10 Free In Browser Games You Can Play With Two People

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10 Free In Browser Games You Can Play With Two People

Key Points

  • Pinbattle is one of the best computer pinball games, allowing you and a friend to both play a round of pinball at the same time.
  • Cowboys and Carriages is the ultimate Wild West battle for two, featuring a 1v1 arena shooter with lots of fun physics-based bullet ricochets that will shock your friends.
  • Board Game Arena has a massive library of board games like Yahtzee or Backgammon to more niche titles like King of Tokyo.

Free browser games are an excellent way to relax and even kill time. All you need is a PC or laptop with an internet connection. And the best part is you and your gaming buddies can play on Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and other top browsers. We have put together a list of the best 10 free two player in browser games that are free.

1. Board Game Arena

Are you a board game fan but can’t host a game night in person? No worries, Board Game Arena has you covered. They have a massive library of board games. So, pick one and play for free.

The games range from classics like Yahtzee or Backgammon to more niche titles like King of Tokyo, where you play as Kaiju or Godzilla-esque creatures fight for control of Tokyo. They even have a specific category for two-player games!

2. Cowboys and Carriages

Cowboys and Carriages is the ultimate Wild West battle for two. This 1v1 arena shooter has lots of fun physics-based bullet ricochets that will shock your friends.

As a prototype game, there is only one level to play, but we still had quite a bit of fun in this game. The physics engine gives the 1v1 shootout a slapstick vibe that is hard to resist playing one more round.


If you are looking for free in browser games to test your communication skills, give PIKWIP a shot. In this game, you play as two adorable characters connected by a rope and trying to reach the summit of a mountain. This art style is inviting and perfect for a sleepy Sunday morning game.

The platforming in this game is intuitive and feels quite responsive.

Even though we are writing this in the summer, keep PIKWIP in mind for when the winter rolls around or if you want to put yourself into a cool headspace this summer.

4. Kindling: The Last Light

Kindling: The Last Light will definitely scratch that itch if you are a fan of the Limbo aesthetic. You play as two characters called Fries and Salad. The aim is to protect the fire from the enemies trying to smother it.

One of our favorite parts of this game is where you can stack on top of each other for a tower of power move. This allows you to shoot the enemies while facing different directions, and being able to yell tower of power to your partner, is just a fun time.

5. Neon Knives

In Neon Knives, your goal is to blend in and catch the other player in a crowd of characters. The art style in this game does help you blend into the crowd, with its bright colors and excellent use of textures.

We had a ton of fun playing this game, but one thing we ran into a lot was trying to find out who our character was. Which, in some way, did make the game harder. There were a couple of rounds where the other person found my character before I did.

6. Cycle of Pawmerce

This game is easily one of the best titles on this list. In Cycle of Pawmerce, you play as a trader caught up in a loop of energetic buying and selling. Oh, also, you are a cat! Set Sail to the seas to make quick and lucrative trades surpassing your rival.

This game is tons of fun. Even though it is a competitive game, the art style and the overall silliness of the game take those competitive urges out of you. So you don’t have to prepare for a Monopoly friendship-ending level breakdown after this game is done.

7. Pinbattle

screen grab of pinbattle browser game
Pinbattle is a split-screen duel board game with player-vs-player mode and player-vs-AI mode.

Does anybody remember the pinball game that came preinstalled on all Windows computers? Even though this game looks a lot cuter than that, Pinbattle still is one of the best computer pinball games we have played since the famed Windows pinball game.

This game allows you and a friend to both play a round of pinball at the same time. Even though that sounds straightforward, the feeling of keeping up that ball for a high score is hard to beat. In addition, the paddles are responsive; there is a satisfying sound each time you smack that pinball back into the course.

8. Paddle Force

Paddle Force is another instance of a simple retro game that still holds today. It is essentially Pong, with newer graphics and a slight twist. The main goal of the game is to score on your opponent. When you do so, your area will expand. You win when your color covers the whole board.

Unlike Cycle of Pawmerce, this browser game will bring out some competitive rage in the right person. There are 6 power-ups you can get through playing the game, and when your opponent has one, you will instantly become jealous and want it for yourself.

9. Catan

upclose of Catan universe board game
Catan Universe is an online board game where players use strategic thinking to win.

Almost everyone has heard about Catan, and there is a good reason for that. Catan is an incredibly entertaining game that holds up over the browser version.

If you have not heard of or played Catan yet, your main goal is to trade, settle, and build. Catan is the classic night board game, and now you can play it online with your friends for free!

10. Found

Found is another cuddle-up on the couch game. You play as two triangle-shaped characters trying to find each other in a snowy forest. The minimalist art style, alongside an excellent soundtrack, transports you to this location, making the game feel nice and comforting.

Although Found has simple gameplay, it does not take away from the fact we had fun playing the game. The whole game feels purposeful and is done with such grace.

Games For All

While there are many free two player in browser games, these 10 made it into our list as they’re exciting and fun to play. It doesn’t hurt to try out new ones. If you are looking for a new game to play, we suggest looking at itch.io. We found a lot of these games there, and it supports smaller developers. Remember, gaming is all about having fun and sharing that time with the people you care about. So have fun and keep on gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good website to find free in browser games?

We strongly reccomend looking at Itch.io. Not only is their library massive, but they also support small independent developers. Who doesn’t love that?

Can I use a controller for browser games?

It depends on the game, but check the instructions page, which many of these games have to see if a controller is compatible.

How can I play two player games on the same computer?

A lot of two-player browser games support using the same keyboard for controls. Most of the time, player 1 will use WASD, and player 2 will use the arrow keys.

Can I download browser games?

All the itch.io games we recommended in this article are also available for download. But as far as other sites go, it tends to be on a game-by-game basis. Many games today are offering mobile apps as downloads instead of desktop downloads.

How do I know a free game website is safe?

Use your best judgment when it comes to the security of websites, but we reccomend following your gut instinct. For example, if you open the page and the whole thing is littered with pop-up ads asking you to download stuff. Do not trust that site!

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