5 Steps to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

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5 Steps to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Key Points:
  • People might unfollow you on a social media account because: they aren’t involved with your life anymore; they don’t like seeing you happy or content; they have some issue with you.
  • An unfollow app essentially places all of your current followers on a list, and when you run a check sometime in the future, it will check your current followers against your old list.
  • A couple of apps to track “unfollowers” are the FollowMeter or Followers & Unfollowers App.

Look, we know it isn’t the healthiest thing in the world to be constantly tracking who’s unfollowing you, but it does give a bit of a dopamine rush!

It may not the best practice, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, if you want to see who is unfollowing you on Instagram, check out this quick guide that works for both iOS and Android phones alike. Do with this information what you will!

What Does it Mean to be “Unfollowed” on Instagram?

Your Instagram account has two metrics that most people are aware of: people you follow and people who follow you.

People you follow shop up in your feed and their recent stories show up along the top screen of your home page. For anyone that follows you, your recent posts and stories show up on their feed and story section. Pretty simple. It’s essentially a “friends list” like Facebook has, only it has the option to be one-sided (someone can follow you without you following them back and vice versa).

Your follower count can fluctuate. If people follow you, it grows. If they unfollow you, the opposite happens. People unfollow for lots of reasons, but some common ones include:

  • They aren’t involved with your life anymore
  • They don’t like seeing you happy
  • They don’t like your content
  • They have some sort of issue with you

…and many, many other reasons that could be thought up. Ultimately, people will do what they wish for a variety of reasons. Of course, we’re not judging—it happens to all of us!

If you have more than 100 followers, manually tracking the people who follow you and those that unfollowed would be a full-time job. Thankfully, there are apps for that. So, let’s get started.

How Do Unfollow Apps Work?

An unfollow app essentially places all of your current followers on a list, and when you run a check sometime in the future, it will check your current followers against your old list.

If there are any discrepancies, it will then tell you the account that doesn’t seem to be following you anymore. Viola.

It’s pretty easy to set up, although the exact steps will vary a bit depending on the app you decide to use.

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It’s possible to check who has unfollowed you on Instagram with the help of an unfollower app and these simple 5 steps.

5 Steps To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

These are the general steps to follow when using an “unfollow app” to see who’s unfollowed you.

1. Download the FollowMeter or Followers & Unfollowers App

The first thing you need to do is download an app that can track your followers.

Apple has made this a bit more difficult for iOS users recently since they cracked down on their APIs (app code), but there are reportedly still some apps out there that work.

FollowMeter seems to be up and running and can be found on the iOS app store. Android users can use the Followers & Unfollowers app, which you can also easily download. Regardless of which app you choose, the steps to set it up are pretty similar.

Once you choose, go ahead and download the app by clicking install in either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Here are the links to the apps mentioned above:

2. Login/Set Up Your Account

Once you have the app downloaded, simply login to the app with your Instagram credentials. This will give the app access to your Instagram app so they can pull a list of your current follower accounts.

To be clear, there is ALWAYS risk with giving a third-party app your Instagram credentials. Beware of scams and understand that hacks, although rare, can happen.

Instagram follower notification

Instragram followers notification.

3. Check for Unfollowers

This step is strictly necessary, but we like to go ahead and click the button that says “check for unfollowers” in the app. They may have already pulled the running list of unfollowers, but we like to make sure by running a check.

If you have just downloaded the app, you shouldn’t have any unfollowers yet. The app can only pull your current followers, not ones from the past. If you are trying to see if someone unfollowed you for longer than the app has had the current follower list, it won’t work.

4. Wait

You need to wait for a little bit. You can’t check backward to see if anyone unfollowed you, since you just gave the app access to your current follower list. If you were unfollowed before you downloaded an unfollow app, it is impossible to check and see who unfollowed you.

5. Check Again for Unfollowers

Whenever you want to check for unfollowers, simply open up the app, and it should display it!

Certain apps allow you to manually run a check and don’t continuously run in the background (which we prefer), but other apps can run in the background and actually send you notifications if someone has unfollowed you. Is that good for your mental health? Not necessarily.

You should now be set to see everyone who unfollows you in the future. Happy grudge-holding (if you so wish)!

Check out this insightful video that guides you through the process of finding out who unfollowed you on Instagram. Learn how to stay updated on your follower list changes and maintain your social circle effortlessly. Watch the video now to stay connected!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram?

Yes, you can see if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram, provided you already have an unfollower app checker.

Can you retroactively see if someone has unfollowed you?

No, you can only see who has unfollowed you once you have a running list of followers. If you don’t already have an unfollow app downloaded, you can’t see if someone unfollowed you before the time you downloaded it.

How can you see if someone has unfollowed you?

In order to keep a running tally of who has unfollowed you, simply download an unfollow app and sign in with your Instagram credentials.

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