5 Reasons To Buy A Logitech G29 Today

logitech g29 gaming wheel

5 Reasons To Buy A Logitech G29 Today

The Logitech G29 is a popular racing wheel on the market. With an exceptional range of motion and force feedback, this wheel is perfect for PlayStation racing. Speaking of PlayStations, you can use the G29 with the new PS5 console, along with older ones like the PS3 and PS4.

Best of all, you’re not limited to PlayStation games. G29 also works with PCs. There are so many great things about the Logitech G29, but we’ve narrowed it down to a list of five reasons that you should consider buying one. Whether you’ve had racing wheels in the past or this is your first, there is certainly a lot to like.

logitech g29
The Logitech G29 is a great starter wheel at an affordable price.


1. Excellent Wheel for Beginners

To start our list, the Logitech G29 may be the best wheel for beginners because it packs in so many great features. Lower-end steering wheels feel notoriously cheap and have a limited range of movements. But the G29 provides 900 degrees of wheel rotation, providing a similar experience to what you would get in a real car.

But what puts the G29 in close competition with more expensive wheels is its force feedback. This added feature connects a motor to the steering wheel, which pushes back against you when racing. Although the force feedback in the G29 isn’t nearly as powerful as it is in higher-end racing wheels, it still provides a great introduction for new racers.

Logitech bundles the steering wheel with a set of racing pedals, which are pretty good. They work well on carpet and hard flooring and have little problems with slipping. But what makes the pedals really stand out is that there is also a clutch pedal that works in conjunction with the paddle shifters on the wheel.

Great for Beginners
Logitech G29 Gaming Racing Wheel
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as PC gaming titles
  • Force feedback simulates a real driving experience, letting you feel the tires and the terrain
  • Adjustable floor pedals including throttle, pressure-sensitive brake, and clutch
  • Wheel has 900-degree rotation like an F1 racing car
  • Hand-stitched leather cover
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2. Works with PlayStation and PC

The second reason to consider the Logitech G29 is that it’s compatible with PlayStation consoles and PC. The dual compatibility makes it a great choice for avid PlayStation or PC gamers looking for another wheel. A single USB connection makes moving switching between a console and computers a breeze.

The wheel itself is specifically designed for PlayStation consoles. On the front, it has all the buttons found on the PlayStation’s controller. Having these buttons means you can control all the in-game functions without picking up a DualShock controller. Even the steering wheel’s center cap has the PlayStation logo emblazoned on it.

G29 is compatible with a large number of PlayStation consoles spanning several generations. More specifically, the G29 works with the PlayStation 3, 4, and 5. Xbox owners are noticeably left out when it comes to the G29. Luckily, Logitech has another fantastic option, the G920. It’s a close copy of the G29 and is designed for Xbox consoles and PC.

3. An Affordable Racing Wheel

Racing wheels are large and expensive accessories that are hard for many gamers to justify. Not only do you need room to store the wheel and pedals, but you also need a few hundred bucks, which you could otherwise use for new games. Then comes the other problem of having to drag the bulky racing wheel out whenever you want to play.

While the G29 is bulky, it is quite affordable for gamers who want to enhance their racing games. The G29 regularly sells for $299 but sometimes goes on sale even cheaper. The G920 is also the same price at $299. In the bundle, you get the racing wheel and pedals, along with the necessary USB cable and power cord.

In comparison, other racing wheels with force feedback can easily cost hundreds of dollars more. Of course, some of these wheels use better technology. However, they can’t compete with the value of the G29. You can also find cheaper wheels, but they won’t deliver a comparable experience. Low-cost options are best described as kid’s toys due to their dismal performance.

4. The Logitech G29 Has Add-ons

When you first think about racing wheels, you probably picture the steering wheel and pedals. However, a full racing setup entails a lot more. The good news is that you can start with the G29 and expand or add on other extras and accessories. Then, you can always upgrade the wheel and pedal later if you feel the need.

The first accessory you need to get is the Logitech Shifter. It usually costs $60 and offers a much more realistic experience when racing cars with manual transmissions. Alternatively, you can use the paddle shifters on the wheel to shift between gears. Logitech’s shifter certainly isn’t the best on the market, but it plugs right into the wheel and works without any hiccups.

While not a Logitech accessory, the next must-have is a racing wheel stand. Tons o different options exist, and most have a spot to mount the wheel, pedals, and shifter. Some configurations even come with a racing seat. Having a stand to hold your racing wheel is extremely convenient as it makes the entire setup easy to use. On the downside, folding stands take up a lot of space.

Logitech recently released some new racing accessories, including a Pro line. If you feel like the G29 pedals aren’t good enough, you can upgrade to the new Pro Racing Pedals, which work with the G29 wheel. Similarly, they’ve also released a Pro Racing Wheel that offers enhanced force feedback for a more realistic driving experience.

5. The Logitech G29 Works Great With PSVR

Another reason to get Logitech G29? It pairs up great with the PlayStation VR. Both racing wheels and VR headsets work great on their own, but combining the two delivers one of the best racing experiences. Best of all, the G29 works with the PS5, so you can play with the new PSVR 2. Gran Turismo 7 PS5 has gotten rave reviews lately for its compatibility with the PSVR 2 and racing wheels.

Additionally, you can still use the G29 with the older PSVR headset on both the PS4 and PS5 consoles. The biggest drawback to racing with a VR headset and a wheel is that it quickly turns into a mess of wires. But you can fix that pretty easily with some cable management if you have the space. Don’t forget, you can also use the G29 with a PC, so it will also work with PC VR racing games too.

Keep in mind that if you do plan to use the G29 for racing with a VR headset, you probably won’t be able to play for long periods of time. VR headsets get uncomfortable, and some players experience dizziness and motion sickness. Combining VR and a racing wheel is great for realism, just don’t plan to play for hours on end.

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5 Reasons To Buy A Logitech G29 Today FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are Logitech wheels well-built?

Yes, Logitech wheels like the G29 feel very solid, unlike cheaper wheels that feel more like toys.

Can you use the G29 with an Xbox?

No, the G29 will not work if you plug it into an Xbox. However, you can use the Ras1ution adapter to use a G29 wheel on an Xbox, or a G920 on a PlayStation.

Does Logitech have a racing wheel for the Switch?

No, Logitech does not have a Switch racing wheel, but Hori does. Similarly, you can use the G29 or G920 on the Switch with the Ras1ution adapter.

Can you disable force feedback?

Yes, you can disable force feedback on the G29 by unplugging the power cord.

Do all PlayStation racing games work with the G29?

No, most PlayStation games work without a problem, while others may require re-mapping the controls. But some games just won’t work correctly with a wheel, so you should research each game you plan to use.

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