with the aforementioned EK7000, and you have the Akaso family.

Obviously, this says very little about Akaso’s other business venture. Namely, their clothing brand. This line of products definitely will not help you get the perfect action shot. However, it’ll certainly keep you protected from the elements while using your Akaso camera. The Akaso winter clothing line includes warm gloves, cozy vests, and heated pads, among several other items.


Skydiving Image taken with a GoPro

Dubbed Akaso Outdoors to distinguish from the camera lines, this side venture is not exclusive to cold weather. There’s also a summer line, a workout line, a running line, a swimming line, and a camping line.

The Dominance of GoPro

GoPro has been around much longer than Akaso. They also have the product line to prove it. First founded by Nick Woodman in 2002, GoPro owes its success to a random surfing trip in Australia. Woodman had ventured to the country continent in hopes of capturing some great action shots of him and his friends surfing.

As he soon found out, however, there was a glaring lack of waterproof cameras capable of doing exactly that. And so, inspired by this frustrating blind spot in the camera industry, Woodman set out to create one of his own. Hence, GoPro was born.

Best Performance
GoPro HERO10 Black
  • Powerful new GP2 engine
  • Upgraded to 23MP photos and 5.3K video resolution
  • 8x slo-mo at 2.7K
  • HyperSmooth 4.0
  • Better low-light performance and horizon leveling with a higher tilt limit
  • Unlimited cloud storage with hassle-free auto upload
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The first GoPro product reflected this inspiring incident. Dubbed the GoPro 35mm HERO, the brand name originated from Woodman and friends’ shared desire to “go professional.” Likewise, the camera name reflected their desire to look like superheroes in their action shots. With this, a pivotal product of the GoPro brand was born.

The HERO remains a key component of their product line. This was further cemented by the success of the Digital HERO, released in 2006. GoPro’s latest model, the HERO11 Black, was released in September 2022. Twenty years after its initial founding, GoPro has expanded from a single 35mm film camera to an extensive and diverse line of products.

This includes several varieties of action cameras, user-friendly editing software designed exclusively for GoPro footage, and handy mobile apps that only enhance the GoPro experience. Thanks to them, the brand is a true titan of the action camera industry in 2022. What’s more, Nick Woodman also remains the CEO of the company. It only reflects his dedication to the mission to help people capture and share their most exciting moments.

Akaso vs GoPro: Pros and Cons

Pros of AkasoCons of Akaso
More affordable than most GoPro modelsKey executives remain shrouded in mystery
Great battery lifeTotal annual revenue for the company is unknown
Smaller and lighter than most GoPro modelsThe company splits focus between cams and clothes
Camera microphones are exceptionalLesser quality than GoPro cameras
Pros of GoProCons of GoPro
Trusted, dependable brand nameMuch more expensive than Akaso
Superior camera quality to the competitionWorse battery life than Akaso cameras
Truly durable in all terrains and conditionsBigger and heavier cameras than rival brands
Uploads footage to the cloud when chargingNot the best performance in low light

Akaso vs GoPro: Which One Is Better?

In going over these two action camera brands, there’s an obvious trend that has emerged. The Akaso family of action cameras are of lower quality, but they have a correspondingly cheaper price. The GoPro family of action cameras are of higher quality and have a higher selling price. This factors directly into determining a winner between the two.

In spite of their heavier cameras, their bigger dimensions, and their higher pricing, GoPro remains the superior brand. An action camera needs to be as high-quality as possible to truly be effective. That gives GoPro a major leg up over Akaso. Secondly, an action camera needs to have some heft to it in order to remain durable.

Thirdly, GoPro is focused on cameras and cameras alone. Akaso splits its focus on clothing, which takes away from advancing its camera line. For these reasons, GoPro is the clear winner. Nevertheless, Akaso remains a solid budget brand.

Akaso vs GoPro

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Akaso?

Akaso is an action camera and clothing brand based in China and America.

What is GoPro?

GoPro is an action camera brand responsible for popularizing small, durable cameras used in sporting events and other intense activities.

Who founded GoPro?

GoPro was founded by Nick Woodman in 2002 after he realized there was no easy, affordable way to photograph his surfing trips.

What is GoPro's market share?

In 2020, GoPro had a market share of 38%.

What is the newest GoPro camera?

The GoPro HERO11 Black is the latest GoPro model (alongside the HERO11 Black: Creator Edition and the HERO11 Mini).

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