5 Reasons to Avoid Meta’s Threads at All Costs

reasons why threads is better than twitter

5 Reasons to Avoid Meta’s Threads at All Costs

Key Points

  • Meta launched Threads as its new social media site to compete with Twitter, but there are several reasons to avoid it.
  • One major drawback is that connecting Threads to your Instagram account means you can’t delete Threads without deleting your Instagram account as well.
  • Meta’s strict community guidelines and potential privacy issues are also reasons to be cautious about joining Threads.

You’ve probably heard about Meta’s new social media site, Threads. But is it worth signing up? While we love having social media options, we, too, had to debate whether Threads was worth a few hundred megabytes of storage on our phones.

If you’re curious about Meta’s newest addition to the online community, we’ll tell you all about it. How it started, what it is, and whether or not you should avoid it all costs.

Unfortunately, Meta did miss a few things with its new platform. So, don’t make an official decision until you’ve read through the following sections.

Some Background on Meta’s Threads

Before we can better understand the things to avoid about Threads, let’s first cover why it exists in the first place. Meta is a multinational corporation that owns Facebook, Instagram, and a few other extremely successful websites/ apps. After months of anticipation, Meta finally launched Threads on July 5, 2023. So, it’s still really fresh.

Similar to most tech, we’d expect the site to have a few bugs, limited user engagement, and lack some features. But those are things that typically get worked out within a month or two. However, what we must examine is whether Threads is worth downloading in the long term.

Threads is Meta’s solution to competing with Twitter. Although it isn’t the same, it does have the same concept. Users get to partake in online conversations, post in threads, and have conversations about interesting topics.

Perhaps you’re looking for an alternative to Twitter, or you want to try the latest addition to social media but you aren’t quite sure if it’s worth it. We can break down the top reasons to avoid Meta’s Threads. Because, of course, there are a few reasons why you should avoid it!

Reasons to Avoid Meta’s Threads

So, how did Meta do with Threads? Well, it’s nice to have options. Unfortunately, there are some serious downsides to joining your friends on Threads.

These aren’t simple glitches or things the company will likely fix soon. Instead, these reasons might actually be a deal-breaker for you. In any case, let’s dive in!

#1: It Deletes Your Instagram Account

Reasons Threads Is Better Than Twitter
Threads’ privacy policy states that your Threads profile can only be deleted if you delete your Instagram account.

The absolute, hands down, number one reason your peers are avoiding Meta’s Threadsis that you must connect Threads to your Instagram account. Instagram will be your login and your two accounts will be entwined.

While this seems like a great idea because it makes everything easier, there’s a serious drawback: if you want to delete your Threads account, your Instagram account has to go with it.

Yes, you read that right. Once you’ve signed up for Threads, you can’t delete it without nuking your Instagram account, too. For some, this might not be a deal-breaker.

If permanently having a Threads account doesn’t bother you, or you don’t care about your Instagram account, go ahead. But those who simply want to test the site out may want to refrain from signing up. If you don’t like it, you’re pretty much stuck with it forever.

#2: Strict Community Guidelines

Meta’s strict community guidelines easily take second place on our list for a few reasons. Some of our readers may enjoy the peace and serenity that Threads is trying to create, so this might not be a downside for everyone.

However, our concern is that community guideline suspensions could also result in a user losing their Instagram account, even if you didn’t know it was a violation in the first place.

Meta has become stricter about its guidelines over the past few years, and there’s no telling what the company may consider a breach of the Terms of Use agreement in the next few years.

It’s for this reason that a lot of our readers will want to avoid Meta’s Threads. If you do sign up, be sure to read through Meta’s Community Guidelines so you don’t catch an accidental or misunderstood ban and lose your Instagram account, too.

#3: Privacy Issues

In 2023, Meta was issued a $1.3 billion fine by the E.U. for continuing to transfer personal data from Europe to the U.S. after invalidating the Privacy Shield agreement


Earning the third spot on our list are privacy issues. Meta doesn’t exactly have a pristine record of protecting user data and privacy.

The company has a history of data breaches and lawsuits, and while the company does take steps to minimize these risks, we’re still uncertain about future incidents. For example, there was a massive breach in 2018 and 2019 that wasn’t discovered until 2021!

Our readers who have Facebook and Instagram may not have a problem with Threads’ privacy issues, because they’re already subject to them (seeing as how Meta is one big company).

But if you’re thinking about signing up for Instagram just so you can have Threads, privacy will be more of a deciding factor for you.

