5 Reasons to Buy a Gaming Desk Today (and Which Are Best)

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5 Reasons to Buy a Gaming Desk Today (and Which Are Best)

Key Points

  • Gaming desks are designed to be more functional and comfortable for lengthy gaming sessions, often larger than regular office desks to accommodate multiple monitors and accessories.
  • Gaming desks can support more weight, making them ideal for heavy gaming desktops, multiple monitors, and other gaming accessories.
  • Extra features, such as built-in hooks for gaming headsets, cable management systems, and adjustable heights, make gaming desks more versatile and user-friendly.
  • Gaming desks often have a more stylish design with options like built-in RGB lighting and various color choices to match the aesthetics of your gaming room.
  • Some popular gaming desk options include the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk, Eureka Music Sensing Glass Gaming Desk, Homall Gaming Desk, and Eureka Standing Desk.

When it comes to desktop gaming, there is often a belief that any kind of desk will do. So long as a desk can support a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and a few other accessories, it will be good enough. The reality is that gaming desks are often crafted specifically to allow for a better gaming experience, across a myriad of reasons. 

More often than not, these desks are designed to be more functional than regular office desks so you are more comfortable as you play lengthy gaming sessions. While it may come as a surprise to some, gaming can be a demanding activity, much more so than many people likely realize. Given that, being comfortable with your desk is something that does make a big difference over time. 

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should buy a gaming desk today

What is a Gaming Desk? 

There is no big secret as to what a gaming desk is other than to say it’s a desk designed with serious gaming in mind. For the most part, a gaming desk is likely to be larger than a regular-sized office desk in order to accommodate multiple monitors, speakers, keyboards, and more. You will also want to make sure you have room for snacks and a safe place to put a drink where they don’t offer any risk to your gaming hardware.

Because of their extra features, a gaming desk may potentially cost more than a regular desk, but the higher price tag is well worth the cost if you are planning on sticking with your gaming needs over time. 

The 6 Reasons to Buy a Gaming Desk Today

Available Space

When it comes to available space, this is an easy reason to look at a gaming desk as they are often larger so they have more surface area with which to position your gaming accessories. Whether you are a serious gamer or someone just starting out, you want plenty of room for whatever your gaming setup could turn into over time. This could mean placing multiple monitors as well as a mechanical keyboard if you are using a gaming desktop. Don’t forget to leave room for speakers for an even better sound. 

As home office desks are often under 50 inches to allow for available space, you will need more room for gaming purposes. This likely means going 60 inches or more with a gaming desk, which is a good size to make sure everything is still within arm’s reach without being too wide. At this size, you can be certain of room to grow into whether it’s adding another monitor down the road, or a larger set of computer speakers.

Gaming desks can go even bigger as seeing sizes upward of 72 inches is not too uncommon, which can be great for anyone who wants to go with a triple monitor setup. 

Load Bearing

Another huge benefit to going with a gaming desk is how much weight it can support. Traditional office desks are not designed to carry more than a computer, a monitor (or two), plus some extra accessories. On the other hand, a gaming desk is designed to carry more weight due to how much a gaming desktop, plus multiple monitors, and other gaming accessories can weigh. For example, the weight capacity of a standard 42-inch desk might be no more than 100 pounds, while a gaming desktop is likely to exceed 175 pounds or higher. 

While these numbers might sound like overkill for any type of desk, over time you want to make sure you have the available weight capacity to add more gaming hardware over time. The last thing you want is a desk crashing to the floor and destroying all of your expensive gaming equipment because you misjudged how much weight the desk could support. 

One extra consideration here is that when you factor in the idea of a desk being able to carry more weight, you can almost be certain this same desk will be of higher quality as well. 

Extra Features

One of the areas where gaming desks really help set themselves apart from regular desks is with extra features. These features can run the gambit as to what they are, but the focus is usually on having a built-in hook for a gaming headset plus a cable management system. As any gamer knows, cable management can be one of the biggest headaches no matter how large or small your desk is. 

The moment you start adding cables for multiple monitors, speakers, keyboards, and a wired gaming mouse, cables start popping up everywhere. The good news is that gaming desks and their manufacturers know this already, so they create desks with cable management in mind. 

To account for this, gaming desktop manufacturers add trays, netting, and other functionary methods underneath a desk to help hide cables from view. On top of cables, desks made for gaming are also mindful of incorporating keyboard trays, cupholders, and some desks even come complete with built-in monitor arms. These are small but meaningful benefits that can make a big difference over time not just in desktop organization, but also in saving you from buying additional accessories.  

General view home workplace of gamer with computer and gamepad.
A gaming desk offers enough space for a monitor, speakers, keyboard, and more.

Height Adjustable

Standing desks have been having a moment over the last few years and for good reason. There are many science-based reasons why a standing desk is better for overall posture. The challenge is that many office desks tend to be far more expensive when you factor in being height adjustable. To help solve this, many non-gamers are turning to gaming desks, which tend to be as well-built, if not better built, than many non-gaming desks, while still offering height adjustment. 

Whether it’s for gaming or not, sitting at a desk for hours can lead to health issues, including muscle strain, neck pack, weight gain, poor circulation, and more. The good news is that many of these health issues can be mitigated with a standing desk solution. 

There is also one final consideration about using a seated desk for gaming. When you do so, it’s unconsciously easier to lose track of time. For one reason or another, you will be much more mindful with time as you stand, and this is good news so you do not waste your day behind a monitor. 


When it comes to choosing a desk, style might not always be top of mind, but it’s still an important consideration. As you look at a desk for an office, there is a good chance it’s going to be a decision between different shades of Earth tones and feels fairly plain. The same cannot be said for gaming desks, which can often emphasize style and can include fun components like built-in RGB lighting. More importantly, gaming desks are likely to be found in different colors like white or black that might better match the aesthetics of your gaming room. 

