4 Reasons to Buy a USB Wall Charger Today (and Which are Best)

4 Reasons to Buy a USB Wall Charger Today (and Which are Best)

Key Points

  • Fast-charging USB wall cables can charge devices up to 80% within half an hour
  • Multi-port chargers can charge various devices simultaneously, reducing the need for multiple bulky chargers
  • USB-C PD chargers have built-in features to ensure safe charging and prevent overheating
  • USB wall chargers are lightweight and practical for traveling, with some having retractable pins
  • The Ugreen Nexode, Baseus USB Charger, Aluminum Alloy USB Wall Charger, and Nekteck USB Charger are among the best options available.

Do you have a busy life and need to charge your devices on the go? USB wall chargers can help juice up your laptops, Bluetooth headsets, and smartphones. The latest models are sleek, easy to use, and have multiple ports. You won’t need to carry bulky chargers. Some have fast charging capabilities and overheat protection technologies. With plenty of options, you can find the best model for your gadgets. Let’s look at four reasons to buy a USB-C wall charger and the best options.

Quick Charging

Modern gadgets play multiple roles as navigation, health, and safety tools. So, they must always be up and running. With fast-charging USB wall cables that feature Qualcomm fast charging technology, you can quickly achieve an 80% charge within half an hour. Most single-port chargers also charge faster than those with multiple ports. The reason is they don’t offer a lot of usability besides charging one device, which enables them to charge devices fast.

However, some wall chargers might damage your device. So, you should always check the USB cable’s wattage on the station. Still, the wall charger indicates the maximum power output to different devices (V/A, Volts, and Ampere). If you see 5V/1A on your wall charger, the charger can deliver a maximum power of 5W. Chargers with this power output are ideal for slow charging. 


Carrying multiple bulky chargers is tiring. Multiple port chargers are great since they can connect to different devices. You can charge smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, laptops, tablets, etc. They also double up as extension cords without bulkiness.

Some multi-port USB chargers can overheat if the connected devices draw more power than the charger can handle. So, ensure the charger’s total output matches or is slightly higher than your device’s requirements. Add the total amps for your charging device and compare it with the maximum output capacity of the charger. Smartphones can handle between 18 and 20 Watts, while laptops between 40 and 100 watts, depending on specifications.

Protects Your Devices

Chances are you’re damaging your gadgets using chargers that lack an input/output current control. That’s where the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) chargers, like the Oraimo Type C charger, come in. Their built-in features guarantee your device’s safe charging. Because they can recognize the device plugged in, these chargers allocate the optimal Amp current to fast charge your devices. 

These chargers also have an overheat protection mechanism. They can constantly change the voltage and Amp current to reduce heat buildup. On the flip side, when wall chargers heat up, they might damage your gadgets, or the cable may catch fire.

Portable and Functional

A USB wall charger is lightweight and practical for traveling. Some have retractable pins. When folded, they don’t cause outward-facing obstruction. Another critical design feature is their charging ports are clearly labeled. You can quickly identify the port with fast charge capability as it has a distinct color marking. Others include an LED light that displays different colors during and after your device is fully charged. 

The 4 Best USBs You Can Buy Today

When hunting for a USB charger, choosing one that suits your needs can be difficult. We’ve rounded up the four best wall chargers in the market.

Best Travel-Friendly: Ugreen Nexode Wall Charger

Best 4-Port Charger for Travelers
UGREEN 100W 4-Port Charger
  • 100 Watts
  • 4 ports (1 USB-A, 3 USB-C)
  • Protection from overheating/ overcharging
  • Super fast charging compatible
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11/27/2023 07:52 am GMT

Our favorite travel-friendly charger is the Ugreen USB charger. It’s small, compact, and suitable for multiple devices.

You can quickly charge up to four devices simultaneously via the USB-A and three USB-C ports. The charger can deliver up to 100W of power, providing enough juice to charge the most power-hungry devices, like laptops.

Regardless of how many devices connect to the wall charger, this charger comes integrated with Dynamic Temperature sensors. They adjust the power output to different devices and prevent a harmful power surge. 

Seamlessly charge up to four devicesMultiple devices can slow down charging
Long, convenient cord
100W power output

Best USB PD Fast Charger: Baseus USB Charger

Baseus USB C Charger - Black
  • 65W, 3 Port foldable USB C wall charger
  • Compatible with iPhone 14/13, Samsung S22+/S22, MacBook, iPad, Pixel 6
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11/26/2023 10:36 pm GMT

Admittedly, the Baseus USB fast charging capability makes it attractive to prospective USB wall charger shoppers.

