A Guide to Toshiba Universal Remote Programming Codes

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A Guide to Toshiba Universal Remote Programming Codes

Aren’t universal remotes a lifesaver? That might sound a little extreme, but universal remotes truly do make the TV-watching experience a whole lot easier and way more convenient. Forget about trying to wrangle a different remote for every device in your entertainment system. With a universal remote, you get one tool to rule them all. This includes Toshiba TVs. We’ve rounded up every possible code you may need to pair a universal remote with your Toshiba television. Try each option below until you pin down the matching one.

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How to Pair a Universal Remote with Your Toshiba TV

Follow along with the steps outlined below to get your universal remote paired to your Toshiba TV. You may have to repeat the three-step process quite a few times until you find the right code. That’s okay! It’s a normal (albeit time-consuming) part of the universal remote pairing process. Keep at it, and you’ll be using your universal remote to control your Toshiba TV in no time.

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The steps below will help you program your universal remote to your Toshiba TV.

Step One: Turn On the Toshiba TV

First, hit the power button on your Toshiba TV. (Usually, this button is found on the front panel or along the side of the television.) Make sure no other devices — such as a media player, a gaming console, or other electronics — are powered on and in range of the remote. This could mess up the pairing process.

Step Two: Press the TV Button

Next, grab your universal remote and begin the setup process. This is probably going to look a little different for each universal remote brand, but it usually involves holding down a Setup button and then the TV button. Take a look at your universal remote’s programming guide for specific instructions.

Step Three: Enter Code, Then Repeat

Once your universal remote is in pairing mode, begin entering the codes below. Try them one by one, beginning with the three-digit column and going on from there. Don’t worry if the first code doesn’t work. It might take a while to find the right match. Simply repeat the process with the next code until you find the correct one. You’ll know you’ve found it when your Toshiba TV starts responding to the buttons you press on the remote.

Toshiba Universal Remote Programming Codes

Three-Digit CodesFour-Digit CodesFive-Digit Codes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a universal remote?

A universal remote is a single remote control that can operate multiple devices. It eliminates the need for a separate remote for TVs, DVD players, video game consoles, and sound systems by rolling them all into one.

Can any universal remote work with a Toshiba TV?

Not necessarily any universal remote can work with a Toshiba TV. While most universal remotes support Toshibas, it’s important to make sure that your specific remote is compatible with your particular TV model.

How do I program a universal remote for my Toshiba TV?

To program a universal remote to a Toshiba TV, press the setup buttons on the remote and start trying possible codes for the television. We’ve compiled dozens of possible codes in the chart above. You may also have luck looking in your universal remote’s manual.

Do I need to keep my old remotes after setting up a universal remote?

After setting up a universal remote, you won’t need to use the old remotes on a daily basis anymore. However, you may want to hold onto the old remotes just in case — you never know if or when you may need backups.

How do I know if a universal remote is compatible with my Toshiba TV model?

To check compatibility between your universal remote and your Toshiba TV, look on the universal remote’s packaging or inside the manual it came with. If you can’t find confirmation, you may need to check the remote manufacturer’s website. If all else fails, start trying the codes in the chart above.

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