15 Free Internet TV Channels You Can Enjoy Right Now

Pluto TV

15 Free Internet TV Channels You Can Enjoy Right Now

Only a few short years ago, cord-cutting was all the rage with millions dropping cable in favor of streaming services. Today, streaming service subscriptions have all but risen to the same cost as cable forcing consumers to look for less expensive options like internet TV channels. 

The good news is you don’t have to look too far to find some great alternatives as Pluto, Tubi, and Roku all offer great free internet TV channel options. What makes these options interesting is that you don’t need to sign up for anything in most cases to access them for free. 

With this in mind, let’s jump right into the best free Internet TV channels you can enjoy right now.

Pluto Action (Pluto)

Pluto Action Channel
Pluto’s Action channel is highlighted by movies like Cliffhanger and Mission Impossible.

If you have an itch to watch great action movies from the last few decades, Pluto’s Action channel is the place to go. As part of Pluto TV, action favorites are playing on this channel at any given time including Mission Impossible movies, which are currently streaming as I write this article.

Even though the first Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise is the best in the series, there is always something to watch on this channel. 

With Pluto being a no-cost free-ad support streaming service, you can access Pluto’s Action channel in any number of ways. From your smartphone, gaming console, tablet, and smart television, Pluto Action is available with an internet connection.

ABC News Live (Tubi)

Tubi ABC News Live
Tubi offers ABC News Live as a free Internet TV channel to keep up to date with world events.

Knowing there is always something happening in the world, ABC News Live is an important channel to access on Tubi TV. Like Pluto, Tubi TV is an ad-supported internet streaming service that offers hundreds of free TV channels.

Among the favorites, ABC News Live plays exactly what’s currently airing on ABC News during live hours and then offers separate programming to help fill the rest of the day. 

A Fox-owned streaming service, Tubi offers reliable service at all hours and is accessible across any number of devices. Similar to Pluto, as long as you have an internet connection, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or gaming console, ABC News Live is available.

NFL Channel (Pluto)

NFL Channel Pluto
The NFL Channel on Pluto offers replays of recent games and player status updates.

As the United States’ most popular sport, football is everywhere, especially as we close in on the playoffs and Super Bowl. To keep informed on the latest games, player status, and episodes of Hard Knocks, jump into the NFL Channel. Similar to Pluto Action, you can access the NFL Channel by visiting the Pluto.TV website.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to watch live games, but recaps and replays are plentiful. If you desperately need an around-the-clock NFL fix, the NFL Channel is the best way to make that happen.

Pluto TV Comedy (Pluto)

Pluto Comedy
The Pluto TV Comedy channel offers an excellent mix of new and old comedy classics.

We all need a good laugh now and then and Pluto is here to make this happen. The Pluto TV Comedy channel is a fantastic way to watch both old and new comedy favorites. You can watch everything from Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, to classics like Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to School.

There is just so much here to enjoy. Best of all, if you miss the start of a movie, you can rewind and watch from the beginning. The comedy channel is yet another great example of how Pluto makes it easy to forget about big cable. When you have such a fantastic library of comedy movies to keep you laughing until the sun comes up, you’re in the right place.

Bloomberg Television (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg Television
Bloomberg live television is a great way to stay up to date on financial market news.

For the financially savvy who want the latest market news, Bloomberg Television is a staple of the business world. Streaming directly from the Bloomberg website, you have access to 24/7 Bloomberg live television. Alternatively, you can also access the very same Bloomberg TV channel from Pluto as part of its live channel lineup. 

One nicety that Bloomberg offers on its website is not just live television, but also Bloomberg Originals. This additional channel includes content around market stories, conversations with executives, and animated explainers of big industry news.

Fox Sports (Tubi)

Fox Sports Tubi
Fox Sports on Tubi offers a great way to watch trending sports news and replays of big games.

If you want to go beyond just football news, jump over to Tubi TV and the Fox Sports network. While this is not the same channel you would receive via Xfinity or Spectrum, you can head to Foxsports.com/live and watch any number of different program choices.

Unfortunately, there is no live sports available as you would find through the cable Fox Sports channel. However, there is still plenty of content available. 

On the Fox Sports website, you can find a full schedule of live content, trending news, NFL and NBA videos, and recent replays of big games. You can even find recently aired video podcast shows that are posted a few hours after they air.

Comedy Central (Pluto)

Comedy Central Pluto
Comedy Central is a great opportunity to rewatch classic episodes of South Park.

Another popular comedy option available on Pluto, the Comedy Central channel is full of rich content dating back to the channel’s beginnings in 1991. Popular shows like Workaholics, Reno 911!, and Broad City are some of the big names currently streaming. You will even find big names like The Daily Show and South Park frequently streaming on the Comedy Central show. 

Alternatively, you can watch Comedy Central on its website at cc.com, but to do so, you must have an active cable subscription. This means Verizon, Cox, DirectTV, Xfinity, and Dish subscribers are among the many different cable subscribers who can access Comedy Central online for free.

Cheddar News (Cheddar)

Cheddar is a wonderful Internet TV channel to keep up with business and technology news.

Billing itself as a news show that is all about “What’s Next,” Cheddar News is an understated internet TV channel that is free to watch online. Since launching in 2016, Cheddar News has slowly begun to carve out its niche with stories across business, media, technology, and innovation topics. Multiple original shows help the service stay fresh and original among its younger audience. 

When it comes to watching live, Cheddar News offers a ton of different choices. These include watching through services like Pluto TV, Tubi, and The Roku Channel. Additionally, Cheddar News streams live on Hulu, Sling, YouTube TV, and Philo.

