The Absolute Best PlayStation Platformers of All Time

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The Absolute Best PlayStation Platformers of All Time

Nothing quite beats classic platformers in PS gaming. They provide a unique gaming experience, challenging us to jump and move through levels full of obstacles, enemies, and puzzles. Over the years, the PlayStation has seen some of the most iconic platformers ever made. Whether it’s the classic Spyro the Dragon, Jak & Daxter, or Crash Bandicoot, PlayStation has a long and rich history.

In this article, we’ll look at the 10 absolute best PlayStation platformers of all time. From classic PS1 titles to more modern titles like Ratchet and Clank and LittleBigPlanet, we’ll explore the best PlayStation offers. So let’s get started and find out which PS platformers are the best!

#10. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

screenshot of ratchet clank future tools of destruction
A beautiful remake of the first series, this wonderful 3D platformer makes you feel like you’re playing a real-time Pixar movie.

Ratchet & Clank is a third-person shooter and action platformer video game created and developed by Insomniac Games. Besides loads of fun weapons to discover and use, it features a zippy story that moves things along constantly. Ratchet & Clank also has a sense of humor, making it a family-friendly and relaxing game. Since it’s a PlayStation exclusive, you can’t play it anywhere else. While the menu systems are similar to the original game, they’ve been updated to match the recent PS3 remake efforts.

By spending the hard-to-come-by Raritanium, you can now beef-up weaponry through individual upgrade grids. The developers have added new features that allow you to use gadgets such as Ratchet’s Hoverboots to explore levels and discover the nearby moons and planets. The gameplay involves constant action on the screen as robots explode and turn into hundreds of bolts. There’s also a Pixelizer that breaks the enemies into pixels and  Grooviton that shoots a disco ball, and so much more. This game is so stunningly good-looking that you’ll enjoy completing it again to see everything from a new perspective. If you’ve enjoyed the franchise before, you’ll be blown away by the quality of Ratchet & Clank.

#9. Rayman Legends

screenshot of rayman legends
Rayman Legends still stands as one of the best platformers, with great updates and a new art style


Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and released on 29 August 2013, Rayman Legends is a platformer video game that has been part of PlayStation history for decades. This game features incredible visuals and a killer soundtrack, making you want to play it again and again. As for gameplay, it mimics Rayman Origins style, letting you play with up to four players and make your way through various levels. With a range of fun and inventive levels to move through, it provides new twists on the normal gameplay, thus making it enjoyable to play.

This game’s textures and graphics are clearer and more detailed than other versions. You’ll also notice there is no loading time when moving from one level to the next hence the navigation is quicker and more enjoyable. Ubisoft has also incorporated a new Camera Mode on PlayStation 4. To pause the game, you need to press the touchpad of the PS4 joystick while pressing the Share button.

#8. Bionic Commando Rearmed

bionic commando rearmed
Despite some questionable design decisions, Bionic Commando Rearmed is among the best platformer games for Playstation.

is an improved remake of the 1988 Nintendo Entertainment System version of Bionic Commando. Unlike the previous version, this game comes with amazing gameplay features, including new weapons, new visuals, and new weapons, and a reworked musical score. In this game, you are supposed to control Nathan Spencer, a soldier with a bionic arm. Since the arm has several features, you can use it to access distant objects or climb to higher ledges. To successfully traverse hazards such as electrified floors, you are supposed to make a series of grappling actions.

You also need to control the helicopter while moving between areas. If your helicopter encounters a convoy, you must fight through it on foot and destroy the enemy before you can proceed. While Bionic Commando Rearmed still resembles its Nintendo counterpart, various gameplay enhancements have been made. For instance, there is a health bar that replaces the original health system. With the health bar, you can collect health items from your enemies to restore your health. Another great addition to this game is the multiplayer mode which allows you to play offline.

#7. Limbo

screesnhot of Limbo game
A 2D scrolling game, Limbo set in a monochromatic world.

Initially released on 21 July 2010, Limbo is the story of a boy who wakes up in a strange forest filled with dangers such as claw traps, giant spiders, and rickety structures. With no dialogue or explanation, the game communicates to you more than most games. Essentially, you are required to control a young boy while exploring this bizarre environment. Throughout the gameplay, you’ll be surprised, delighted, and horrified. The only sounds in this game are ambient noises, the boy’s footsteps, and the occasional startlingly loud drone.

In the first half of the game, you encounter what appears to be other children and many interesting creatures. The second half of the game occurs in a deserted industrial area, where it becomes complicated and interesting. So, you are supposed to work your way through the second half of the game while conquering increasingly difficult puzzles.

Since you will likely encounter numerous deaths before you solve puzzles and complete the game, it’s a trial-and-death game. Some of the game achievements include finding hidden eggs and finishing the game with fewer deaths. Limbo is an incredible achievement. Very few games are as original and brilliant as this. The journey may be over too quickly, but you will be entertained every minute. This is one of my favorite games.

#6. Fez

screenshot of FEZ game
In Fez, you manipulate perspectives and avoid hazards to find 32 cubes.

Released on PlayStations on March 25, 2014, FEZ is a 2D and 3D puzzle game that you can use to restore order in the universe. The objective of the game is to gather cubes. While searching for these cubes, Gomez traverses the game environment by jumping between ledges. Each time you rotate the world, you’re presented with an entirely new 2D perspective that you can transverse. You must also shuffle all 32 cubes that make up Hexahedron to prevent the universe from collapsing. While puzzles differ, most challenges come from a second version of the collectible cubes. Besides the 32 standard cubes, you’ll have 32 anti-cubes. While these cubes are a bit harder to work out, finding them is optional.

