The 5 Best Tires For The Tesla Model Y(Range, Price, and Performance)

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The 5 Best Tires For The Tesla Model Y(Range, Price, and Performance)

Key Points

  • Tesla Model Y cars rely on 255/45R19 or 255/40R20 tires. 
  • Michelin Pilot Sport tyres have been manufactured using an especially damage resistant rubber compound. Designed for sports cars they also come with excellent traction and are especially durable.
  • MICHELIN CrossClimate2 tyres come with improved traction on wet and dry surfaces. Their reinforced sidewalls are also capable of ensuring stability during high-speed cornering regardless of the weather.

The Tesla Model Y is a popular EV that runs on 255/45R19 tires or 255/40R20 tires. The best tires are designed with safety and performance in mind. With so many tire brands in the market, choosing the right tires for your Tesla can be tricky. So, what are your options?

We recommend these top five tires for the Tesla Model Y in 2022.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport All Season 4 Performance Tire 255/40ZR17/XL 98Y
  • Treadlife: 45,000 miles
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: High Performance
  • Car Type: Passenger
  • Load Range XL, 4-Ply Rated, 4-PR
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If you drive your Tesla Model Y daily, you want to go for the best all-season tire for the Tesla Model Y. We recommend the MICHELIN Pilot Sport. It features a strong rubber compound that resists punctures and isn’t prone to damage. This tire also offers you a large contact patch to drive on dry roads, freeways, and curvy roads. Driving in wet conditions should be a problem as the tire offers superior traction.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport doesn’t lose shape easily, making it an excellent choice for longer trips. Although these tires were designed for sports cars, they are also useful for sedans such as the Tesla Model Y. These tires will surely last longer than any other Model Y tire currently on the market.

Industry experts highly recommend this tire due to its high performance, durability, and resistance to marks and scratches. Pilot Sport from Michelin is ideal for daily drives and off-roading. Many sizes are available, so you have tires options for your Tesla. If you’re looking for maximum comfort and stability on the road at a reasonable price, go for this tire.

Check out the MICHELIN Pilot Sport on Amazon.

Best for Everyday Driving: CONTINENTAL 225/45ZR17 91W FR

The CONTINENTAL 225/45ZR17 91W FR is an everyday driving tire for the Tesla Model Y from Continental. The tire features an advanced continuous tread pattern, which provides exceptional traction and fuel efficiency. Moderate pressure works best for these Tesla tires. Equipped with HydroSeal Technology, it will take on water-wet roads without a problem.

The 225/45ZR17 91W is designed to provide maximum control and comfort when you are on the road. Its rigged section ensures excellent handling, while shoulder transition enhances steering performance. Thanks to its long tread life, the tire can last 60,000-70,000 miles with proper care and maintenance.

The Continental 225/45ZR17 91W is more affordable than other similar tires. For improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, this tire features low rolling resistance. Handling should be a problem either. This tire is designed for exceptional comfort and control on the road. Again, this is the perfect tire for everyday driving and cruising.

Check out the CONTINENTAL 225/45ZR17 91W FR on Amazon.

Best Grand Touring: MICHELIN CrossClimate2

MICHELIN CrossClimate2, All-Season Car Tire, SUV, CUV - 235/45R18/XL 98V
  • MICHELIN CROSSCLIMATE2 TIRE—Rain or shine, the MICHELIN CrossClimate2 all-season tire is our ultimate year-round performer, providing performance in every season and confidence in all climates even...
  • MADE TO LAST—The MICHELIN CrossClimate2 tire is a premium tire with proven all season performance made to last–outlasting four leading competitive tires by up to 15,000 miles on a treadwear test,...
  • STOPPING POWER—The MICHELIN CrossClimate2 tire has excellent stopping power, even when worn – stopping shorter than four leading competitive tires up to 16 feet on dry pavement and up to 56 feet...
  • UNEXPECTEDLY QUIET—V-shaped tread design distributes forces evenly throughout the contact patch for long wear; 3-D SipeLock technology improves treadwear resistance, while PIANO Acoustic Tuning...
  • A BETTER FIT—The MICHELIN CrossClimate2 tire is designed to bring a luxurious ride to vehicles like the Cadillac CTS, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Acura TL
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The MICHELIN CrossClimate2 is the best grand touring car tire, providing quality ride control at an affordable price. The tire’s light-traction tread compound, reinforced sidewalls, and advanced hydroplaning resistance give the driver a smooth ride experience. It’s an excellent option for Tesla Model Y owners who want a comfortable and reliable car tire that delivers superior handling on dry and wet road conditions.

The tire includes a special 3D depth groove system that provides the driver with enhanced wet traction. Special grooves allow water to drain quickly and ensure your Model Y handle wet roads. The tread compound is specially designed to deliver more traction on dry roads. Reinforced sidewalls give you more stability and support while handling high-speed cornering in dry and wet road conditions.

Check out the MICHELIN CrossClimate2 on Amazon.

