The 2024 Honda Prologue: Everything We Know Today – Price, Range, Specs, and More


The 2024 Honda Prologue: Everything We Know Today – Price, Range, Specs, and More

5 Must-Know Facts About the 2024 Honda Prologue

sideview of Gray Honda CR-V hybrid
As an electric alternative to the Honda CR-V, the Prologue will have a range of 247 to 320 miles.
  • While the 2024 Honda Prologue has been billed as the manufacturer’s first fully electric EV, they’ve had one — the Honda e — available in European and Japanese markets since 2020.
  • While Honda has been slow to market its line of EVs so far, the manufacturer has plans to produce 100% emissions-free vehicles by 2040.
  • Honda has a manufacturing partnership with General Motors, meaning the Prologue will likely share some internal hardware with GM’s EVs.
  • According to Honda, the brand expects to sell 300,000 electric vehicles in North America annually by the time 2026 rolls around. Moreover, by 2030, they expect to see that number rise to half a million.
  • The Honda Prologue is one of 30 distinct EV models Honda hopes to release by the end of the 2020s.

The electric vehicle (EV) market seems to get hotter and hotter with each passing day. New manufacturers keep joining the fray, new models roll out of the assembly line, and new concepts are displayed to investors and consumers. The 2024 Honda Prologue is one of the latest and greatest examples of this.

Honda has yet to dive into the EV game as seriously as many of its competitor. However, they’ve got a plan for stronger, faster growth. In fact, they’ve had this plan since 2017.

Two of their first two so-called “electrified vehicles” — the Accord Hybrid and the CR-V Hybrid — a fully electric concept has made its way into the conversation. That concept is what eventually became the upcoming 2024 Honda Prologue.

While we know the name of the upcoming Honda EV, not much is known about this soon-to-be-released mid-sized electric SUV. We’ve done a bit of sleuthing on the 2024 Honda Prologue, and found some information on the expected price, anticipated specs, and slated special features.

Here’s all you need know about the Honda Prologue ahead of its official release.

Specs of the 2024 Honda Prologue

Vehicle TypeMid-size SUV
Expected Release DateEarly 2024
Expected Price> $45,000
Estimated Range> 300 mi
Expected Battery TypeUltium battery packs
Predicted TrimsLX, EX, EX-L, Touring

Honda Prologue: How to Buy

Even though Honda’s other fully electric EVs have been sequestered from the American market, the 2024 Honda Prologue will be readily available across North America upon its release. Truthfully, that’s what has taken this vehicle so long to make it to the streets here in the United States. Honda wants to ensure they do their first truly electric vehicle the right way, as first impressions often make or break.

That’s not to say that the Honda Prologue will be exclusive to North America. Given the sheer amount of hype and anticipation surrounding the EV, we can expect to see it available across Europe and other international markets as well. This EV is a big deal, and Honda is keen to make it successful.

kia ev9 vs rivian r1s

The Kia EV9 and Rivian R1S recall the glory days of the Sport Utility Vehicle.

Once the Honda Prologue officially releases, consumers will be able to pre-order or reserve their Prologue through Honda’s website or their local dealership’s site. Once it hits the streets, it will be available to drive right off the lot, too.

There will be no doubt that Honda will treat the Prologue to an extensive ad campaign, massive publicity, and plenty of discussion at press conferences and investor presentations. In other words, once you can buy a Prologue, you’ll know it.

Complete History of the Honda Prologue

Unfortunately, Honda has not had the best luck with electric vehicles thus far. And that’s putting it lightly. The manufacturer’s Honda e has done a fine enough job overseas, but it’s not doing spectacular numbers by any means. Not to mention the Clarity Electric, their catastrophic earlier attempt at an EV that only had an EPA-estimated range of 89 miles. (Can you imagine? These days, anything less than 250 miles is practically a non-starter.)

Still, Honda has persisted. Neither they nor their EV plans can be stopped by a couple of hiccups. In conjunction with General Motors, Honda announced the Prologue in June of 2021. Since then, little else has been released beyond the anticipated 2024 release date and a single piece of concept art. (Said art shows nothing of the interior or the actual mechanics of the vehicle, but still, it looks nice regardless.)

In addition to the 2024 Honda Prologue, the manufacturer announced plans for a luxury version of the car set to be released under the Acura umbrella. It will likely bear a different name and almost definitely come at a much higher price point, but Acura’s take on the Honda Prologue will probably have many similarities to things like the powertrain, the battery, and the internal software.

Other Honda EVs Coming Soon

White Honda-Acura-ZDX at a parking lot
Acura will resurrect the 2024 ZDX as an all-electric SUV.

The Prologue and the Acura version aren’t Honda’s only plans for the EV market. Remember, they plan to release 30 different models in less than eight years! Just because we know they have plans for more doesn’t exactly mean we know what that “more” will entail. We know that Honda and GM are putting a lot of effort into a cheaper, more accessible EV for release in 2027, but that’s about all we know for certain.

While Honda remains hush-hush, we can still make some educated guesses until they speak up. For instance, these upcoming Honda EVs will likely rely on Ultium battery cells, just like other GM EVs coming soon. Additionally, these Honda EVs will probably use the manufacturer’s longtime trim names LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring.

No one knows where these Honda EVs will be made. Some say New Mexico, some say California, some say Michigan. No matter where the Prologue and its other Honda family members are assembled, Honda is expected to keep them firmly rooted here in the States.

The Public Response to the Prologue

It’s one thing for Honda to set goals for its upcoming EV line, and it’s something else entirely for the public to believe it. That’s what the problem with the Honda Prologue seems to be, at least so far: Honda says all these things, but the public is hesitant to believe every word of it. (Especially considering Honda’s lousy track record with EVs over the past several years.) It’s not outright skepticism, though. It’s more… cautious optimism.

One of the public’s biggest hangups with the Honda Prologue has nothing to do with the vehicle’s specs. It has everything to do with the number of vehicles Honda expects to sell. In the summer of 2021, Honda predicted to sell 70,000 Prologues a year after the EV’s release in 2024.

While far less than Tesla’s annual figures, 70,000 is still significantly more than even the most popular EVs from rival manufacturers like Ford and Hyundai sold today. Only time will tell if Honda can pull it off.

The public has also cast doubt on Honda’s self-appointed goal of half a million annual EVs sold from 2030 onward and an exclusively electric vehicle lineup by 2040. It’s impossible to overstate the sheer size and scope of this goal. Everyone would love to be proven wrong to doubt Honda. But, until we start seeing major progress, you can’t blame us for having some healthy skepticism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Honda Prologue be released?

As of this writing, the plan for the Honda Prologue is to release in the first quarter of 2024. More should be known as the date approaches.

How much will the 2024 Honda Prologue cost?

Based off of similar mid-sized electric SUVs, the Honda Prologue will cost at least $45,000.

Is the Honda Prologue the first EV from Honda?

In America, yes, the Honda Prologue will be the manufacturer’s very first fully electric vehicle. Overseas, however, the first Honda EV was the Honda e, released in 2020.

What kind of battery will the Honda Prologue have?

Thanks to the collaboration with General Motors, the Honda Prologue is expected to rely on Ultium batteries.

What is the Honda Prologue's EPA-estimated range?

While no official range has been listed, the standard range for an EV SUV tends to fall between 250-300 miles these days.

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