101 Awesome PSN Names You Can Use Now (for PS4 and PS5)

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101 Awesome PSN Names You Can Use Now (for PS4 and PS5)

When you are getting set up on the PlayStation Network (PSN), you will need to come up with a PSN name. Of course, you’ll want to find something that’s uniquely you. However, with something like 100 million PSN names currently in use, it can be challenging to find one that you not only like but is still available. Also, your PlayStation network name must adhere to specific rules, such as being between three and 16 characters, starting with a letter. 

This article aims to give you ideas for 101 awesome PSN names you can use right now. As of the publishing date, all of these name ideas were available for use. 

What Is a PSN Name?

Your PSN or PlayStation Network name is your online ID while playing on your PlayStation console. The name is how people know and recognize you. It’s how you appear while playing online with others, and it’s also used for other gamers to contact you. 

Your PSN name is important because it reflects who you are. You will want your online ID to represent what makes you unique. However, you’ll also want a name that will stand the test of time. You’ll want a lasting name because it can be challenging to change your PlayStation network name. Plus, if you change it more than once, you can incur additional charges.

You can use the suggested names in this article as-is or change them to reflect your name or fit your personality. The most important thing is to have fun with it. 

Hilarious PSN Names for Kids

Awesome PSN names
Parents may not want their children to have PSN names that would suggest their young ages.

Because you may not want your child to have an online ID that references them as a child, the majority of these can work for kids of any age.

  1. SpahgettiJetty
  2. FearfulChris
  3. ExplosiveJan
  4. TurtleSon
  5. CatsFish
  6. VengefulCheese
  7. DragonMurphy
  8. AppalPineapple
  9. PrincessPumpkin
  10. PineappleApple
  11. NickFlick
  12. SternAlien
  13. Catshu
  14. Cooky_Boy12
  15. GrrlGamer_07
  16. MiniMeHere
  17. KidMerkin01
  18. Skinny_leaf
  19. Polite_grin
  20. TamedBird
  21. BrightLongSocks
  22. OddballOzzy
  23. BoingingBuffalo
  24. Whats_A_CD
  25. NerfNerdNed

Unique PSN Names for FPS Gamers

Fans of first-person shooters, or FPS, games will appreciate these awesome suggestions.

  1. SpiderGuns1010
  2. ResentfulWilly
  3. Hardenmealy
  4. LooterBooter
  5. ScaryHeadshot
  6. CasualPollywog
  7. FpsSpiral
  8. CampCheese
  9. SlackerCamper
  10. Nerffier
  11. Anguishedradio
  12. PacHunter
  13. AimBird
  14. SpawnCamperNow
  15. RunningTargetBoo

Fun PSN Names for Fantasy Fanatics

If you prefer playing fantasy games, try some of these names on for size.

  1. FantasiaFantasy
  2. VampireElision
  3. ExtremeDream
  4. DragonFantasy
  5. Vampire_witch23
  6. FantasiesFantom
  7. PumpkinDragon
  8. FantasyFantod
  9. BumpyFins
  10. DapperingDragon

PSN Names for Anime and Manga Lovers

Japan anime cosplay , cartoon women
Gamers who are anime fans can choose a PSN name that reflects their love for the genre.

You can show your love for all things Japanese anime with one of these cute and quirky selections.

  1. AnimeReel
  2. MangaFairy
  3. AnimePlot
  4. Anime_Perk
  5. LootedReputed
  6. MangaMaster
  7. PlayAnime
  8. ChadTriad
  9. LoyalFanGirl
  10. RowdyButton

Killer PSN Names for Horror Fans

Easily be recognized as someone who tells you who watches horror movie ranking videos on YouTube.

  1. CarrieClever
  2. CreepyCreator
  3. DiscernGrounded
  4. ThrillerFiller
  5. lonely_vampire12
  6. ItchWitch
  7. DragonWitchHalloween
  8. BirdsHerds
  9. DrHorrorViking
  10. HalloweenSocial

Hilarious PSN Names for Comedy Fans

These suggestions are sure to get a chuckle. Or people may think you’ll tell dad jokes.

  1. receptivenannie
  2. Distortedfluid
  3. MeseemsDirty
  4. ChiquitaRainbows
  5. PorkUncorcked
  6. BombSitcom
  7. HumorSchumer
  8. bitter-puns
  9. NervousBomb
  10. CheshireDean

Playful PSN Names for RPG Gamers

Put on your unassuming pants and +1 agility t-shirt after claiming one of these role-playing gamer suggestions.

