5 Classic Video Games We’ll Never Stop Playing

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5 Classic Video Games We’ll Never Stop Playing

We all love keeping up with the latest and greatest in video gaming. No matter if you’re a PlayStation loyalist, an Xbox fan, or a Nintendo enthusiast, video games have arguably never been more incredible or engrossing. But, with that said, classic video games still have their charms. Whether it be nostalgia for our childhoods, a yearning for simplicity, or the simple fact that they still hold up, there are just some classic video games we’ll never stop playing.

Born in simpler eras of arcade cabinets and early consoles, these classic video games have an intrinsic charm that has held the attention and affection of gamers for decade after decade. It’s a large part of why we’ll never stop playing them. From puzzle games to platformers, first-person shooters to sandbox games, these are the five classic video games we’ll never stop playing no matter what.


Tetris game.
This addicting puzzle game remains a pinnacle of the genre.

Tetris is the grandfather of all puzzle games. First emerging in the 1980s and still being played (both competitively and casually) today, the block-based game is that fun type of challenge that players of all ages just can’t get enough of. The game is simple: players must skillfully arrange falling shapes in rows at increasingly faster speeds. This straightforward yet addictive gameplay makes it a generational favorite and a continually timeless experience. 

Super Mario Bros.

Start screen for Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario

franchise continues with new entries to this day.

Mario and Luigi are two of the most instantly recognizable characters in all of pop culture — not just because of the latest feature film adaptation, either. The original game, Super Mario Bros., was a groundbreaking platform game upon its release in 1985. It remains just as iconic (and just as highly played) today. Young and old can enjoy its vibrant worlds filled with imaginative levels and memorable foes on a mission to rescue Princess Peach.


There’s no doubt


will continue to stand the test of time.

While not as old as Tetris or Super Mario, there’s no denying that Minecraft is a classic video game of the modern era. Growing increasingly popular in the decade-plus since its 2011 debut, the game has single-handedly redefined the sandbox genre for the contemporary age. Players are free to be as creative as they please in this blocky world, empowering them to construct grand structures or embark on epic adventures in equal measure. Once you start, you’re hooked.


From ’80s arcades to modern consoles,


still gets a lot of playtime.

Pac-Man was an arcade sensation at launch in 1980, and it’s still a retro favorite more than 40 years on. From that iconic titular protagonist to those dastardly multicolored ghosts to the pellets that riddle the board, its simple concept and addicting gameplay have made it one of those games that will never stop being played. (You can probably hear the game’s sounds in your head right now.) It only takes a moment to learn, but you’ll spend a lifetime trying to master it.


Doom gameplay.
Many gamers still play this first-person shooter as if it were brand-new.

Doom was a revolutionary first-person shooter when it hit shelves in 1993. Little did its developers know that it’d remain just as revolutionary more than 30 years later. The game broke new ground for audiences at the time, showing just how intensely visceral gaming could be. It remains a touchstone of the genre even after all these years, making it one of those games we’ll never stop playing — Its fast-paced gameplay, atmospheric graphics, innovative multiplayer mode, and all.

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