5 Reasons To Buy an Amazon Basics 24-Inch Monitor

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5 Reasons To Buy an Amazon Basics 24-Inch Monitor

Buying a computer monitor can be an overwhelming experience. You have to explore various monitors with different features. As consumers, we want the best monitor at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a good-sized monitor that won’t hurt your finances, consider the Amazon Basics 24-inch Monitor. It has a vivid display and is versatile. Check out the top five reasons to buy an Amazon Basics 24-inch monitor in 2023. 

Amazon Basics 24-Inch Monitor Key Facts

  • Amazon Basic 24 has a resolution of 1920×1080 and a refresh rate of 75Hz.
  • The monitor was initially released on November 28, 2021. 
  • Amazon offers a 30-day warranty with purchase. 
  • The monitor has the following ports: 1 VGA, 1 Audio 3.5 jack, 1 HDMI, and 1 DP. 
  • An Amazon Basics 24-inch monitor package includes a stand, a power cord, and an HDMI cable. 

Why Buy An Amazon Basics 24-Inch Monitor?

The Amazon Basics 24-inch monitor is a lot like other Amazon Basics products, meaning it is a good quality product with an affordable price tag. Let’s explore the features and the top reasons to buy the monitor today. 

1. Great Resolution and Display

One of the main features people look at when buying a monitor is the device’s resolution and display. The Amazon Basics monitor boasts an HD 1920×1080 resolution, which makes it perfect for work and entertainment. You can use this monitor for everything from taking calls to watching webinars. This monitor can play stream movies and TV shows and play some video games

In addition to the remarkable resolution, the Amazon Basics refresh rate is also good at 75Hz. Combine the refresh rate with the 1080 resolution, and you’ll get a monitor with enough pixels for most uses. 

Amazon Basics 24 Inch Monitor (Black)
  • Full HD display (1920x1080)
  • IPS technology delivers rich colors
  • Built-in speakers
  • Perfect for meetings, webinars, entertainment
  • Energy-efficient model (Energy Star certified)
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2. Perfect Size

When it comes to monitor size, the 24-inch is pretty much perfect. We say the size is ideal because anything smaller and you may not be able to see text and video clearly. However, anything larger and you risk compromising indoor space. It’s fairly easy to set up your Basics monitor using the included stand.

3. Terrific Price 

If you’re familiar with other Amazon Basics products, you may already know and appreciate how the brand offers quality products. They don’t cost nearly as much as other top-of-the-line brands. From monitors to bed sheets, Amazon Basics is a great way to get high-quality items for a good price.

4. Convenient Built-in USB Hub

Amazon Basics 24-inch monitor has a built-in USB hub with four ports. Thanks to the USB hub, you can kiss annoying cable and cord management goodbye. A USB hub works similarly to a power strip in that you can plug in speakers and ethernet. Including a USB hub on their monitor, Amazon has made it easy to keep otherwise unruly cords neat and organized.

5. Top-Notch Energy Savings

If going green is your thing, you’ll feel good about the Amazon Basics 24-inch monitor. The monitor is ENERGY STAR reduces energy consumption to save energy and money while also helping to protect the environment. The energy savings is due to the certified appliances generating fewer greenhouse emissions than other products that don’t meet the rigid EPA standards.

Wrapping Up

Amazon Basics 24-inch monitor is an affordable device with some pretty good features. The Basics 24-inch features a brilliant display and impressive 1920×1080 resolution, making it a perfect pick for remote work, zoom meetings, and video streaming or entertainment. The monitor comes ready to set up, with an included monitor stand, a power cord, and an HDMI cable. In addition to a luminous display and reasonable refresh rate, the monitor also features a built-in USB hub. The Basics 24-inch monitor is also power-efficient and is ENERGY STAR certified.   

The five main reasons to buy an Amazon Basics 24-inch monitor in 2023:       

Great Resolution and DisplayHD monitor with 1920×1080 resolution
Perfect Size24 inches, 6.97 pounds
Terrific Price100.42 USD MSRP
Convenient Built-in USB HubIncludes audio in/out and HDMI
Top Notch Energy SavingsENERGY STAR certified

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 24 inch monitor good for gaming?

Most smaller size monitors, such as the 24-inch, have a 1080p resolution. This resolution, combined with a high enough refresh rate makes the size excellent for gaming.

What size monitor is best for office work?

Most people like a 24-27 inch monitor for working in an office. Resolution is important as well, so look for a resolution of 1920×1080 or higher.

How far should you sit from a 24-inch monitor?

It’s a good idea to position your monitor about an arm’s length from your eyes. Also, remember that your monitor should sit at or just below eye level so that you’re looking down when viewing the middle of the screen.

What should I look for in a monitor?

Most people consider the following features when looking for a monitor:
The price
The resolution
The refresh rate
The size

What size monitor is most popular?

Most monitors for computers range from 19 to 34 inches. The average consumer tends to buy screens that are 22 to 24 inches.

Are you supposed to look up or down at monitor?

Your eyes should look slightly downward while looking at your monitor for the best ergonomic setup.

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