Data breaches aside, Meta does keep logs of your online activities, friends, messages, and more. Some users don’t feel comfortable with large corporations having access to that information.

While Meta maintains that your data is safe and the company doesn’t sell it, forking over your birthday, phone number, location, and even browsing history to chat with a few friends is yet another solid reason to avoid Meta’s Threads.

#4: Limited Pool of Threads Users

This one is probably a bit hit or miss for our darling readers, but it’s still worth mentioning. There are many users who will avoid Threads for the reasons above.

So, you may not find the same engagement as on some of the other social media platforms. But that isn’t the only thing that’s limiting people from joining and interacting on Meta’s Threads. After a few massive lawsuits and the Cambridge Analytica scandal a few years ago, the European Union isn’t too keen on Meta companies.

Also, considering the possibility of new legislation in the European Union (the Digital Markets Act), Meta may not allow certain countries to join Threads. Therefore, some of your favorite creators from Europe may not be on the platform at all.

#5: The Algorithm and Ads

Those of us who remember Facebook circa 2011 will tell you all about the good old days. When Facebook was ad-free and all you saw was your friends’ content. Unfortunately, the early days of Threads won’t be like that.

Meta discovered how lucrative advertising is, and will fill your feed with advertisements from various companies. Though, this part doesn’t have to be a drawback. The company does a pretty decent job of pushing products that you might actually need.

But the algorithm is another reason why Threads might not be for you. You won’t see posts on your feed in chronological order, and you won’t see only posts from those you follow.

Much like Twitter’s concept, Threads is designed to help you build your online community and bring people together. So, you will see posts from people you don’t know.

Alternatives to Meta’s Threads

If Meta’s Threads isn’t for you, but you like the idea of it, there are some alternative platforms you may enjoy. Let’s take a look and some of the other Threads-like social media sites out there today.


how to unblock someone on twitter
In July 2023, Twitter changed its official handle to @X as part of the company’s rebranding strategy.

Naturally, Twitter is the most Twitter-like platform out there today. With millions of active daily logins and users all over the world, it’s a massively popular platform. However, like Threads, users must abide by community guidelines, and you may have some user privacy issues.


If you left Twitter and you’re looking for an alternative, BlueSky may be right for you. This new social media platform is similar to Twitter and Threads, but especially Twitter.

If you sign up and see some similarities, it’s because BlueSky is a Jack Dorsey creation (the former CEO of Twitter). However, similarly to Threads, it’s still a growing platform and you may not find some of your favorite creators on the platform yet.


Mastodon vs Twitter
Mastodon is an open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services.

Mastodon is another social media site with mini-blogging features like Meta’s Threads. Mastodon is an open-source platform with a heavy focus on user privacy and decentralization.

The social media platform is run by servers rather than people and seems to be a pretty neat place to build an online community.

Truth Social

We get it, this one is a bit controversial, but we strive to give all of our readers all the solutions and options available to them. Created by Trump Media & Technology Group, Truth Social is a controversial platform that may not be for everyone.

However, it also has a similar concept to Threads and the others mentioned above. Although, it seems to have more relaxed community guidelines than other platforms — so, beware.

Avoiding Meta’s Threads: Wrap Up

Sometimes, new platforms hit the market and take off. People love logging into social media, as well as catching up with friends and the news. Threads is Meta’s alternative to Twitter, with a similar interface and usability.

However, it does come with some pretty severe drawbacks that are worth considering before signing up. Before diving into Threads, consider our list above and try a few other sites first. Then, you can be confident you’ve made the right choice for you!

Summary Table

Reason NumberReason to Avoid Meta’s Threads
#1It Deletes Your Instagram Account
#2Strict Community Guidelines
#3Privacy Issues
#4Limited Pool of Threads Users
#5The Algorithm and Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Threads?

Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company, owns Threads, along with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Is Meta Threads free?

Yes. At the time of writing, Threads is free, just like Instagram. While Twitter gives bonus features to those who subscribe to Twitter Blue, all Threads features are available to all users without subscription fees.

Will I see ads on Threads?

Yes! Similarly to Facebook and Instagram, Threads does have paid advertising.

Is Meta's Threads good for business owners?

Excluding the reasons above (which apply to all account types), yes. Threads offers business accounts to those who’d like to advertise on the platform. If you want to push your products and services to more people, Threads is another outlet that allows you to do that.

Is Threads available on iOS and Android?

Yes, both Android and iOS users can download the Threads app.

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