The 7 Best Reasons To Buy A Edge-Lit LED TV Today

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The 7 Best Reasons To Buy A Edge-Lit LED TV Today

Edge-lit LED TVs are quite popular in the market, boasting sleek designs, high-quality pictures, and an array of features. These televisions use LED lights around the screen’s edge to illuminate their picture for an eye-catching display. Advanced technologies, like HDR and 4K resolution, also improve picture quality. The result? Bright and vivid images.

Similarly, edge-lit LED TVs are thin and lightweight, making mounting easy on walls. Not only that. They save space and add a fashionable flair to home entertainment setups. If you are a movie buff, gamer, or looking for something new with television shows, the Edge-Lit LED TV is an excellent option.

History of Edge-Lit LED TVs

Edge-lit LED TVs are flat-screen televisions that use LED lighting technology to illuminate their display. The edge-lit moniker refers to how their LEDs are placed along the edges instead of the back entirely. This design results in thinner and lighter TVs that are easier to mount on walls or transport around.

Edge-lit LED TVs first emerged in the late 2000s when flat-screen TVs became widely used. Early models featured bulky CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent) backlighting that wasn’t particularly energy efficient. As LED technology advanced, manufacturers saw its potential in TVs. Edge-lit LED models offered an efficient, thinner, and lighter alternative that quickly gained consumer appeal.

Edge-lit LED TV technology continues to evolve. The latest models boast improved contrast and color accuracy thanks to local dimming. This allows the dimming of certain lights along the TV’s edges for enhanced contrast. As well as being energy efficient, these TVs have longer lifespans than their predecessors.

Reasons To Buy A Edge-Lit LED TV

Edge-lit LED TVs are a top pick for home entertainment. They offer vibrant picture quality with a slim design, energy efficiency, improved brightness contrast, and color accuracy. In addition to these, they provide seamless streaming and gaming. Below are compelling reasons to buy an edge-lit LED TV today.

Best Smart Functionality
SAMSUNG 32-inch Class LED
  • Full HD 1080p 2K resolution
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Quad-core processor
  • Two HDMI inputs
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11/25/2023 08:51 pm GMT

Slim and sleek design

An edge-lit LED TV’s slim and sophisticated design makes it the ideal addition to any living space. It takes up less room in smaller areas while adding modern flair and sophistication to home entertainment setups.

Edge-lit LED TVs are typically lightweight and easy to mount onto walls, freeing up precious floor space. Their thin bezels add to their sleek appearance, creating the impression the TV is floating above its wall mount.

Slim TV designs also provide an enhanced viewing experience, thanks to the reduced thickness. By taking up less room in your line of sight and minimizing distractions from other sources, you’re freed to focus on what matters – the content itself.

Edge-lit LED TVs boast lower profiles, making them easier to clean and maintain. Their thinner frames also reduce wear and tear. Because they have fewer parts, it’s unlikely they could break or malfunction soon. Their slim and sleek design also makes installation easy. The lightweight construction and reduced thickness allow you to move the TVs around and position them anywhere within your home.

Excellent image quality

Edge-lit LED TVs deliver outstanding image quality. Their technology enhances colors, brightness, and contrasts for an engaging viewing experience. LED lights lining the edges of the screen emit uniform illumination, creating a sharp and vivid image suitable for movies, sports, or video gaming. Furthermore, brightness levels adjust automatically according to room lighting so you can easily watch your favorite shows or movies in any environment.

Worth mentioning is that Edget-Lit has smooth motion during fast-paced scenes, reducing blur and making images seem smoother. Their technology also offers wide viewing angles. As a result, you can appreciate the picture from different parts of the room – which is especially handy when watching with others. Color reproduction is accurate, making distinguishing objects easier. Blacks are deep and rich for enhanced contrast between light and dark areas on the screen.

Edge-lit LED TVs are easier to mount and sleek, adding elegance and modernity to any room. Plus, its long lifespan makes this an investment for the future.

Energy efficiency

A TV’s energy efficiency should always be the cornerstone of your decision to buy an edge-lit LED TV. Energy-efficient televisions use less electricity, leading to significant savings on your electric bill over time. By selecting such an energy-saving TV, you’re also contributing towards creating a more sustainable world and helping reduce carbon footprints.

