AIPRM Chrome Extension: What Is It? (Full Review and Best ChatGPT Prompts)

AIPRM Chrome Extension

AIPRM Chrome Extension: What Is It? (Full Review and Best ChatGPT Prompts)

Is the AIPRM Chrome extension worth using? Let’s face facts, AI is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Anywhere you look, there is likely to be a company leveraging the power of something like ChatGPT to aid in their business. However, ChatGPT isn’t the most convenient utility to use. At the end of the day, you’re still tethered to a browser window to make the most of it.

With the AIPRM browser extension for Chrome, you can harness the power of ChatGPT wherever your browsing takes you. This results in prompts immediately giving output that you can use without cumbersome copy and pasting across browser windows. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at AIPRM and whether it is worth integrating into your current workflow.

What Is the AIPRM Chrome Extension?

AIPRM is a browser extension exclusive to Google Chrome. The extension allows a single click to send prompts over to ChatGPT, resulting in automatic output. This has numerous benefits, but the biggest boon is that it frees up your browsing. You can use information you find on the screen for the likes of products to summarize them when using the browser extension quickly.

It, of course, isn’t completely untethered from the system. You’ll still have an OpenAI and AIPRM account to maximize its functionality. Thankfully, you can utilize most of AIPRM’s functions for free. There is a paid subscription, but that nets you some additional features.

What I Like About AIPRM

openAI chatGPT
ChatGPT is much friendlier to use, thanks to the features that come with a free AIPRM account.

There are several different use cases where AIPRM excels. It won’t act as a whole cloth replacement for your current ChatGPT usage in a business setting. However, if you work around its limitations, it can act as a tremendous productivity booster when leveraging the power of an AI model.

The paid subscription isn’t covered in this review. That said, if you do opt for the paid subscription, you get access to the likes of custom tones, prompt forking, and verified prompts vetted by AIPRM staff. If that sounds like a major benefit for you, then the paid subscription might be in your future.

Custom Profiles

One of the biggest advantages of the AIPRM Chrome extension is creating and using custom profiles. This is readily available for free accounts. What this essentially means is that you can tailor your prompts and profiles to work around your current needs. If you’re working on something like marketing copy, you can have a corresponding profile associated with it.

Custom profiles are deeply powerful and a wonderful addition that isn’t seen with the base ChatGPT subscription. Yes, the paid version of ChatGPT does allow for team sharing and custom chatbots, but nothing is tailored around your intended usage.

Team Prompts

ChatGPT has been available for team usage since the launch of GPT 4. If you’re already leveraging the power of ChatGPT in a team production environment, then AIPRM is worth considering. The free version comes with the ability to tailor and create prompts usable across an entire team of individuals.

I cannot understate the boost in productivity this brings to the fore. While the introduction of team use for ChatGPT was massive, AIPRM’s shared prompts are immense. You can readily create prompts that can then be tweaked and used by an entire team of users, giving ready output in moments.

Accessible Anywhere You Might Be Browsing

One of the biggest pluses of using a browser extension is the increase in functionality. With AIPRM, you can readily pull up reference materials and construct prompts around them. This might not seem huge, but you aren’t forced to keep ChatGPT open in a separate window, ready for any pertinent information.

This certainly aids in the construction of prompts beyond the stock set AIPRM has packaged. That does directly lead to my next major accolade using AIPRM.

Easy to Build Custom Prompts

Creating custom prompts is nothing new for ChatGPT. Any user with an OpenAI account has likely idly passed the time testing the efficacy and accuracy of the AI model. However, what makes the AIPRM Chrome extension so flexible and powerful is that it is easy to create highly productive custom prompts.

You might spend hours tweaking the language and structure of a prompt. With AIPRM enabled, you can readily take a stock prompt and twist it to fit your purposes as needed.

What I Don’t Like About AIPRM

AIPRM is only available for Google Chrome, which can lead to issues if you regularly use other browsers


No piece of software is perfect, and AIPRM certainly has its faults. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest disadvantages I’ve seen in my use of AIPRM throughout this review. Some of these are personal preferences, but others present some issues to be aware of when leveraging this tool for your business.

