10 Keyboard Shortcuts Absolutely Everyone Should Know

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10 Keyboard Shortcuts Absolutely Everyone Should Know

What keyboard shortcuts should everyone know? If you were slacking off in your computer classes during grade school, you might’ve missed some useful stuff. Speaking personally, I use the 10 shortcuts I’ve chosen today almost daily. There isn’t a time that goes by where a fast shortcut gets beaten by a mouse command or something hidden away in a submenu. Thankfully, you can be well-equipped for the occasion with a few of my favorites.

Select All

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You might need to select everything in a document.

One of the top keyboard shortcuts I use daily is select all. Activating this is a cinch. All you need to do is press Ctrl and A. If you’re on Mac, the shortcut is still present but you’ll need to press Command and A to achieve the same effect. This is great for selecting large bodies of text, especially if you’re pasting from one document to another.


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Copy is one of the most-used shortcuts you’ll find on a computer.

This is arguably one of my most-used keyboard shortcuts. I love the clipboard on a computer, and I use it frequently for copying important snippets of text, images, and anything else that comes to mind. To use this command you’ll need to press Ctrl and C if you’re on a Windows PC. If you prefer Macs, Command and C get you the same result.


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Cutting can be more precise and tidier for documents than copying.

Cutting things in documents can be a fast way to transplant things to another location. This simply removes the current selected item and places it directly in your clipboard. This is another one of the vital keyboard shortcuts you’ll find. You can activate it by pressing Ctrl and X if you’re on a Windows computer. Mac users will have to press Command X to cut things.


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You won’t have much luck emptying your clipboard without this shortcut.

Rounding out the trio of core functions with keyboard shortcuts is paste. The contents of your clipboard are saved indefinitely until you decide to paste things down. To activate this you’ll need to press Ctrl and V on Windows computers. Mac users should press Command and V to paste things from their clipboards.


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Using Find helps you locate specific alphanumeric strings in a document.

This is one of the best keyboard shortcuts if you’re looking to save a little time. Find isn’t supported in every application, but you’ll find it in most office productivity software. To activate Find, you’ll want to press Ctrl and F on Windows computers. Mac users get the same functionality thankfully, but will need to press Command and F to activate it.


I don’t know why but the icon for save is still a floppy disk.

You should be well accustomed to saving by now in your office productivity software. Thankfully, you don’t have to contend with the clunky menu in any of the Microsoft Office applications this way. To save your current document, all you need to do is press Ctrl and S on Windows computers. The same applies to Mac users, with Save being activated by pressing Command and S.


The CTRL +Z key for the shortcut of undo which used in Microsoft Windows application. The if some transaction have don wrongly we easily correct from that.
You’ll eventually need to use undo for something.

Who hasn’t goofed up something while working on their computer? Those perfect individuals aren’t likely to need one of the most vital keyboard shortcuts. If you’re anything like me, Undo is a crucial shortcut to have committed to memory. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to use. All you need to do is press Ctrl and Z or Command and Z depending on if you’re a Windows or Mac user respectively.


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Using this shortcut can cut down the time it takes to actually get a document printed.

You could spend some time fiddling in submenus to print a document. If you’d rather cut out the middle man entirely, this is one of the best keyboard shortcuts for you. Pressing Ctrl and P or Command and P is the fastest way to get something to print. Of course, you’ll have to select things as needed from your print menu, but that’s a small price to pay.

Open a New Window

You might want to open some extra windows in your browser.

Having one window open is grand, but you might need to move your work to a separate window. If you’re on a web browser, in Word, or whatever your poison might be, this is thankfully one of the easier keyboard shortcuts to remember. All you need to do is press Ctrl and N or Command and N to open a new window in your application. You can also use this for creating new documents in something like Microsoft Word.

Close Current Window

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If you’d rather close a window, this shortcut has you covered.

Of course, you might not need to open a new window. If you’d rather close your current window, that is thankfully easily done with one of the simplest keyboard shortcuts you’ll find. To get things rolling all you need to do is press Ctrl and W or Command and W. This command will close your current window, so make sure you have things saved before exiting.

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