10 Different Batman Funko Pops That Are All Amazing

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10 Different Batman Funko Pops That Are All Amazing

Funko Pops have had quite a journey. From niche collectible items and kitschy-cool decor to full-blown pop culture phenomenon, these large-headed figurines are now a staple of our lives. A few of the rare ones can even cost a pretty penny.

One of the most fun things about collecting Funko Pops is also the most frustrating: they just keep making more. So, if you’re a fan of these little bobbleheads, and of Batman (who isn’t?), you may have trouble deciding which ones to buy and which ones to leave on the shelf.

While we ultimately can’t make the decision for you, here are 10 different Batman Funko Pops that are all amazing to help you narrow it down.

Batman in Batwing

Pure Nostalgia
Funko Pop! Batman in Batwing
  • Approximately 5.3 inches tall
  • Vinyl
  • Batman flying the Batwing from the shadows
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11/30/2023 04:40 pm GMT

Technically this is a Flash Funko, but our love for Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader won’t allow us to omit this from the list based on a technicality.

One of our favorite action scenes is the one with the Batwing in Tim Burton’s 1989 film. Sure, the chase with the Batmobile was also cool, but there was just something about the Batwing swooping in, taking shots at Jack Nicholson’s Joker, stealing the balloons filled with Smilex Gas, then flying up in front of the moon. It was pure 80s, pure Burton, and pure Batman.

If you love this scene as much as we do, you can grab this Funko Pop and bathe in the nostalgia.

Batman Funko Pops: Lights and Sound

Lights Up!
POP Funko Batman Lights & Sound
  • Lights & Sound
  • Exclusive box and protector included
  • Black
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/30/2023 04:40 pm GMT

Dressed in an iconic black and grey suit, this Batman is posing on the rooftops of Gotham, looking over his beloved city.

As if the classic suit and awesome pose on a gargoyle weren’t cool enough, this Batman Funko Pop lights up and has sound. A light tap of the head is all it takes to activate Batman’s voice and the lights on the building.

Okay, so maybe the effects aren’t as good as the movies, but still pretty cool for a plastic bobblehead.

Batman Funko Pops: DC Comic Cover

Basically Vintage?
Funko POP Vinyl Comic Cover: DC - Batman
  • Multicolor
  • Original DC comic cover background
  • Iconic, original batsuit
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11/30/2023 04:40 pm GMT

Batman has withstood the test of time. It’s odd to think that a pulp comic book character from the 30s can still resonate with people today. Maybe there’s something primal about his quest for justice that speaks to us. Either way, if you like a good Batman throwback, this one might be for you.

Dressed in his famous blue and grey suit (not the original suit, mind you, but maybe his most iconic), this Batman comes with the backdrop of one of his classic comic covers. The cover art features Batman and his loyal sidekick, Robin, swinging into action to save Gotham.

If you are a Funko collector who likes to keep all your Pops in the original boxes, this one seems specially made for you.

Batman Funko Pops: Joker Comic Cover

Who Doesn't Love the Joker?!
Funko Batman Comic Book Display Case & The Joker Pop Vinyl Limited Edition 2022
  • Limited edition
  • Winter Convention Exclusion
  • The Joker with Joker comic book display case
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/30/2023 04:40 pm GMT

Sherlock Holmes has Moriarty, Luke Skywalker has Darth Vader, and Batman has the Joker.

Many would argue that all these iconic heroes would be less than iconic if it weren’t for a fantastic nemesis pushing them to their limits. And, indeed, what is Batman without his Rogues Gallery? More to the point, what is Batman without The Joker?

Much like the last one, this Funko Pop comes with a specialty box that includes a comic book cover backdrop for the figure.

You could pair both of these Funkos and make your display really pop… (pun intended). This is about the Joker, after all.

Batman in Batmobile

Take a Ride with Batman
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11/30/2023 04:44 pm GMT

Just like the Joker, Batman’s car is inseparable from who he is as a character. Everyone has their favorite version of the Batmobile, and while we tend to favor nostalgia over here, we have to admit that the awesome muscle car version from 2022’s The Batman might have to top them all.

In that scene where Batman chases The Penguin and the yellow phosphorus light gleams off the wet pavement while the Batmobile announces its arrival with its deafening engine roar… it was truly one of the best car chases in any Batman movie. 

And now we can have a reminder of that amazing moment in the form of an adorable Funko. Life’s pretty good sometimes.

Batman Funko Pops: Composite Superman

Superfan Status Only
Funko DC Comics Composite Superman Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Entertainment Earth Exclusive
  • Green
  • Vinyl
  • Composite Superman
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11/30/2023 04:44 pm GMT

This one is a bit of an obscure reference, but if you know, you know.

First appearing in 1964 in DC’s “World’s Finest” #142, the Composite Superman is a villain who is half Superman, half Batman. A man named Joe Meach, frustrated with being a nobody (literally an “average Joe”), blackmails Superman and Batman into letting him be their partner when he discovered their alter egos. It’s a wild storyline in the comics and a striking figure in Funko form.

