25 Hilarious Names For Your WiFi

hilarious names for your Wi-Fi

25 Hilarious Names For Your WiFi

Key Points:
  • Give your home Wi-Fi a new name by updating the Service Set Identifier SSID, the formal name of your network.
  • To change the name of your Wi-Fi network, you must: obtain your router’s IP address, open the web interface of your router, update your Wi-Fi network name and password, and connect your devices using the new details.
  • Try to avoid choosing a WiFi name that could be offensive to your neighbors.

Finding it hard to spot your Wi-Fi network among the tens of identical networks in your neighborhood? Why don’t you give your network a crazy name you’ll never forget? Get some inspiration and enjoy a few laughs with our list of 25 hilarious names for your Wi-Fi! And when you’ve nailed a great name, we’ll share how to change the name of your network so you can get everything set up and shock your neighbors! 

25 Hilarious Names For Your Wi-Fi

Laugh out loud with these 25 cheerful and cheek Wi-Fi names: 

1. The LAN of opportunity

Let everyone know your network is where you can make a success of yourself!

2. FBI Surveillance Van5 

This is an oldy but a goody and just maybe your local hackers will give your network a miss!

3. Straight Router Compton

Unleash your inner Ice Cube with this raptastic network name.

4. Obi WAN Kenobi

If the Force is not with you, decent Wi-Fi certainly is.

5. WANtastic Four

Your Wi-Fi is fit for a superhero.

6. Get router my life!

This Wi-Fi router name is anything but a warm welcome.

7. No More Mister Wifi

Show you mean business with this no-nonsense Wi-Fi name.

8. Girls Gone Wireless

If you are a houseful of ladies, everyone is going to know this is you.

9. This is my password

This tongue-in-cheek Wi-Fi name will certainly raise an eyebrow or two. 

10. Protect Ya Net

Let everyone know that your local area’s network should be properly secured.

11. Drop Like Its Hotspot

The only one Snoopin’ around on this network will be you!

12. Mom, Click Here for Internet

You could make it anymore obvious for her. Well done son!

13. Dial-up free

If you can still remember connecting to AOL in the nineties, you’ll get this.

14. Password: ABC123

It’s sad, but someone is going to go ahead and try it.

15. Wi-Find You Kinda Cute

You may find that you attract some local admirers.

16. I Now Pronounce U Man And Wi-Fi

Celebrate the deep commitment you have to your broadband internet connection.

17. Beware This Wi-Fi Bytes

It’s not only your big bad dog that hackers have to worry about!

18. You need to close those curtains

Your Wi-Fi network name may be just the way to let a neighbor know you’re seeing too much.

19. Look Ma, No Wires!

Yes, we’ve made it to the 21st century!

20. Winter WonderLAN

A lovely festive name for the Holiday season.

21. The LAN of the Free

A perfect Wi-Fi name for patriots.

22. WiMCA

Have your costumes at the ready to those‌ shapes!

23. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Modem

If your network speeds are decent, this one will go down well!

23. One last try!

This one is for the desperados who are trying to hack your network.

24. Network Unavailable

Hopefully, any WI-Fi snoops will pass this one by.

25. LAN of Hope and Glory

If you’re a Brit, we think this is the type of Wi-Fi name Her Majesty The Queen would use!

hilarious names for your Wi-Fi
Access your Wi-Fi settings to change the Wi-Fi name and password.


How to change the name of your Wi-Fi network

Got a hilarious new name for your Wi-Fi network? Now it’s time to let the entire world know by changing the name of your Wi-Fi network. Give your home Wi-Fi a new name by updating the Service Set Identifier SSID, the formal name of your network. It’s quick and straightforward. Here are the main steps:

Obtain your router’s IP address

You can use your web browser to access your router’s web interface. 

On a Windows PC, use the command prompt: Windows+R, type “cmd,” and then press Enter. The command ipconfig brings up the Windows IP configuration. You can find your router’s IP address next to the Default gateway entry. 

On macOS, head to System Preferences on the Apple Menu. In System Preferences, click the Network icon to select your Wi-Fi network and click Advanced. You’ll see the router’s IP address under the TCP/IP tab. 