Visually, Fez comes with bright colors and other aesthetic features that make it lovely to look at. While the performance is perfect at 60fps, you are likely to experience a few visual glitches. Otherwise, Fez is a fun, challenging puzzle platformer with original ideas and unique gameplay features. Apart from a few visuals and mechanical issues, nothing stops this game from being one of the best.

#5. Little Big Planet 2

screenshot of little big planet 2
In Little Big Planet 2, you can look forward to a good story mode with characters, voice acting, and a persistent storyline.

Although Journey is a unique adventure game created by Thatgamecompany and released in march 2012. As a player, you are supposed to explore the rising sand dunes while surfing down others. If you stay, of course, a strong wind will send you back to the main area, where you’ll acquire a scarf made of magical fabric that you can use to jump you to jump or even fly. There is no real fight in this game, but this doesn’t mean it’s free of danger.

Later in the play, you’ll encounter huge flying creatures that resemble dragon skeletons. Since the dragons emit their own beam, they can significantly reduce the size of your scarf. Avoiding these creatures is easy, but you must be wise enough to sneak unscathed or undetected when they appear.

Although you can discover other players, you cannot talk via any means or even see each other’s names until after the game ends. The music in this game dynamically responds to your actions and adventure. The journey is quite short, thus making it perfect for playing over and over whenever you want. The best thing is that every person you meet during your travels will have their profile names displayed at the end of the game.

Overall, Journey is easily one of the best PlayStation platformer games you’ll play again and again. If you are a fan of self-discovery, you can download it now and embark on your own journey of self-discovery.

#3. Guacamelee

screenshot of guacamelee
The true magic of Guacamelee is its stunning gameplay mechanics.

If you are looking for a blend of different ideas melted together, Guacamelee could be the right pick. Initially released in 2013, this game draws several inspirations from Mexican culture and incorporates multiple genres. In this game, you are supposed to take control of Juan while exploring an open area, collecting necessary character upgrades, and battling enemies. Once you defeat the enemies, you can collect resources that you can use to buy skills from the shop. As the game progresses,  Juan breaks open Choozo statues to gain new abilities.

Like most Metroidvania games, you gain new abilities as you progress, all of which are meant to allow you access to locked areas and lay an ambush on the enemies. Compared to other platformers, this game introduces you to the various move sets and gives you enough time to get used to your current abilities before giving you a new one.

Alongside the combat mechanics, the game has several features designed to help you defeat your enemies. By killing the enemies, you’ll win coins that you can use to purchase new abilities and purchase new abilities and other costumes. Like other games, this game incorporates various genres to ensure that you get the most from it. Whether you are an avid gamer or just trying this, Guacamelee is worth it.

#2. Braid

screenshot of Braid
This game is for you if you enjoy solving difficult puzzles and crave a sense of accomplishment.

If you didn’t play Braid when it was first released on Xbox Live, you might think of it as a generic console platformer. However, that should not be the case since Braid was easily one of the most compelling and talked about games of 2008. Braid has stuck because it’s one of the most serious and fun games in recent history. In this game, you play the role of a young man named Tim who has just lost a beautiful princess. As the game progresses, you must travel to various worlds, collect the pieces for puzzles, and then assemble the puzzles to form pieces of art.

Essentially, Braid is a story of regret that’s a bit haunting. As you get deeper into the gameplay, time manipulation evolves. You can reverse the time or create a few bubbles to slow it down. While Braid isn’t a long game, it will test your puzzle-solving abilities. Since every puzzle shows you something new and exciting, it’s a game you can play for hours.

#1. LittleBigPlanet

screenshot of Little Big Planet
Despite its few flaws, LittleBigPlanet has stuck to its guns and delivers a memorable experience that’s worth it.

Topping our list of the absolute best platformers for PlayStation is LittleBigPlanet. An instant classic, LittleBigPlanet is a puzzle platform video game series Developed by Media Molecule. In this game, you assume the characters’ amazing abilities to play, create and share what they build with other gamers worldwide. You must learn about your character’s powers to interact physically with the environment. You also need to explore places, collect resources, and solve puzzles, which require a combination of brains and teamwork.

As soon as you start the game, your creative skills will grow, and you’ll soon start creating and sharing with the whole community. Best of all, you can learn all these skills by being creative and playing the game.

Bottom Line

For those who have grown up with the Sony Playstation, platformers have been a staple genre for the system. Platformers are an incredibly beloved video game genre, as they have been around since the dawn of video games. The Playstation has hosted some of the most iconic platformers, and in this article, we have explored the 10 absolute best Playstation platformers ever released. So grab your controller and get ready to revisit some of the best platformers the Playstation has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are platformers?

Platform games are video games with two-dimensional graphics and side-scrollers for controlling the characters. The characters run, climb, and jump from one platform on the screen to another. The difficulty increases as you advance from one level to another. Most platformer games require you to pass a boss level before progressing to the next step.  Generally, all platform games belong under the action category and feature game design basics. You must note that games with completely automated jumping are excluded from the platformer genre.

Why are they called platformers?

A platformer, or platform video game, is one that traditionally features two-dimensional graphics in which players control characters who jump or climb between different platforms on the screen.

Are platform games still popular?

It is no longer as popular, yet many gamers all over the world like it. Developers have recently created even more captivating 2D adventure games as a result of the growing popularity of mobile gaming. The gameplay of 2D platform games is simple, and there aren’t any complicated storylines.

What was the first platform game?

The first genuine platform game was Nintendo Company Ltd.’s Donkey Kong (1981), an arcade game in which Jumpman climbed up and down ladders and jumped from platform to platform while eluding a giant ape (Donkey Kong) on his way to rescuing a woman.

Is ps3 stronger than ps4?

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has significantly more CPU and graphics horsepower than the PlayStation 3, more RAM, a bigger hard drive, a built-in game DVR, a newer motion-sensing camera, and a better controller with a touchpad.

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