A great conversation starter, and an even better way to show off your deep fandom knowledge.

Batman as Ebenezer Scrooge

Batman = Ebenezer?
Funko Pop! DC Heroes: DC Holiday - Batman as Ebenezer Scrooge Vinyl Figure
  • Batman and A Christmas Carol's Ebenezer Scrooge
  • DC Holiday edition
  • Vinyl
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11/30/2023 04:44 pm GMT

This is one for people who don’t take their Batman too seriously. If your favorite version of the Caped Crusader is Adam West, this one might be for you.

It’s a holiday edition Funko Pop that features Batman as Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. It may seem a little odd to have a hero playing one of literature’s most coldhearted misers, but Bruce Wayne is a millionaire and Batman doesn’t always seem like he’s in the holiday spirit.

This one is awesome because it’s festive and fun.

batman funko pops batmobile
With so many amazing Batman Funko Pops out there, it was hard to choose even the best 10.

©Sean P. Aune/Shutterstock.com

Batman Beyond

The Early 2000s are Calling...
Funko POP! Heroes #415 - Batman Crouching Batman Beyond Exclusive
  • Batman crouching
  • Batman Beyond exclusive
  • Red, white, black
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11/30/2023 04:44 pm GMT

From Bruce Wayne to… not Bruce Wayne. This Funko is for all the Batman Beyond fans out there.

For those of you not familiar, Batman Beyond was an animated series in the early 2000s where an aging Bruce Wayne trained teenager Terry McGuinness to be the next Batman.

Set in a futuristic Gotham City, this favorite cult series explored new villains as well as unique ways to revisit some old ones. Batman Beyond was ahead of its time in more ways than one. Owning a Funko Pop of Terry as the Caped Crusader is too cool an opportunity to pass up.

Batman the Animated Series

Don't Sleep on a Classic!
Funko Batman The Animated Series: Pop Heroes Figure
  • Batman The Animated Series
  • Plastic
  • Multicolor
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/30/2023 04:44 pm GMT

From one classic animated series to another. Batman TAS (as it is often called) was released in 1992 and is often credited alongside the X-Men and Spider-Man animated shows for cultivating a love of comic book heroes among a new generation back in the 1990s.

If you are a fan of comic book movies, you probably have those three cartoons to thank for their popularity. For those of us old enough to remember it, this cool Funko Pop modeled after the show’s version of the Caped Crusader will be a reminder of one of the coolest cartoons ever produced.

Hey, if Mark Hamil voicing The Joker isn’t cool, we’re not sure what is.

Batman 1st Appearance

The Ultimate!
Funko POP Pop Heroes: Batman 80th - Batman 1st Appearance (1939)
  • Batman's first appearance in 1939
  • Multicolor
  • Vinyl
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/30/2023 04:44 pm GMT

We might have saved the best for last, or at least our personal favorite.

No matter what your favorite version of Batman is, none of them would exist without the original created by Bob Kane for Detective Comics back in 1939. This Batman Pop might look a little odd, but this is how Batman’s costume looked back during his first appearance.

The sharp features of the nose, cape, and distinctly long ears suggest the exaggerated, almost impressionistic look of old comic books. And his mismatched purple gloves add a splash of color while suggesting a handmade quality to the costume, giving us an insight into the vigilante’s process.

For us, this nod to the original character is a must-have for any serious Batman Funko Pop collector.

Wrap Up

We know from personal experience that once you start collecting Funko Pops, it’s hard to stop. They’re cute, they’re cool, and they just capture so many unique moments or ideas from any given IP.

They are the perfect fun, quirky, and affordable expression of one’s fandom. And while most of us will never be able to collect every Batman Funko Pop they ever create, hopefully, we can snag a few of the cooler ones like the ones on this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Batman Funko Pops appreciate in value?

They certainly can, but like most collectibles, it’s not a guarantee. There are certain Funkos that are more valuable than others. Typically, their value is linked to their popularity and rarity, the classic supply and demand. Some Funkos you could find yourself paying through the nose for.

We wouldn’t recommend going down that road unless you are a serious collector who knows the market, or you just have to have it and don’t mind parting with your money. Funkos can appreciate, but like most financial investments, you probably shouldn’t sink big money into it unless you know what you’re doing.

How many Batman Funko Pops are there?

Between the movies, comic books, games, and various TV shows, there are too many to count and certainly too many future possibilities.

Why are Funko Pops so popular?

Who knows, really? But we have a few theories: they’re often representations of the things we already love. Also, they are cute, distinct, and affordable to your average person (depending on which one you get). Honestly, in short: they’re fun.

Aren’t Funko Pops a waste of money?

Some people may think that they are. If you’re a minimalist or of the mindset that material possessions that have no utility are a waste, you probably think the Funko trend is insane.  But, if a small $15 piece of plastic brings someone a little joy, who’s to say that’s a waste?

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