Nvidia 1080-Ti vs 3080: Full Comparison With Specs, Price, and More

1080-Ti vs 3080

Nvidia 1080-Ti vs 3080: Full Comparison With Specs, Price, and More

What Are Some Must-Know Facts: Nvidia 1080-Ti vs 3080

  • While the RTX 3080 uses the PCI-E 4.0 standard, the GTX 1080-Ti uses PCI-E 3.0
  • Both cards support DirectX 12, but the 3080 supports the Ultimate edition
  • The RTX 3080 uses the newer GDDR6 Vram standard, while the GTX 1080-TI is stuck on GDDR5
  • The RTX 3080 uses newer Ray Tracing and DLSS technology, not found on the GTX 1080-Ti
  • While the GTX 1080-Ti is based on the GP102 graphics processor, the RTX 3080 uses the newer GA102 graphics processor

Since the release of the 3000-series graphics cards from Nvidia, it has remained difficult to find a good deal on a GPU. If you have been contemplating an upgrade for gaming, streaming, video editing, or even cryptocurrency mining, you may have experienced sticker shock when looking at GPU prices.

With all the chatter around expensive GPUs, you might be tempted to look at some older offerings from Nvidia, such as the GTX 1080-Ti. Furthermore, with newer graphics cards being out of reach for a lot of gamers due to chip shortages and inflated prices, an older GPU might be just the thing you need to get started with your next gaming PC build.

In today’s article, we are going to be diving deep into the GTX 1080-Ti and figuring out how it compares to the much newer RTX 3080. Additionally, we’ll compare each GPU side-by-side to see how they stack up. Next, we’ll see how each one compares with its features and benefits.

Finally, we’ll put each card to the ultimate test with gaming benchmarks of the most popular games and find out which one is better: the 1080-Ti vs 3080?

Nvidia 1080-Ti vs 3080: Full Side By Side Comparison:

The first step on the path to understanding these graphics cards is comparing their specs. We’ve put together a full side-by-side comparison so you can see just how they stack up. Have a look at the table below to see for yourself:

GTX 1080-TiRTX 3080
Graphics processorGP102GA102
Shader cores35848704
Vram typeGDDR5GDDR6
Vram capacity11 GB10 GB
Bus width352 bit320 bit
GPU clock1481 MHz1440 MHz
Boost clock1582 MHz1710 MHz
Memory clock1376 MHz1188 MHz
Texture fill rate354.4 GTexel/s465.1 GTexel/s
Pixel rate139.2 GPixel/s164.2 GPixel/s
Double Floating-point performance354.4 GFLOPS465.1 GFLOPS

As we can see from the specs, both GPUs are fairly similar. Furthermore, the RTX 3080 packs some additional hardware that makes it much more powerful. However, what is particularly interesting, is that the GTX 1080-Ti beats the 3080 in a few categories despite its age.

Even so, the 3080 proves that it is the better GPU with higher theoretical performance such as a higher pixel rate and higher texture fill rate. But does theoretical performance translate into real-world improvements?

1080-Ti vs 3080
The Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080-Ti remains a very capable gaming graphics card.

Nvidia 1080-Ti vs 3080: What’s the Difference?

You’ll notice that the biggest difference between the 1080-Ti and the 3080 is the age. When Nvidia launched the GTX 1080-Ti on March 10th, 2017, it was designed as a direct upgrade from the GTX 980-Ti. According to user reports, it was a massive upgrade over the previous generation.

The GTX 1080-Ti showed remarkable benchmark results, with an effective improvement of almost 70% over the 980-Ti. According to gamers, the 1080-Ti showed much better lighting effects, better reflection handling, and fast multi-rendering. It was a huge improvement in performance over the previous generation in every way.

On the other hand, the RTX 3080 was launched a few years later. With an official release date of September 1st, 2020, it had been a long-awaited upgrade over the previous model: the RTX 2080. Unfortunately, due to a mix of circumstances since 2020, most gamers have been unable to acquire the RTX 3080 until recently. Inflated prices are to blame, but now that prices are on the decline, the 3080 is becoming more popular.

Nvidia 1080-Ti vs 3080: Power, Size, and Ports

One important factor when selecting your next graphics card is the power requirements. If you don’t have sufficient power, you will have to upgrade your power supply or choose a more efficient graphics card. Furthermore, you may be discouraged if you are trying to build an energy-efficient PC as both the GTX 1080-Ti and RTX 3080 are very power-hungry GPUs.

