The 5 Best Air Tag Collars for Dogs


The 5 Best Air Tag Collars for Dogs

As a loving dog parent, your fur baby’s safety comes before all else. 

AirTag dog collars are here to improve their safety and give you more peace by allowing you to keep track of your puppy’s whereabouts easily. The coin-sized tracking gadget provides precise location information about your pet within a limited Bluetooth range.

You can get a comfy dog collar with a compartment for your AirTag or a case you attach to an existing collar. Either option has to securely hold the AirTag in place and be comfortable for your paw friend.

Here are our top AirTag dog collar and case options:

Case-Mate Airtag Dog Collar Holder - Water Resistant Airtag Holder Dog Tag - Lightweight, Protective Airtag Case for Dog Collar - Pet Collar Airtag Loop - Compatible with Cat/Dog Collars - Black
  • Airtag Dog Collar Holder - Our water resistant Airtag case for dog collars keeps your Apple Airtag safe even if your dog is playing in the rain or in a swimming pool; Attaching this Airtag holder to...
  • Secure Your Airtag - Bought the Apple Airtag for your pet and worrying about the device coming out? Not anymore! Our Airtag dog collar holder makes your Airtag more discreet by securely holding it in...
  • Easy to Insert & Remove - Easily insert your Apple Airtag to this GPS tracker case for tracking your dog 24x7 from your iPhone; It is stretchy enough to loop the collar through it and is lightweight,...
  • Collar Compatible - This Airtag holder for pets is made of soft silicone and comes with a highly durable outer shell that is suitable for almost all kinds of dog collars that are up to 1 inch wide (so...
  • Package Contents - 1 Unit of Case-Mate Apple Airtag dog collar holder - Black (Compatible with Apple Airtag only); 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty; Apple Air Tag and Dog Collar not included
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The Case-Mate AirTag Dog Collar Holder is a silicone, scratch-resistant case that you clip onto your pooch’s existing collar. It’s flexible and stretches enough to fit over most dog collars that are not wider or thicker than 1 inch.

This AirTag holder is available in black and several other glow-in-the-dark colors, including white and lime green. Glowing in the dark makes it even easier to find your pup when they wander out too far at night. You can also pick from floral options that are very cute and aesthetically pleasing.

It holds the AirTag securely and attaches to your pet’s collar seamlessly without being bulky or uncomfortable for your dog. It’s also water-resistant, enhancing the AirTag’s naturally waterproof nature.

It’s also nice that you can remove the AirTag anytime without detaching the collar or case.

Compact and lightweight designRelatively pricey
Glows in the darkWhen it’s too tight, it could pull on your dog’s fur
Fits over most dog collars 
Easy to attach and detach

Check out the Case-Mate AirTag Dog Collar Holder on Amazon.

Reflective AirTag Dog Collar, FEEYAR Padded Apple Air Tag Dog Collar, Heavy Duty Dog Collar with AirTag Holder Case, Adjustable Air Tag Accessories Pet Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs (M(15'&#...
  • [DESIGNED FOR APPLE AIRTAG] FEEYAR AirTag collar can keep AirTag from falling or dangling. Compared with other Air Tag holder, our integrated AirTag dog collar is more cost-effective. No need to buy...
  • [VARIOUS SIZE] Adjustable AirTag collar has 4 sizes for all Small, Medium and Large dogs. (S=12-14'', M=14-17.5'', L=16.5-20'',XL=19-21.5'') Measure your dog's neck before placing an order to ensure...
  • [360° REFLECTION] This AirTag dog collar features reflective stitching and fully reflective edges. Easier to find your dog under darkness and low light conditions, safer for you and your dog when...
  • [PREMIUM MATERIALS] Our Air Tag dog collar is made of 1000D nylon. Lined with 9mm neoprene that will protect your dog's neck from irritation when being active. Also, microfiber leather AirTag case is...
  • [100% SATISFIED] We provide you with 30 days Warranty and best After-Sales Service. If you have any questions about our Air Tag dog collar, please feel free to contact us any time. You will get a dog...
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The FEEYAR Padded Apple AirTag Dog Collar is a fully-adjustable reflective dog collar that will help you keep tabs on your furry best friend at all times.

This collar features reflective strips on both edges that allow you to locate your dog at night and in low-lit conditions. It comes in four different sizes that fit small, medium, and large dogs, and each also has two adjustable points, so it’ll fit your pooch.

The FEEYAR is affordable. It’s made using premium 1000D nylon and a 9mm neoprene lining to make it cozier and breathable and prevent irritating your pet’s neck. 

