5 Printers With Eye Popping Ink Cartridge Prices

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5 Printers With Eye Popping Ink Cartridge Prices

Are you ready for some printers with eye-popping ink cartridge prices? Printers are a picky subject, especially when you start factoring in things like cost per page. The five printers we’ve chosen today go above and beyond what might seem like ordinary pricing.

HP DeskJet 4122e

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HP is a respected name for computers, not so much for printers.

The DeskJet 4122e is first up on our list of printers. With a glacially slow print speed of 8.5 pages per minute in monochrome or 5.5 pages in color, you aren’t setting any speed records. That said, the 4122e looks to be an affordable printer at first glance.

Insane Ink Costs

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If you do a lot of printing, you’ll pay handsomely with the 4122e.

Speed isn’t the only thing holding back the 4122e. Users have reported an estimated cost of around $1110 a year using the 4122e. When you’re thinking about eye-popping ink cartridge prices, it certainly is up there. You can get OEM ink cartridges for around $40 for the set of black and tri-color. It just drinks those down with reckless abandon.

HP Deskjet 3720

It might seem like we’re picking on HP, but I promise we aren’t.

The Deskjet 3720 excels at mobile connectivity. It might not print as fast as a laser printer, but it does a fair job. Instead, where this printer shines is its ease of use when printing wirelessly from other sources. You can get things rolling with ease, even from a tablet or smartphone.

What Are You Doing HP?

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The overall cost of operating one of these budget printers can be quite substantial.

You can routinely find the ink cartridges for the Deskjet 3720 at around $40 or so dollars. However, you’re going to be replacing them often. This might not seem like a massive expenditure right out of the gate, but given the ink cartridge prices, it adds up quite quickly. Some users have reported spending around $1300 annually when using one of these printers as a home office machine.

HP Colour LaserJet Pro 4201dn

Even HP’s laser printers are lacking.

HP used to be the king of laser printers once upon a time. Those halcyon days have long since passed, and it seems as though they are going to be a distant memory for the time being. The LaserJet Pro 4201dn isn’t a cheap machine by any means. It does have a fairly quick print time at 35 color pages per minute, however.

Hungry Laser Printers

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HP’s wasteful printers are almost malicious in how unfriendly they are for users.

There is plenty to gripe about when looking at the 4201dn. Toner cartridges are expensive, coming out to around $200 apiece. You’re not going to get savings when looking at remanufactured or third-party toner ink cartridges either. HP’s most recent line of laser printers requires OEM parts from HP or they won’t function.

Canon Pixma TS3160

Canon is the sole departure from HP’s output of awful printers.

We are taking a brief detour for just a moment from bashing HP printers to take a look at the Pixma TS3160. This is just an all-around poor choice for users regardless of your needs. It might be cheap, but that’s about where things end. It takes around a minute to boot up, it doesn’t copy well, and it prints photos quite poorly.

Printer Traps

Your first refill with the TS3160 will happen pretty quickly and it will cost more than the printer itself.

If you’re new to purchasing your printer, you aren’t familiar with traps. This is a basic concept where a manufacturer will make a dirt-cheap printer, like the TS3160, and then price it so you are spending more on ink than the printer. The TS3160 retails for around $60 or so, which is affordable. Replacement OEM ink cartridges from Canon are around $31 to $35, meaning you’ve already exceeded the cost of the printer on the first refill.

HP Deskjet 2755e

HP, please just give all of us a break.

Last, but certainly not least, is the HP Deskjet 2755e. Now, I’ll go ahead and say I have nothing against HP’s computers. I’d maybe steer well clear of its printers at this rate, however. The 2755e is the epitome of you get what you pay for, in printer form. You’ll routinely find it for $50 or so online.

Maybe Just Stay Away from HP

If you’re looking for a printer, steer clear of HP.

Expensive ink cartridges are just part of the abysmal user experience surrounding the Deskjet 2755e. You’re getting glacial print speeds, so-so print quality, and an ink-guzzling noise maker to boot. At $39.99 a set, they aren’t super expensive ink cartridges. It goes through them though, with some business users reporting around $1300 in costs just for ink.

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