No Firefox Support

AIPRM is intended solely for Chrome. As a die-hard Firefox user dating back to the early 2000s, this means I have to use Chrome. I could just keep ChatGPT in a browser window on my Firefox sessions and go from there. However, I lost out on the power and control afforded by using AIPRM to communicate with the service.

As such, if you are using any alternative browser like Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Brave, you’ll still need to have Chrome installed to utilize the extension. I don’t use Chrome for personal reasons, and as such this is one of the larger dealbreakers I have with the software.

It Requires Multiple Accounts to Use

I always find issues with having services interconnect. You can chalk that up to nearly a decade of working with IT-related vendors. Often, those are the only points of fault and failure. Now, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with using ChatGPT or AIPRM. However, if you opt for the paid route, you’re going to have two separate subscriptions.

Perhaps it is just my personal bias, but I prefer to look at things through the lens of a single interface. The AIPRM Chrome extension is certainly easy to manage when using a free membership, and is plenty powerful in that capacity. I would prefer the services to be integrated for continual use, especially in a production environment.

Connecting to ChatGPT Can Be Spotty

When you have a service acting as a middleman to another, things can go awry. I had numerous instances when loading up AIPRM where the input wasn’t registered. Other times I would have to log back into ChatGPT just to guarantee functionality from AIPRM.

This isn’t entirely on AIPRM. I can certainly see this issue being a massive timesink when accounting for lost time over a month of work. As such, I would love to see the connection hardened and made more foolproof. I shouldn’t need to authenticate when continuing a session I started an hour ago. However, I had that happen two times during my research for this review.

Output from Prompts Requires a Human Touch

One of my biggest gripes with AI is that it is easy to see when someone uses it. Perhaps that comes down to my trade as someone who deals with words daily. However, when getting any sort of output from AIPRM, I had to tweak it. Often the language was too stiff, and the diction was too impersonal.

I have a bevy of experience when it comes to writing business copy. The output I gained from taking the time to make custom prompts still needed extensive rewrites. I spent the last year editing copy for businesses that relied solely on ChatGPT to generate documentation. AIPRM is a tool that increases productivity. It is certainly not something you should rely on as your final copy.

Should You Use the AIPRM Chrome Extension?

Is the AIPRM Chrome extension worth using? If you take the time to temper your expectations, I think it has some merit. As a replacement for a skilled writer or editor, there is no contest. However, if you’re using it to serve as a generator for boilerplate content or to allow creative inspiration, it certainly excels there.

AIPRM is certainly worth using, but I would stick with the free plan unless you need the additional tones and professionally done prompts.

What Are the Best Prompts for ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has seen use across a wide variety of industries. It can be difficult to create effective prompts to get the right sort of output. Here are a few of my favorites for a few different use cases to get you started.


  • Can you provide ideas for blog posts about my product?
  • Make five distinct Call to Action messages for a blog post.
  • Create a post showing five reasons to use our product.


  • Provide information on how to manage finances for a small business. Include the budget, management of cash flow, and any considerations we should make for taxes.
  • Develop a roadmap to increase our social media coverage.
  • How should I phrase an email to a client about shifting milestones for a project?


  • Can you provide a summary of this historical event?
  • How do I solve this problem?
  • Come up with five ways to improve memory and recall for this subject.


  • Create personalized sales emails for customers from my company for my products.
  • How can I generate leads for my company?
  • What customization of my product should I offer to customers?


  • Can you provide mathematical formulas for the most important KPIs in my field?
  • Can you provide four formulas for Microsoft Excel for these metrics?
  • What are the KPIs to take notice of in my industry?


  • Tell me a joke.
  • Write a short story where a Pencil is undergoing a coming of age.
  • Write fan fiction about Doctor Who and Scooby Doo meeting up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AIPRM usable on all browsers?

No, it is only usable on Google Chrome.

Does AIPRM interface with other AI services?

AIPRM is only intended for use with ChatGPT.

Can I run AIPRM on Mac?

Yes, provided you have installed Google Chrome.

Is AIPRM a paid service?

No, the basic service itself is free. If you want extra features, you can pay a monthly subscription for more robust functionality.

Do you need an OpenAI account to use AIPRM?

You’ll need an OpenAI account and an AIPRM account.

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