Unlike silicon used in other charger models, the Baseus boasts the gallium nitride (GaN) technology in the battery construction, which is energy efficient and charges the connected devices quickly. You’ll love its length that doesn’t cover the adjacent outlets when you plug it into the socket. Even better, the marking on each port makes it easier to connect your device. Baseus doesn’t heat up, unlike some USB C-PD chargers, regardless of its high power output.

Excellent charger for travelersAC prongs might loosely fit into the socket
It features foldable pins
Charges up to 5x faster than traditional chargers

Best High Power Output USB Charger: Aluminum Alloy USB Wall Charger

Best High Power Output USB Charger
Aluminum Alloy USB Wall Charger (Black)
  • 200W, 7 Port fast charging station
  • Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air 
  • Sleek design
  • Saver smart & lightweight
  • Power multiple devices
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11/26/2023 10:42 pm GMT

Thanks to the high power out, Aluminum Alloy USB C Charger is designed to charge up to 7 devices simultaneously.

Using this charger in an office with multiple devices helps reduce clutter. With the 65W USB-C, you can charge two laptops seamlessly. You’re also guaranteed the safety of all the connected devices since the charger features enhanced safety features like short circuits, temperature, and surge protection

The package comes with a 1.5-meter (5-foot) power cord. As for the design, the chargers outer body is made from anti-slip aluminum alloy, preventing it from moving whenever it’s in use.

Charge up to seven devices simultaneouslyPower output may drop when different devices are connected
Sleek anti-slip design as it’s constructed from aluminum alloy
Supports charging of two laptops simultaneously

Best USB Charger for Apple MacBook: Nekteck USB Charger

Nekteck USB Charger
  • Fast and powerful charger (with up to 90% efficiency)
  • Compact size for storage
  • Compatible with MacBook Air/Pro, iPad Air/Pro, iPhone
  • FCC Certified and UL Listed for safety
  • 12-month worry-free warranty
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/26/2023 11:26 pm GMT

While the Nekteck USB Charger is universally compatible, it is also an excellent pick for your Apple devices, such as iPhones and MacBooks.

Like most fast-charging USB chargers, this NekTeck charger features the GaN (gallium nitride) technology, allowing for quick charging of MacBook laptops. Unlike the MacBook charger, the Nekteck is 40% smaller, making storage or traveling around convenient. Moreover, it’s designed as a universal charger across multiple devices. This charge is safe and reliable as it’s USB-IF and FCC certified, providing the best protection against overheating and over-charging.

Fast-charging capabilitySingle port not suitable for simultaneous charging
Ideal for Apple devices such as iPhones and MacBooks
Safe to use on laptops and mobile devices


USB wall chargers provide a seamless charging experience for multiple devices and a great way to avoid clutter. Thanks to their fast charging technology (standard in most USB-C PD wall chargers), your device will attain peak juice faster. However, check safety features like heat and over-current protection before using multiple port wall chargers. Some have a feature that detects connected devices and allocates optimal power to each.

Summary Table

USB Wall ChargerProsCons
Ugreen Nexode Wall ChargerSeamlessly charge up to four devices, Long convenient cord, 100W power outputMultiple devices can slow down charging
Baseus USB ChargerExcellent charger for travelers, Foldable pins, Charges up to 5x faster than traditional chargersAC prongs might loosely fit into the socket
Aluminum Alloy USB Wall ChargerCharge up to seven devices simultaneously, Sleek anti-slip design, Supports charging of two laptops simultaneouslyPower output may drop when different devices are connected
Nekteck USB ChargerFast-charging capability, Ideal for Apple devices, Safe to use on laptops and mobile devicesSingle port, not suitable for simultaneous charging

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use your laptop charger to charge your smartphone?

Yes, this is possible. However, the power transmitted to the phone is high and continuous charging may destroy the battery.

What power output do USB-C chargers provide over the standard options?

The power delivered by USB-C chargers varies considerably from those of standard USB chargers. Generally, the power provided by USB-C chargers is three times that of the standard option. Therefore, they are ideal for individuals looking to charge devices with high power output, like tablets or laptops.

How can you know that a USB charger is fast charging?

You should look at the charger’s wattage. It will charge your device faster if it has a high wattage. However, to protect your battery, ensure your device’s maximum wattage matches or is lower than the charger’s watts.

What does USB-PD mean?

This is a fast-charging technology integrated into USB-powered devices. The chargers with this technology offer more power to large devices such as laptops while ensuring optimal power output for devices like headphones and smartphones.

What is Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology in USB chargers?

USB Gallium Nitride technology incorporates Gallium Nitride as a semiconductor in the chargers. The chargers using this semiconductor can deliver power to multiple devices while preventing overcharging and power surges.

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