AirPods Max vs Beats Studio 3: Which Is Better?

AirPods Max vs Beats Studio 3

AirPods Max vs Beats Studio 3: Which Is Better?

Key Points

  • Both AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 are Apple products because Beats Electronics, the company producing Beats Studio headphones, became an Apple subsidiary in 2014.
  • Both AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 use Apple’s W1 chip.
  • AirPods Max are the first wireless over-ear headphones designed by Apple.
  • AirPods Max are currently the most expensive product in the AirPods lineup.
  • Even though they were released in 2017, the Beats Studio 3 headphones are still the most recent product in Beats Studio’s lineup, as of September 2022.
  • AirPods Max were manufactured by Luxsgare and Goertek.
  • Both AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 are compatible with Siri.

When it comes to wireless headphones, there are a lot of great options on the market. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, it’s hard to find a pair of headphones that beats both AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3. They are two of the most popular headphones on the market today. Packed with advanced features and exceptional sound quality, they are generally considered to be the best wireless headphones available.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a pair of high-quality headphones, which of them should you buy? Keep reading to find out. 

AirPods Max vs Beats Studio 3: Side by Side Comparison

AirPods MaxBeats Studio 3
What it isThe first wireless over-ear headphones produced by AppleWireless over-ear headphones
DeveloperAppleBeats by Dr. Dre
Year Released20202017
Listening TimeUp to 20 hoursUp to 22 hours
Weight13.6 ounces (385.6 grams)9.7 ounces (274.9 grams)
ConnectivityBluetooth and LightningBluetooth and USB
Number of Microphones91

AirPods Max vs Beats Studio 3: History

Apple released its AirPods Max in December 2020. Although had long been known for its wireless earphones, the AirPods Max marked Apple’s entry into the over-ear headphone market. They quickly gained attention for their excellent sound quality, luxurious design, and active noise cancellation.

Beats Studio 3 is the third generation of the Beats Studio headphones. They were released in September 2017 and were immediately well-regarded for their sound quality and Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling technology which provide an immersive listening experience.

AirPods Max vs Beats Studio 3: What’s the Difference?

Apple AirPods Max vs AirPods Pro 2
AirPods Max are some of the most popular headphones around and are packed with unique features


Apple’s AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 are amazing headphones. They both have undeniably high audio quality. However, there are a couple of differences between them.

#1: Design

Best for Apple Users/ Over-Ear
Apple AirPods Max (Space Gray)
  • Apple-designed dynamic driver for high-fidelity audio
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency mode
  • Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking
  • Designed with a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions
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02/25/2024 03:18 pm GMT

AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 have a good finish and an over-ear design that offers comfort and high-quality audio. However, AirPods Max have a luxurious appearance, which gives it an edge over Beats Studio 3.


AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 are also controlled differently. With Beats Studio 3, all of its controls are limited to the ‘b’ button. With the ‘b’ button, users can pause and play music, skip to the next track, or play a previous track. Users also use the ‘b’ button to answer and decline calls.

On the other hand, AirPods Max offer a Digital Crown selector, which can be rotated to adjust volume, play a previous track, and skip to the next track. AirPods Max users can also use the Digital Crown to answer calls and activate Siri.


In terms of color, AirPods Max offer users five different colors: silver, gray, blue, pink, and green. Whereas Beats Studio 3 offers seven colors: gray, blue, white, matte black, black & red, red, and black. Another difference between AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 is that, unlike AirPods Max, the Beats Studio 3 headphones are foldable.


In addition, the cases for AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 differ in design. The latter’s case design is traditional, allowing users to store their headphones safely when not in use. AirPods Max’s case, on the other hand, has a controversial design. Mainly because it doesn’t cover the entire headphones. Its case only protects part of them, leaving the mesh and headband unprotected.

#2: Battery

airpods vs beats
Beats Studio 3 has an impressive battery which lasts for up to 22 hours.

AirPods Max’s battery lasts for 20 hours, whereas Beats Studio 3 lasts up to 22 hours. However, both wireless headphones have different charging techniques. AirPods Max have a smart case that keeps it charged when not in use. On the other hand, Beats Studio 3 have fast charging technology. It allows 3 hours of playback after a quick 10-minutes charge.