PBS Kids (PBS)

PBS Kids
For the best in kids’ educational programming, you can’t beat PBS Kids Live TV.

While all of the previous channels have focused on adults, it’s time to give the kids something of their own. Well-known to parents, PBS Kids is a fantastic option for educational content for kids across different age groups. Available on PBSKids.org, you can find live television of whatever is currently playing on the PBS Kids channel. 

The PBS Kids free online website sets itself apart because you also have access to different programming choices. The popular Daniel Tiger, Arthur, and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood are just a few of the shows you can watch on demand.

Top Gear BBC (Pluto)

Top Gear BBC
Top Gear is the best car show on television with some very famous hosts.

Arguably one of the most popular television shows about cars available today, Top Gear BBC is a worldwide favorite. With a dedicated channel available on Pluto, there is just so much content to enjoy. Pluto highlights the channel as a great place to see cars “sliding around racetracks” or taking an “ill-fated road trip with your mates.”

On top of the cars themselves, a fantastic array of hot talent including the beloved Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond bring a lighthearted approach to everything. Pluto keeps the Top Gear BBC channel live year-round, so you are never too far from an opportunity to see the hilarity that is Top Gear BBC.

WeatherNation (Pluto)

WeatherNation Pluto
To keep up to date with local and national weather news, WeatherNation is the answer.

Another solid internet TV channel available from Pluto TV, WeatherNation is a great place to look for nationwide weather forecasting. Whether it’s a major rainstorm affecting various parts of the country or around-the-clock updates on an approaching hurricane, Weather Nation has 24/7 coverage of the top weather news affecting the U.S. 

Best of all, you can find current conditions in your area if you are signed into Pluto TV and provide some information about your current location. Using Pluto TV for access to WeatherNation is your best solution as its website only indicates support through devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, or other services that require a purchase.

Ion (Roku)

Ion Roku
Roku’s live channels include Ion, which offers 24/7 content of some of your favorite shows.

A cable favorite, Ion is a great free internet TV channel available through Roku’s Live TV service. With dozens of different shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Blue Bloods, and Law & Order it’s a great way to add some background noise to your workday. As part of the Roku Live TV service, you have access to over 350 channels including Ion, which means plenty of 24/7 programming available. 

All it takes is a few simple clicks to log in to The Roku Channel to get Ion running. You can even head over to the Ion website and see exactly what is scheduled for the day to make sure you don’t miss any of the older episodes of still-running television favorites.

Family Feud (Roku)

Family Feud Roku
Family Feud is one of the longest-running game shows and is always entertaining.

One of the best game shows of all time, watching Family Feud on Roku’s Live TV service is just awesome. With a dedicated channel and current legendary host Steve Harvey, Family Feud is always good for a laugh. Having hosted over 270 episodes and 97 celebrity episodes, there are plenty of Steve Harvey-led episodes Roku can air.

When you consider the show has been active since 1976, there are over 3,000 episodes Roku can air. 

Whether it’s taking a break from work or just some background noise, Family Feud is worth a watch. Best of all, watching through Roku only takes a few clicks and you don’t need to own any Roku products.

Smithsonian Channel (Pluto)

Smithsonian Pluto
The Smithsonian Channel on Pluto is rich with educational and mystery content.

When you want something a little more educational, the Smithsonian Channel on Pluto TV is the way to go. There are many great choices on this channel including hour-long episodes on various air disasters and military technologies.

While some of these programs are best unwatched for anyone with a fear of flying, others will love the break from regular life. The informational and mystery aspects of Smithsonian shows will have you scratching your head and itching for future episodes. 

As is the case with other Pluto TV channels, there is no login or cable subscription required. Just locate the Smithsonian channel under Lifestyle & Culture and enjoy 24/7 programming.

BBC Earth (Tubi)

BBC Earth Tubi
BBC Earth offers some of the most breathtaking videos of the planet ever seen.

While David Attenborough can’t narrate every show on BBC Earth, it’s still the best channel for learning about Earth. Everything from animals to continents, BBC Earth is home to some of the most colorful and fascinating television content around. 

You’ll find everything from episodes about reindeer and polar bears to famous island animals rarely seen by the public. It’s a truly fascinating Tubi TV channel with content that entertains both adults and children alike.

15 Free Internet TV Channels Summary

#1Pluto ActionOne of the best free channels to see dozens of different top action films. 
#2ABC News LiveKeep up with the latest national news through ABC News Live. 
#3NFL ChannelWatch highlights and top plays from the latest NFL games. 
#4Pluto TV ComedySo many great comedy shows and movies available on the Pluto TV Comedy channel. 
#5Bloomberg Television Everything from the latest market and business news is available through Bloomberg Television. 
#6Fox SportsFox Sports is home to updates on all of the latest and greatest sports news. 
#7Comedy CentralComedy Central is home to some of the most hilarious programming available today. 
#8Cheddar NewsEverything from culture and lifestyle to business news is available through Cheddar News. 
#9PBS KidsPBS Kids is a great way to provide children with educational content. 
#10Top Gear BBCThe best auto show of all time is available around the clock. 
#11WeatherNationKeep up with the latest weather news affecting the nation. 
#12IonIon is home to some of the most popular programs available today from different networks. 
#13Family FeudArguably the best game show of all time has its own 24/7 streaming channel. 
#14Smithsonian ChannelSmithsonian offers excellent educational content that will have you wanting for more. 
#15BBC EarthHome to some of the best content about the planet, BBC Earth will help you get lost for hours. 

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