Edge-lit LED TVs employ energy-saving light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate their screens. So, they use less power while still producing a clear and vibrant image. Also, edge-lit LEDs are designed to automatically adapt their power consumption depending on the displayed content, further decreasing energy use.

Energy-efficient TVs also boast the benefit of producing less heat, which saves energy and makes for a more comfortable viewing experience as it means less sitting in front of a hot TV screen. Edge-lit LED TVs have also been designed to turn off automatically when not being watched, thereby decreasing standby power consumption.

Energy savings from using an edge-lit LED TV can quickly add up over time. In fact, studies show that those with energy-efficient televisions can save hundreds of dollars in electricity costs over time. By selecting an energy-efficient television model, you can watch all your favorite shows and movies while lessening your environmental footprint.

Wide viewing angles

Edge-Lit LED TVs have a Wide Viewing Angle, enabling you to enjoy high-quality pictures and color regardless of where you sit or stand in your room. Wide viewing angles are ideal for gaming and sports. You can follow all of the fast-paced action without losing track.

A wide viewing angle and edge-lit LED technology combine to provide uniform backlight across your entire screen. This results in consistent picture quality from any angle. You can enjoy watching TV without worrying that its picture quality might suffer.

This feature is especially beneficial in large living rooms or open-plan spaces with multiple viewers watching TV from different positions. With an adequate viewing angle, you can experience the same viewing experience without being restricted to one specific seat.

High contrast ratio

Another reason to buy a edge-lit TV? These TVs display deep blacks and vibrant whites and have better picture quality thanks to this aspect. Contrast ratio refers to the difference between the brightest whites and darkest blacks on the screen. A higher contrast ratio means more vivid and lifelike images with greater detail and clarity.

When watching movies and television shows, a high contrast ratio helps reveal details in dark scenes, making it easier to see what’s going on in dim conditions. In bright scenes, it helps maintain the clarity and detail of images by preventing washed-out or dull images from emerging.

High contrast ratios offer another distinct benefit of increased viewing experience: deeper blacks, bright whites, and vibrant colors create an immersive viewing experience, drawing you further into movies and television shows you love. This makes it easier to get lost in them all the way!

High contrast ratio also helps reduce eye strain and fatigue. Images will appear with greater detail and clarity, relieving your eyes from strain. You won’t have to look harder to see what’s happening on-screen.

Vibrant colors

Edge-lit LED TVs produce vibrant and accurate colors as they use light-emitting diodes at the edges of their displays. This system allows more precise control of how light is distributed, resulting in vibrant yet accurate shades onscreen.

As soon as you experience a wider color gamut, your scenes will become more immersive and realistic – whether watching movies, playing video games, or browsing the Internet! Colors will appear more vivid and accurate.

Edge-lit LED TVs deliver stunning color accuracy that allows you to experience all your favorite content as intended – be it nature documentaries, superhero movies or live sporting events – for an immersive viewing experience.

Edge-lit LED TVs also offer energy efficiency benefits that save you money on your energy bill while providing high-quality pictures. In addition, they’re more eco-friendly by helping reduce carbon emissions.

Reduced motion blur

Edge-lit LED TVs provide vibrant colors that come alive on screen. Utilizing light-emitting diodes around the edges to backlight their display allows more precise control over light distribution resulting in vibrant and accurate colors that pop off the screen.

Reds that are truly red, lush and lifelike greens, and vivid blues all contribute to creating more immersive and realistic scenes. Whether watching movies, playing video games, browsing the web, or even browsing social media, the colors will appear more vivid and accurate.

Edge-lit LED TVs deliver vivid, lifelike color reproduction so you can experience your content to its fullest. From nature documentaries and superhero flicks to live sporting events and concerts, the colors will come alive for an engaging viewing experience.

Alternatives to Edge-Lit LED TV

Are you searching for alternatives to Edge-Lit LED TVs? Several choices on the market to consider as alternatives to edge-lit LEDs. OLEDs may offer more vivid and realistic picture quality, while QLED TVs are a fantastic choice for brighter and more colorful displays. Here are a few alternatives you should keep in mind.


OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode TV) is a newer technology than Edge-Lit LED TVs. An OLED generates its own light source so each pixel can switch on and off independently to produce perfect black levels and infinite contrast with vivid and accurate color reproduction. On the other hand, Edge-Lit LED TVs use backlighting that illuminates all pixels, simultaneously creating less accurate black and contrast levels than an OLED. These TV are also more suitable for wall mounting thanks to their thinner and lighter construction, but not without fault.


QLED TV (Quantum Dot LED TV) is an alternative form of LED television. Instead of using edge-lit technology to produce light and color, QLED uses quantum dots as light emitters when charged electrically. This way, they are able to produce brighter, more vivid displays than standard LEDs.

Best Picture Quality
SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED Q60B Series (2022 Model)
  • Quantum Dot delivers 100% color volume
  • Content upgraded to 4K resolution
  • Natural, realistic colors
  • Expanded color and contrast range (via Quantum HDR)
  • Multiple voice assistants for easy control
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Compared to edge-lit LED models, QLED TVs boast better viewing angles and contrast. Their higher peak brightness makes them ideal for rooms with lots of natural light. QLEDs boast more consistent color reproduction, which is especially advantageous when viewing high dynamic range (HDR) content.

QLED TVs come in various sizes and are compatible with multiple devices, including gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and streaming devices. Furthermore, these smart TVs feature built-in voice assistants, allow remote control, and support various streaming services.

Full-Array LED TV

Full-Array LED and Edge-Lit LED are two technologies found in modern televisions. They make use of an array of LEDs placed behind the screen to illuminate it. This leads to more even brightness across the screen and deeper blacks. Conversely, Edge-Lit LED uses smaller sets of LEDs placed only around its edges that light up its picture. This results in thinner TVs but with limited control over brightness levels and poorer black levels.

This type of TV also allows for local dimming. Individual screen sections can be individually dimmed or brightened to increase the contrast ratio. This creates more vivid and lifelike images during dark scenes in movies or video games. Edge-Lit LED TV lacks this feature and often produces washed-out images with poor contrast ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Edge-Lit LED TV?

An Edge-Lit LED TV is a type of LED TV that uses edge lighting to illuminate the display, rather than backlighting. The LED lights are placed around the perimeter of the screen and shine inward, creating a bright and uniform image.

Why should I buy an Edge-Lit LED TV?

Edge-Lit LED TVs are slim, energy efficient, and provide improved image quality. They are also more affordable than other LED TVs, making them a great option for budget-conscious consumers.

How does Edge-Lit LED TV improve image quality?

Edge-lit LED TVs use advanced lighting technology to produce a brighter, more uniform image. This results in improved color accuracy, contrast, and overall picture quality compared to traditional LED TVs.

Is Edge-Lit LED TV energy efficient?

Yes, Edge-Lit LED TVs are energy efficient due to their use of edge lighting, which uses less power than backlighting. This makes Edge-Lit LED TVs a great option for those who want to save on energy costs.

How does Edge-Lit LED TV differ from other types of LED TVs?

Edge-lit LED TVs differ from other types of LED TVs in their use of edge lighting, which creates a brighter and more uniform image. Other types of LED TVs, such as backlit LED TVs, use different lighting technologies, resulting in different image quality and energy efficiency.

What is the price range for Edge-Lit LED TVs?

Edge-Lit LED TVs are more affordable than other types of LED TVs, and can be found for a range of prices, from budget-friendly options to high-end models. The exact price will depend on the size and features of the TV.

Can Edge-Lit LED TV be mounted on a wall?

Yes, Edge-Lit LED TVs can be mounted on a wall just like any other type of LED TV. Using the proper mounting hardware and following the manufacturer’s instructions is important to ensure a secure and stable installation.

What are the maintenance requirements for an Edge-Lit LED TV?

Edge-Lit LED TVs require minimal maintenance, and following the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and caring for the TV is important. In general, it is recommended to clean the screen regularly with a soft, dry cloth and avoid exposing the TV to excessive heat or moisture.

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