The AirTag case is made with microfiber leather that keeps your tracking device safe and secure. The collar is splash-resistant, anti-collision, strong, and durable enough, making it suitable for even the most active dogs.

Strong and sturdy designNylon is soft and can rip when pulled hard
Reflective strips make it simpler to locate your pup
Available in different sizes 
Has two adjustable points
Available in a variety of colors

Check out the FEEYAR Padded Apple AirTag Dog Collar on Amazon

Spigen ComforTag Designed for AirTag Case Cover AirTags Dog Cat Collar Pet Loop Holder - Black
  • Pet collar holder case compatible with Apple AirTag and collars with measured widths of 1.0-1.5 inches (Note: AirTags and collar not included)
  • Easy installation to remove and insert AirTag securely in place to your pet's collar and also to backback straps.
  • Case constructed with TPU for a unique design that provides extra durability and comfortability.
  • High glossy finish that reflects upon exposure to light.
  • Comes with an AirTag case for Pet Collars, 2 AirTag protective films, and 2 rubber bands fastening the case onto the collar/strap.
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The Spigen ComforTag is the most versatile AirTag collar attachment you’ll come across.

The case is made from glossy and reflective TPU plastic that increases visibility and can withstand scratching, chewing, and scuffing.

It’s compatible with dog collars and leashes between 1 and 1.5 inches and uses colored rubber bands, either orange or black, to secure the AirTag to any part of the dog’s collar. 

The Spigen ComforTag is tiny, lightweight, and slim, so it goes almost unnoticed by the dog. The holder also comes with adhesive films, which keep the AirTag safe inside. 

You can place it anywhere on your dog’s collarThe rubber bands are easily chewed through
Compatible with various dog collars and leashesMay work itself loose and drop the AirTag
Lightweight and slim design
Sturdy and durable
Easy to attach and detach from collar

Check out the Spigen ComforTag on Amazon.

AirCollar Apple AirTag Pet Collar (Large, Honey Brown)
  • Natural, ultra-soft leather
  • AirTag inserted for precision tracking
  • Perfect sized collar
  •  5 variations and 3 color options
  • Compatible with Apple AirTag 2021
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(Please note that as of July 19th, 2023, the AirCollar Apple AirTag Pet Collar (Large, Honey Brown) is currently unavailable on Amazon. Please check back later.)

If you’re looking for a classy and authentic AirTag collar for your furry best friend, look no further than the Keepaws Leather AirTag Collar.

The Keepaws leather collar is made using heavy-duty and high-quality leather padded with an elastic fiber to ensure it rests comfortably against your dog’s neck. It’s fully adjustable, flexible, and breathable, so your pup’s comfort is always assured. 

This collar has a built-in AirTag compartment that securely holds your anti-loss device using double copper buttons. 

You also get a free, customizable ID tag to engrave your pup’s name and contact information. This further increases your chances of locating your dog if they wander off too far.

It’s available in various sizes to fit dog breeds, including extra-small, small, and medium pooches. You also get to choose from various beautiful colors, including olive green, honey pet, and black pet.

Even better, the Keepaws Leather AirTag collar is fully waterproof. This gives your pup more freedom to play in the rain, take a dip in the lake, or jump in puddles without worrying that they’ll spoil the already waterproof AirTag.

Quality premium leatherDogs like to chew on leather
Fully adjustable and breathable for added comfortDiscolors when it gets wet
You can engrave it with your pup’s name and contact details
Available in many sizes and colors
Fully waterproof

Best Loop Holder: WAIRCO Airtag Holder

WAIRCO Airtag Holder - Ultra Secure Snap Closure Attachment for Clothing, Pet Collars, Luggage | Superior Protective Airtag Case for Children, Seniors (Black & Gray)
  • Versatile Utility: WAIRCO AirTag holder, with its grab and snap mechanism, easily attaches to all kinds of clothing, pet collars, luggage, backpack straps etc., making it the perfect solution for...
  • Better Protection: Our air tag holder has a strong, protective outer shell, precisely designed to protect your AirTag and keep it guarded against impact while staying firmly attached.
  • Easy to Use: Simply fold the tab of this AirTag holder around clothing, dog collars, luggage and many other items, and firmly insert the snap mechanism. Your Snap Case is now ready to keep track of...
  • Unmatched Quality: This air tag case is made with premium quality, medical-grade materials to ensure the safety of children and pets. Our case protects your AirTag while allowing it to perform all of...
  • Customer Support: At WAIRCO, we believe in delivering complete satisfaction to our customers. Our AirTag accessories come with quick, comprehensive support so that you can keep tracking your loved...
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The WAIRCO Airtag Holder is a good alternative to regular AirTag dog collars that you can snap onto your dog’s existing collar. 