With a TDP of 250 watts, the 1080-Ti is slightly more efficient. You’ll need at least a 600-watt power supply with one 6-pin and one 8-pin power connector to feed this card. The 3080 on the other hand, has a TDP of 320 watts, meaning you will need at least a 700-watt or higher power supply. The 3080 is fed through two 6-pin power connectors.

When buying a new graphics card, it is important to take the dimensions and size into consideration. You don’t want to buy a GPU that is too big, since you won’t be able to fit it into your PC case. With that being said, you’ll notice that both the GTX 1080-Ti and RTX 3080 are fairly large GPUs. The 1080-Ti measures around 10.5 inches for the Founder’s Edition, whereas the 3080 comes in at just over 11 inches.

Additionally, if you are hoping to be able to connect your gaming monitor to either of these graphics cards, then you are in luck. Both GPUs share a similar configuration with one HDMI port and three Display Ports. What makes the 3080 superior is the use of an HDMI 2.1 port as opposed to the older HDMI 2.0 found on the 1080-Ti.

1080-Ti vs 3080
The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 enables the average gamer to attain high-end gaming at a more affordable price.

Which One Is Better For Gaming: Nvidia 1080-Ti vs 3080?

Both the GTX 1080-Ti and RTX 3080 are overkill for most games. This is great news if you are a hardcore gaming enthusiast since you’ll be able to turn up the settings and enjoy amazing frame rates. We’ve compiled benchmarks from some of the most popular games just to find out which card is really better for gaming: the 1080-Ti or 3080?

Nvidia RTX 4090 vs RTX 4080 16gb

The Nvidia RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 16GB are two of the most powerful GPUs in the RTX series.

Running games on the highest settings at Ultra HD 4K resolution is enough to push these cards to the limit of their potential since both GPUs are more than enough for 1080p and 1440p gaming. As you can see from the table below, the results are decent for both cards:

TitleGTX 1080-TiRTX 3080
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare52+ FPS80+ FPS
Hitman 360+ FPS109+ FPS
Horizon Zero Dawn60+ FPS89+ FPS
Metro Exodus35+ FPS65+ FPS
Red Dead Redemption 227+ FPS56+ FPS
Shadow of the Tomb Raider41+ FPS86+ FPS
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt72+ FPS115+ FPS
Battlefield V70+ FPS91+ FPS
Cyberpunk 207720+ FPS43+ FPS
Far Cry 555+ FPS94+ FPS
Far Cry New Dawn57+ FPS89+ FPS
Forza Horizon 475+ FPS80+ FPS
Watch Dogs: Legion60+ FPS64+ FPS

As we can see from the benchmarks, 4K gaming is no problem for either one of these graphics cards. However, there is one clear winner: the RTX 3080. Thanks to its newer graphics architecture and better hardware, the 3080 defeats the 1080-Ti in almost every game.

Nvidia 1080-Ti vs 3080: Which One Is Better and Which One Should You Choose?

While you may be stuck between choosing a graphics card, hopefully, this comparison has made things a little easier for you. The RTX 3080 wins the battle hands down, but at a higher price point.

If you are a hardcore gaming enthusiast, there are certainly better GPUs out there such as the 3080-Ti and the 3090. But if you are looking for the best bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with an RTX 3080.

On the other hand, if you currently have a much older graphics card such as a GTX 590 or similar, then upgrading to the GTX 1080-Ti may be a huge improvement for you. Additionally, if you are short on cash, then the 1080-Ti makes more sense since it is significantly cheaper than a 3080.

Either way, both GPUs are fit for modern gaming, streaming, and video editing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the 1080-Ti or 3080?

This depends on your budget for the most part, but the RTX 3080 is more powerful and will better serve for years to come whereas the 1080-Ti is already several years old.

Is the 1080-Ti still good for gaming?

Despite being over five years old, the GTX 1080-Ti is still a decent graphics card for gaming. Although it can’t compare to the latest high-end GPUs from Nvidia, it still delivers solid benchmark performance.

How much do the 1080-Ti and 3080 cost?

Both GPUs launched with an MSRP of $699. Thanks to the GPU shortage, it has been hard to find either card at this price until recently. As of this writing, the 1080-Ti is the more inexpensive card.

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