How Computers Have Become More Powerful And Allowed Us To Learn New Things

We now live in a world where information is available on tap, we need but only ask for it. Anyone born after the 80's may wonder how the older generation coped without the internet and see them as 'the dark ages'. The fact of the matter is that information was available, it just wasn't easily or instantly available like it is now. If had a set homework assignment or an interest in something, you would have to go to your local library and sift through piles and piles of books, eating up hours of time to find the information you were looking for.

Space and Size

The most notable change to computers over the year is space and size. The earliest computers would have been the size of a house due to all the multiple components, whereas now we have laptops and tablets that can fit into handbags. They are far more powerful and a fraction of the size. It took multiple large computers to launch the Apollo shuttles into space while the equivalent in modern technology can fit into an iPhone. Then there's the space it takes to save files and data. Originally the only way of saving data was on floppy disks (remember them?), and it would have taken 9,000 floppy disks to provide 1GB of storage. For a moment consider that smartphones range from 8-64GB of storage and then think about how many floppy disks that would have taken then.


Millions of people use computers and the internet every day to learn new things. From fun quizzes to official exams, there is nothing that can't be learned. People practice their driving theory test online, take university degrees from their living room and play Sudoku. You could learn how to play blackjack, how to bake or even knitting. What's more, is that the internet, in particular, is full of online communities who are always willing to help anybody who asks for it. When it comes to research, the days of visiting a library are as good as over. All you have to do now is type your question or topic into Google and you will have multiple thousands of results at your fingertips within seconds.


In the olden days computers were slower than your average snail, which was very frustrating and led to many a temptation to throw the whole thing out the window. Dial-up internet, the only option for most of the 90's, was even slower. Close your eyes and you can probably hear the beeping and booping tune of your internet as it struggled to connect. Even worse than that was that if anybody tried to use the phone at the same time, it would disconnect the internet instantly. Very inconvenient and we're all thankful those days are over.


The age of computers and the internet has changed the music industry forever. Although vinyl and CD's are still available for many lovers of nostalgia, the majority of music these days is downloaded. This has also led to a decrease in record shops as many can head to iTunes and have the song or album they want within seconds.