Airtag is an ultra-tough snap case that you fold around your dog’s collar. Its solid and durable construction makes it perfect for hyperactive dogs constantly running around and jumping since there’s no risk of it falling off.

The AirTag goes inside the casing, and when you snap the case closed, you can rest assured that the tracker will stay securely in place. It also lies flat on your dog’s chest so that it won’t irritate them, nor will they be able to play with it.

Solid and durable designIt may be difficult to snap into place
Stylish design goes with any aesthetic
Resistant to scuffing and biting
Available in a variety of colors
Water-, dust-, and shock-proof

Check out the WAIRCO Airtag Holder on Amazon.

How To Pick The Best AirTag Dog Collar: Step by Step

Choosing the best AirTag dog collar boils down to your personal preferences. However, there are a few features you can’t ignore when shopping around. 


Comfort is paramount when buying an AirTag collar for your dog. You don’t want a collar that irritates, chafes, or digs into the skin to cause discomfort or bruising.

If you get a collar tag instead, make sure it doesn’t hang too low because it will irritate them and they might chew on it.

Style or Design 

The best AirTag dog collar style or design should match your lifestyle. For instance, if you already have a collar that both you and your pooch love, you don’t have to get another; instead, you can get a tag or case that you can clip, slide, or latch on. 

If you need a new collar altogether, you can go for a type that suits your lifestyle and also consider your pup’s temperament when selecting the style of the collar.


The best weatherproof materials are silicone, leather, and polycarbonate. These can protect the water-resistant AirTag from water damage and allow your pup more freedom.

The materials also need to be durable to withstand your pet’s activities, especially if you have a hyperactive dog.


The AirTag collar or case you choose for your pup needs to be secure and reliable such that it doesn’t easily slide or slip out of place, get knocked off, or be pulled off easily. If your dog can detach it, the AirTag loses its meaning as a tracking device. 

Either way, if you’re getting a case only, it should be easy to attach and detach also.

What To Know Before Buying AirTag Dog Collars

Although it may sound like AirTags are meant for pet tracking, Apple, the official manufacturer, doesn’t recommend their use for tracking people or pets. Instead, according to Apple, AirTags are meant to help you keep track of items like keys and wallets.

Unfortunately, AirTags have limited range in rural areas. So, you’ll find that it’s not as easy to locate your dog with an AirTag collar on when they get lost in the woods because of the limited range and the fact that there are not many Apple devices close by.

Again, an Apple AirTag can only be registered to a single phone, so it’ll be of little use when your dog wanders off and the registered user, say, your spouse, is not around.

On the bright side, AirTag collars are affordable and easier to handle than microchips, GPS collars, and GPS pet trackers. 

They’re also lightweight and water-resistant, making them very convenient. You can also customize some AirTag collars by adding your pet’s name and contact information, so anyone who finds them can call you.

Using AirTag Dog Collars: What it’s Like

AirTag collars are a convenient way to keep an eye on your pet at all times. They are helpful when your dog hides or wanders away around your home or neighborhood. The Bluetooth range is about 800 feet, which significantly limits how far you can track your pup. 

You can also set up a “Separation Alert,” which goes off whenever your dog leaves the Bluetooth range.

Additionally, the AirTag is not very effective if you live in a low or sparsely populated area, and it’s even more limited when the cell coverage in your area is poor.

The 5 Best Air Tag Collars for Dogs FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are Apple AirTags meant to be used on dogs?

Yes. Many loving dog parents already rely on the AirTag to keep up with their pup’s whereabouts. However, Apple, the official manufacturer, does not recommend it, because they say it was meant to help find items not track people or pets.

Are Apple AirTags water resistant?

Apple AirTags have an IP67 water resistance rating, which means they can be submerged up to one meter underwater for up to half an hour without being damaged.

Which is better: AirTag or GPS pet tracker?

AirTags are an easy and convenient way to keep track of your pet around the home or neighborhood. Unfortunately, they were not created for this purpose, and therefore they’re limited in various ways.
GPS pet trackers are made for the purpose of tracking pets, so they do a better job of locating them whenever they run off. However, you must be ready to spend significantly more upfront and keep paying for monthly cell service.

Do the collars come with an AirTag?

No. AirTags are sold separately from the collars, cases, or tags.

Do AirTags need WiFi or internet to work?

No. AirTags don’t need WiFi or the internet to work because they connect to your phone via Bluetooth or ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology. However, they need Apple devices connected to cellular data or WiFi to be trackable using the “Find My” app.

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