Even glass desks in the gaming space can do some pretty incredible things with style no matter if they are one of the least likely surface materials to be used for a gaming desk. Style might be an afterthought for many when it comes to regular home office work, but for gamers, style, and aesthetics can make all the difference. 

The Best Gaming Desks You Can Buy Today

Now that you know all of the reasons why you should buy a gaming desk, it’s important to know which gaming desks you should look at first. 

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Best Overall Choice
Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk
  • Available in five different colors
  • Enough space for three large monitors
  • Includes custom mouse pad that is water-resistant
  • Adjustable feet help stabilize desk in any room
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/23/2024 07:06 pm GMT

A mainstay in the gaming desk arena, the Arozzi Arena is purpose-filled for gamers without any unnecessary fluff.

Available in five different colors, you can easily personalize the Arrozi to help match the aesthetics of your gaming setup. With 63 x 32 inches with which to work, you have plenty of space for a gaming desktop, three monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse.  

Speaking of a mouse, one of the biggest highlights of the Arozzi Arena is that the entire surface of the desk is covered by a custom mouse pad. Not only is this custom mouse pad water-resistant but the microfiber cloth surface can be easily cleaned in the event of spills or crumbs. When you look underneath the desktop, you will find three separate cutouts that all lead to a mesh basket where you can store all of your cables for easy cable management. 

Eureka Music Sensing Glass Gaming Desk

Best RGB Lighting
Eureka Music Sensing Gaming Desk
  • Music sensing RGB lighting provides a full spectacle as desk, lights, and music all sync
  • 60 x 30 x 40 inches in size across two desktops
  • 6mm thick tempered glass desktop that is waterproof and heat-resistant
  • Five year warranty
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/23/2024 07:11 pm GMT

It’s not often that a glass desk can be recommended for gaming, but this Eureka Music Sensing option defies the norm.

Where this desk really stands out is its lighting effects that sync with your music of choice. There are 27 different music modes built-in that all sync with the included RGB lighting setup with everything being controlled directly from the available Android or iOS app. 

The desktop itself is 6mm thick for extra stability as well as being able to handle hundreds of pounds of weight. Best of all, this is a corner desk so you have not one, but two connected desks that combine for a total measurement of 60 x 40 x 30 inches. All of this space offers plenty of room for extra amenities like a rotating cup holder, dual headset hooks, and a power strip holder. There are even included cable tables that can hide underneath the desk itself for superb cable organization. 

Homall Gaming Desk

Homall Gaming Desk
  • Designed for all game players with carbon texture desktop
  • Headphone hook and cup holders included
  • Sturdy Z-shaped base for extra stability
  • Scratch resistant
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/23/2024 07:10 pm GMT

When you need a budget gaming desk that can handle everything you can think of and more, the Homall 63-inch gaming desk is perfectly priced at under $100.

The 63 inches of surface space is more than enough for a dual monitor setup along with a mechanical keyboard, mouse, and gaming desktop. The carbon fiber surface is textured to the touch while being smooth, sturdy, and scratch resistant as well as being water and sweat-proof. 

As is the case with most good gaming desks, you’ll find a dedicated headphone hook and cup holder included plus a cord collector underneath the desk to keep cables away. Adjustable feet ensure you can keep the desk level at all times, and if you need them, cable holes are built into the desktop itself so you can run any additional cables through the desk itself and immediately look to hide them underneath.  

Eureka Standing Desk

Standing Desk
Eureka Height Adjustable Gaming Desk
  • 65 x 29-inch gaming desktop provides plenty of surface area
  • Adjustable height from 29.92 to 48.43 inches
  • Ultra-quiet dual-motor lift system
  • 1.5-inch thick commercial-grade steel legs for extra stability
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/23/2024 07:10 pm GMT

Finding a solid standing desk among the sea of standing desks is not easy, but you can stop your search as soon as you discover the Eureka 65-inch height adjustable standing desk.

Measuring 65 x 27 x 39 inches in size gives you enough space to add up to three monitors, two headset hooks, and an adjustable cup holder. As an added bonus, the Eureka also comes with controllable RGB lighting, which makes it even more attractive as a gaming desk option. 

As a standing desk, the Eureka can adjust from 29.92 up to 48.43 inches in height to accommodate all of your preferred sitting or standing positions. With four available memory presets you can quickly return back to your favorite heights, which takes less than 60 seconds to do so courtesy of the ultra-quiet motor. As one final bonus for the Eureka standing desk, it includes 1.5-inch thick commercial-grade steel legs that add plenty of stability, giving you comfort this desk will last long into the future. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to gaming desks, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose it over a regular desk. From style, cable management, and load bearing, a gaming desk is the best way to go if you are serious about making gaming at a desk a big future of your entertainment future. As gaming desks are not too far off the price of regular home office desks, there is little reason not to take advantage of these five reasons to buy a gaming desk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason to buy a gaming desk today?

Right now, the biggest advantage of a gaming desk is the extra features that are available, including cord management, a cup holder, a clip for headphones, and lots of available space. 

Are gaming desks more expensive than a non-gaming desk?

In the grand scheme, prices between a gaming and non-gaming desk will be relatively close even as there are budget-friendly and premium options for both. 

What is the best gaming desk you can buy today?

For most people, the Arozzi Arena is the perfect combination of price, features, and gaming desktop advantages without a huge price tag. 

Should you consider a gaming desk if you don’t use a gaming computer?

You can absolutely purchase a gaming desk to take advantage of some of the benefits like a cup holder or cable management that non-gaming desks may not offer. 

How important is a standing desk for gaming?

There are absolute health benefits to a standing desk that should not be ignored, especially if you plan to sit (or stand) at a desk all day. 

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