Best for Rain: Hankook Ventus V2

Hankook Ventus V2 concept 2 All-Season Radial Tire - 205/45R16 V
  • Solid center tracking rib – enhances braking performance and ensures optimal road contact pressure and controlled steering response at high speeds
  • 3D effect on block edge – evenly distributes road surface contact for optimal handling and braking
  • HPSR (High Tg Polymer & Specific Resin) Compound – ensures outstanding traction and braking on wet roads
  • High-density nylon reinforcement belt – allows even distribution of ground contact pressure during cornering
  • Y-shape channels, linear grooves and MTR (Multiple Tread Radius) – effectively sweeps water away from the tire
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Hankook also has a good reputation for making quality tires like Hankook Ventus V2, the best tire for wet weather conditions. If you live in a rainy area, you’ll want to get this tire as it will provide your Tesla the traction to navigate wet roads. Also, the tires have good braking and long tread life.

What’s more is that the tires have excellent steering control, which makes the driving experience even better.. If you want a good tire for rain, don’t pass up the Hankook Ventus V2 tire for Tesla Model Y.

Check out the Hankook Ventus V2 on Amazon.

Best Ultra High Performance: Pirelli PZero

Pirelli PZero All Season Ultra High Performance Radial Tire - 215/55R17 94V
  • Ultra high performance
  • Fit type: Universal Fit
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11/26/2023 01:42 pm GMT

Closing our list of the fifth best tire for Tesla Model Y is the Pirelli PZero. Designed for a comfortable driving experience, this tire has zero road noise and maintains traction on wet roads. Plus, they are long-lasting and strong enough to handle their vehicle in any condition.

Pirelli PZero offers a smooth ride and handles well during winter. You can trust this tire to get you to your destination safely. While not the priciest tire, it’s still one of the market’s top-rated models. These tires come with a 60,000-mile tread life warranty and will give you superior performance. The dry handling of this tire is solid and will give you complete control. Many tire sizes are available, making it easier to find the right ones for your car.

Check out the Pirelli PZero on Amazon.

How To Pick The Best Tires For The Tesla Model Y: Step by Step

To find the best tires for the Tesla Model Y, you need to understand your needs and expectations before making a choice. You should consider factors such as; price, weather, performance, and weight. Before you choose the best tires for the Tesla Model Y, consider the following factors:

  • Size
  • Noise
  • Weather
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Weight

Let’s detail each.


The size of the tire is essential to the performance of the car. The wrong tire size can affect your Tesla Y’s performance, especially balance. Ensure the tire you pick leaves enough space for your other stuff.


Your car creates a lot of noise during its journey. The tires play a significant role in determining the level of noise created. You should choose tires that create little noise while traveling. This is because it reduces the chances of having a breakdown while driving your car.


Your tire’s ability to handle various weather conditions adds to its efficiency. The best tires for the Tesla Model Y can withstand extreme weather conditions without any problems. A tire with a good tread life will also ensure the car lasts longer in bad weather.


Tire price and value often go hand in hand. Some people prefer cheaper tires because of their affordability. However, most cheap tires do not deliver on the quality and performance front. Decide on the right price and choose a tire based on your budget.


The best tires for the Tesla Model Y should be able to perform well. Do your research on the tires’ features you are looking for. The best tire should have good traction, handling, and tread life so that you can use it for long distances.


The tire’s weight determines its durability, how much pressure it can bear, and its performance. You should choose a lightweight tire for your model Y because it reduces its load and is durable. It is also easy to carry and install.

What To Know Before Buying Tires For The Tesla Model Y

Before you buy a Tesla Model Y tire, you need to know how to identify the correct tire. Tesla Model Y tires are sized quite differently from other vehicles. Try to understand what size you need for your Model Y. You can check this by going to the main page of your vehicle and reading the information on it. If you are unsure about which size tire is best for your Tesla Model Y, you can bring it to a specialist who can provide you with some options for fitting the correct size tire.

If you decide to buy a new Tesla Model Y tire, there are certain considerations that you should be aware of. The best tires for the Tesla Model Y have a few distinctions. For example, they all have different tread styles. This feature matters as it significantly impacts the tire’s overall performance and the car’s handling.

Using Tires For The Tesla Model Y: What it’s Like

Generally, the right Tesla Model Y tires provide a smooth riding experience. The tires on our list have wonderful grip, and better handling. Their treads fit securely on the road, allowing for precision steering, which is crucial for your safety. Best of all, they come in various sizes to suit your needs. While they may have a shorter life span than your vehicle’s original tires, they can provide years of service.

Whether you buy the best tires for rain or all-season tires for your Tesla Model Y, you can count on these tires to pride you with excellent grip and traction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tires do Tesla Model Y use?

Both 255/45R19 tires and 255/40R20 tires are designed to fit securely on the road. They are designed for a wide range of purposes, including off-roading and performance.

Does Tesla Model Y require special tires?

Yes, you do need to select the right tires for your Model Y. Tesla Model Y tires are designed to fit securely on the road, and this feature is crucial for your safety. The Tesla Model Y also needs a good tire that provides better traction and grip.

How can I know my tire size?

You can get this information from your Tesla Model Y owner’s manual or from the manufacturer. The best thing to do is contact your owner’s support team if you are unsure of the correct tire size for your Model Y.

What is the tread life for Tesla Model Y tires?

The tread life for Model Y tires is about 30,000 miles or 48,281 kilometers. It depends on how you are using your car and the conditions under which you drive it.

How do I know my Model Y tire tread life?

You can get your Model Y tires checked for the tread life at a Shop or a specialized tire shop if you are concerned about the longevity of your tires.

Where else can I get my tires checked?

You can have your Model Y tires checked at a specialized service center. They will be able to tell you whether your tires are wearing out on the edges or if there are any issues with them.

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