Open the web interface of your router

With your router’s IP address in hand, you can access the web interface of your browser by typing the IP address into the browser’s address bar. Log into the interface using your router’s username and password. If you haven’t changed these in the past, use the default credentials that you find on the back of the router. 

Update your Wi-Fi network name and password

Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings to change the SSID of your network. You may need to search for a setting called ‘SSID’ or ‘Network name’. Type in your cheeky Wi-Fi network name and save it to publish it to the world. 

The Wi-Fi Alliance recommends you change your network’s password at the same time as updating your network name, to ensure that it stays secure. Once the name is updated you can update your password under the setting with names like: 

  • Password
  • Passphrase
  • wireless key
  • WPA-PSK key

Connect your devices using the new details

Now you’ve changed your network credentials, you’ll need to reconnect all your devices with the updated credentials. No more lowercase, uppercase, and special characters for you. You’ll always know your funny Wi-Fi network name!

hilarious names for your Wi-Fi
It is usual for passwords to consist of random characters, making them difficult to remember.

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Top tips for choosing a Wi-Fi network name

A laugh-out-loud Wi-Fi name is definitely unforgettable, but there are still a few ground rules for setting up your Wi-Fi network name. Use these practical pointers to ensure that your new name won’t interfere with the smooth running of your Wi-Fi network.

Your network name should be a maximum of 32 characters long

Keep that epic network name short and sweet as you only have between 2 and 32 characters to play with. The network name should be alphanumeric and case-sensitive. There are only six restricted characters: 

  • ?
  • $
  • [
  • +

Make your network name easy to recognize

Unless you live in a community of comedians, your funny name should be easy to spot. Breaking away from the default settings will also make it easy for your guests to hook up to your network. If you’re a business owner, you can even promote your business with an aptly chosen name rather than the manufacturer of your router. 

Don’t get personal

A funny Wi-Fi name is a great idea, but it’s vital that your network name does not include any personally identifiable information. After all, your privacy matters! Personal details like your name, date of birth, or password-related information could be used to hack your network and devices. 

Don’t offend your neighbors

Not everyone shares your sense of humor. If you don’t want a knock at the door steer clear of Wi-Fi network names that use expletives, threatening, or explicit language. A name that is on the wrong side of polite could be construed as offensive communication and earn you a visit from the Feds!

Give all your Wi-Fi bands the same name

If your router has band steering between the 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz frequency bands, make sure that all frequency bands carry your new name. This enables the access points to freely select from the most efficient frequency band for the network. 

Can your network repeaters share your new name?

If you have a distributed Wi-Fi network with repeaters throughout your home, check your manufacturer’s manual to see if they can share the same SSID. If they can, this makes things so much simpler. 

Final thoughts 

Setting up a fun Wi-Fi name is a great prompt for getting your Wi-Fi network just the way you want it. Regularly changing your Wi-Fi network name and password can help keep it secure. So you can try as many of these crazy names as you want and become the talk of your neighborhood in the process!

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25 Hilarious Names For Your WiFi FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you have spaces in a Wi-Fi name?

Spaces are allowed in SSIDs, but not every router will let you use them. You may be able to include spaces by using alt-code, but a stubborn router may make it hard to successfully connect devices.

Should you change your Wi-Fi name?

Changing your Wi-Fi network’s name is essential because manufacturers assign the same SSID to every router they make. Your neighbors are likely to have the same Wi-Fi network name if they use identical routers and also haven’t bothered to update the credentials. Leaving your Wi-Fi network name unchanged could also pose a security risk as it may indicate to hackers that you’ve been lax with your network security.

Is there a Wi-Fi name generator?

If you want even more hilarious names for your Wi-Fi, try this ingenious Wi-Fi name generator. Just click for an unlimited number of Wi-Fi names to keep you laughing.

Should I make my network name visible?

If you want your SSID to be an inside joke, you can choose to make your network invisible. A hidden network won’t show up when devices search for an available network to connect to. Some people hide their Wi-Fi network to make it ultra-secure, but if you are sharing your WI-Fi with guests, making it visible is much more practical.

What is an SSID?

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s 802.11 Wi-Fi protocol defines a Service Set Identifier (SSID) as a natural language label that is used as a network name. The service set includes the router, access points, repeaters, and all the devices that participate in the network.

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