Another difference between AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 is that Beats Studio 3 can be turned off to conserve battery. For example, if you are going on a long trip and your Studio 3 wireless headphones’ battery is low, you can easily turn it off to save it. However, AirPods Max can’t be turned off. When not in use, users can place them in their smart case.

AirPods Max also have lightning connection capability, unlike Beats Studio 3, which have a Micro-USB port. However, both headphones offer fast charging. They can last for hours with just a 10-minute charge.

#3: Sound Quality

Great Sound for a Broad Spectrum of Music Genres
Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 22 Hours of Listening Time, Built-in Microphone - Matte Black (Latest Model)
  • Battery provides up to 22 hours of listening
  • Pure adaptive noise-canceling
  • Fast Fuel turns a 10-minute charge into 3 hours of listening
  • Powered by Apple's W1 chip with Class 1 Bluetooth
  • On-ear controls and built-in microphone
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02/26/2024 06:26 pm GMT

Both AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 have exceptional sound quality. They both have active noise cancellation and offer a rich and balanced audio output. However, AirPods Max’s noise cancellation is slightly better than Beats Studio 3’s ANC. AirPods Max’s active noise cancellation also offers users a better experience.

In addition, AirPods Max have a total of nine microphones, with eight of them dedicated to active noise cancellation. On the other hand, Beats Studio 3 have just one microphone. What’s more, the AirPods Max’s ambient sound mode gives them an extra advantage over Beats Studio 3. Ambient sound allows you to hear everything going on around you, which means that you could be listening to music and still be able to hear background conversations.

#4: Weight

AirPods Max weigh 385.6 grams, which makes them heavier than Beats Studio 3, which weigh 274.9 grams. The difference in their weight is more than 100 grams, which makes Beats Studio 3 the more convenient option in terms of weight.

#5: Features

reasons to buy airpods max
AirPods Max connect wirelessly to all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 have different inbuilt features. Apple released AirPods Max 3 years after Beats Studio 3 came out, so they offer several upgraded features. For example, the Beats Studio 3 headphones are equipped with Bluetooth version 4, while AirPods Max feature an upgraded Bluetooth version 5. A major difference in their features is AirPods Max’s lightning port, which is exclusive to Apple devices. The Beats Studio 3 headphones come only with a Micro-USB port. 

#6: Price

AirPods Max are currently listed at $549 on popular e-commerce websites. However, Beats Studio 3 are more affordable. They’re listed at $349.95 on the official Apple website. However, you can get a pair of Beats Studio 3 on Amazon for as low as $249, making them a more affordable option.

AirPods Max vs Beats Studio 3: Which One is Better? Which One Should You Use?

Both AirPods Max and Beats Studio 3 are among the best premium headphones on the market right now. They are both high-quality headphones with active noise cancellation, quality audio output, and fast charging, and are compatible with Siri. But which ones should you buy?

Beats Studio 3 has many of the same features as the AirPods Max, and the best part is that they come at a cheaper price. You can buy Beats Studio 3 on Amazon for as low as $249, making them a lot more affordable than AirPods Max, which cost $549. Based on our review, Beats Studio 3 are better than AirPods Max, partly because they offer similar features at a much cheaper price and offer a longer-lasting battery.

AirPods Max vs Beats Studio 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

When were AirPods Max released?

Apple released AirPods Max, its first over-ear headphones, in 2020.

Who owns Beats Electronics?

Beats Electronics is currently an Apple subsidiary. It was founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, but the company was acquired by Apple Inc. in July 2014 for $3 billion in a cash and stock deal.

How long do AirPods Max last?

AirPods Max’s listening time is 20 hours.

How much is a pair of AirPods Max?

A pair of AirPods Max costs $549.

Do Beats Studio 3 have a smart case?

No, Beats Studio 3 don’t have a smart case. They have a traditional case for storage when they’re not in use. However, their case doesn’t charge them, unlike AirPods Max’s smart case.

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