  1. RPGDullard
  2. SnarkyRPG
  3. RolepPayingGal
  4. RoleplayDoh
  5. rpg-rowdy
  6. RPGCrawler
  7. RPGStacey
  8. gamerquixotic
  9. gamerapproved
  10. OutFoxedByMe

Futuristic PSN Names for Sci-Fi Fans

Whether you love real science with beakers and formulas or Saturday matinee monster movies, these picks reflect your passion.

  1. SciFiSuperficial
  2. FictionScience
  3. PathologyBiology
  4. SciFi_Rules
  5. AlienSnarky
  6. AlienPigwash
  7. SciFiTheBorg
  8. OrbitingStar4U
  9. FrostbitSatelite
  10. ExploringSpacer
  11. OuterSpaceCats

Creating Your PSN Name

While creating your PlayStation network name, you will need to adhere to PlayStation’s naming convention rules. 

Here are the PSN name rules:

  • Your name must be 3 to 16 characters. You can use a combination of numbers, letters, underscores, and hyphens. Letters are not case-sensitive.
  • Your chosen name needs to start with a letter. 
  • Your PlayStation network name cannot be the same as your password. 
  • Your PSN name can’t be considered inappropriate, hateful, or contain slurs. 

Name Generator Sites

PSN Name Checker

The website PSN Name Checker allows you to quickly enter up to 16 characters to check the availability of your desired PlayStation network ID. The site makes it easy and fast to review as many variations of words as you need until you get the one you prefer. 

Generator Mix

The site Generator Mix lets you enter a potential name and check different boxes to include letters, hyphens, and underscores. The site generates suggested available names, adding additional letters or characters as needed to make them unique.


SpinXO lets you check PSN names, Gamertags, and social media names for availability. The site will use a mix of your entered name combined with suggestions of hobbies, essential words, and other characters to make recommendations for you to adopt for your own. This site is a simple and quick way to simultaneously check your wanted name against many sites. 

How to Change Your PSN Name

people playing ps5 games
Choose your PSN name wisely. You can only change it once without incurring a fee.

If you want to change your existing PlayStation network name, you can do so for free one time. If you want to change it again, there will be a small fee. Follow these instructions to change your PlayStation Network ID using a web browser or your PlayStation console. You should also know that you may lose some game progress and leaderboard data after the change.

To Change Your Name Online

  1. Go to your PlayStation account manager and log in. 
  2. Go to Profile. 
  3. Next to your currently used PSN name, select Edit.
  4. Change your name by replacing your old one with your new desired name.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to save your changes. 

Note: You will be signed out of all PlayStation accounts and will need to sign in again. 

To Change Your Name on PS5

  1. While signed into your PlayStation account, go to Settings. 
  2. Go to Users.
  3. Go to Accounts.
  4. Open your profile. 
  5. Select your currently displayed name. 
  6. Enter your preferred PlayStation network name and follow the instructions on your screen to save your changes. 

To Change Your Name on PS4

  1. While signed into your PlayStation account, go to Settings. 
  2. Go to Account Management. 
  3. Open Account Information. 
  4. Go to Profile. 
  5. Select your current PlayStation network name.  
  6. Enter your preferred PlayStation network name and follow the instructions on your screen to save your changes. 

PSN Names

Your PlayStation Network name can be as unique as you are. Your chosen ID can be as fun or serious as you are. Or, you can let your PSN name reflect your favorite game genre or other favorite activity, such as dancing. 

Even while adhering to PlayStation’s requirements for names, the fact that they let you use up to 16 characters means you can use a good combination of letters and numbers and a peppering of hyphens or underscores to get the name you want. For example, if you want the name Dancing Gamer but it’s taken, you can add an underscore and a couple of numbers to make it yours. So, while Dancing Gamer is an already taken name, you can be Dancing_Gamer92. Remember that you can use a site like PSN Name Checker to quickly check the availability of your desired name. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What PSN names are allowed?

Your PSN name must be 3-16 characters long. It can be a combination of letters and numbers. You can use hyphens and underscores, but not spaces. Don’t use any name that can be considered inappropriate or hateful.

Can you edit your PSN name?

Yes, you can change it once for free. After that, you will incur a fee.

Will I lose my data if I change my PSN name?

You may lose some of your game progress and leaderboard info. Your old name may also continue to appear for some people.

Can I reuse an old PSN name?

Yes, you can, but you may need to contact PlayStation support.

Are all 3 letter PSN names taken?

Due to there being millions of PSN Names currently in use, most, if not all, 3-letter PSN names are taken.

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