8 Inventions That Changed Boomers’ Lives Forever

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8 Inventions That Changed Boomers’ Lives Forever

What are some of the best inventions that changed Boomers’ lives? The history of humanity is replete with some monumental inventions when looking at the grand scheme of things. Today’s selections are restricted mostly to the 20th century and have had a profound effect on humanity as a whole. Some of these inventions are still in use today.

The Personal Computer

Apple II computer
The personal computer changed the landscape for businesses and home users alike.

Few inventions changed Boomers’ lives quite like the personal computer. You can argue over which manufacturer pioneered the format, but a tip of the hat has to go to Apple for its introduction of the Apple II. Offices and homes alike benefited from having a machine that could handle word processing, data entry, and so much more.

The Artificial Heart

Artificial plastic model of human heart standing against background of cardiologist closeup
The artificial heart was a hugely important medical innovation before organ transplants were the norm.

Long before the days of organ transplants, something failing in your body could be a death sentence. The artificial heart paved the way for future innovations and helped to keep people alive for longer. When looking at significant inventions that changed Boomers’ lives, this is one of the top choices.

DNA Fingerprinting

Scientist using protective robber gloves for handling dangerous substances and experiments
Being able to analyze DNA information has been a massive innovation for law enforcement.

Solving crimes is still a tough task for any member of law enforcement. The introduction of DNA fingerprinting and profiling changed the landscape of things overnight. Analyzing DNA information is one of the most significant developments of the 20th century, and is still in active use to this day.

USB Ports

USB ports helped make computers even more accessible to the average person.

The personal computer has a list of inventions that have changed how we interact with it. The Universal Serial Port, or USB for short, is one of those monumental inventions that changed Boomers’ lives for the better. Instead of dealing with proprietary ports and driver issues, you could plug something into your computer and it works.

Ethernet Ports

Ethernet makes internet communication possible for the masses.

Computer networks have been around for quite a while. In the days before standardization, it was a bit of a madhouse. To say it wasn’t ready for primetime use in homes would be an understatement. The standardized ethernet port changed the landscape of computing and opened the doors for the modern world.

Flexible Artificial Legs

Highly motivated handsome caucasian sporty handicapped man in sportswear and with artificial leg stretching before running while standing on the racetrack. Sport Concept, Inspiration Concept, Copy Spa
Flexible artificial legs have improved the standard of living for amputees.

Not enough gets said about the importance of prosthetics and their innovations. Flexible artificial legs might not be one of the inventions that changed Boomers’ lives on a societal whole, but they are a huge development. Amputees can compete in athletic events or even navigate streets with able-bodied people with this important invention.

Synthetic Skin

Medicine doctor's writing on laptop in medical office.Focus stethoscope on foreground table in hostpital.Stethoscope is acoustic medical device for auscultation,listening internal sounds of human body
Synthetic skin is still in constant use in hospitals around the world.

Medical science is in constant evolution. The invention of synthetic skin is a profoundly important event. Previously, people suffering in burn wards could potentially rely on things like unreliable skin grafts from donors or other parts of the body. Synthetic skin changed things, allowing patients to stave off infection while the body could regrow skin.

The World Wide Web

Without the World Wide Web, you couldn’t even read this article.

You couldn’t escape a list of inventions that changed Boomers’ lives without at least a mention of this one. We touched on ethernet ports and cabling, but few things changed the world like the World Wide Web. Communicating with people across the country or world in a matter of moments was once a pipe dream, but has been a constant reality for nearly 40 years.

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